Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 18.2

Chapter 18: Void Sword 18.2

The difference is that when held in the palm, one can freely control whether to absorb it or not, while if eaten and unable to handle the energy, the most extreme case could lead to a body explosion and death.

Of course, this kind of situation is unlikely to happen with the lowest level crystals, but still, they are extracted from the zombie’s brain. Isn’t it disgusting to eat them without feeling nauseous?

The Thunderbolt King is a dog and doesn’t care.

Lying on the bed, Chen Luo held the crystal and began to absorb it.

The crystal contained a certain kind of power that could strengthen oneself, and the best effect was to absorb crystals with the same attribute.

For example, as a space element ability user, Chen Luo’s absorption effect for space element crystals is the best. However, this power cannot be absorbed without limits and it depends on individual circumstances.

It’s just like eating food, some people can eat ten bowls of rice, while others can only eat half a bowl.

Those who can eat more have better aptitude and their strength increases faster.

The amount of power that can be absorbed at once also increases with the growth of one’s strength.

Based on his experience from his past life, Chen Luo estimated that he can now absorb the power of eight crystals at once.

 This is a lot, as an ability user with poor aptitude may not even be able to absorb the power of a single crystal when they first awaken.

Each crystal contains different amounts of power, but the difference is not significant.

After absorbing about twenty crystals, one can reach the strength of a second-level supernatural being. As Chen Luo continued to absorb the crystals, he suddenly sat up in surprise.

“Something’s not right. I’ve absorbed five already, but it feels like I’ve only absorbed a tiny bit.”

Normally, after absorbing five crystals, Chen Luo should already have been half-full, but now it was like a tiny gap was filled.

This was, of course, a good thing – the more power he could absorb at once, the faster his strength would grow.

Chen Luo happily continued to absorb the crystals.

 When he absorbed the 21st crystal, his head suddenly throbbed with pain, but it wasn’t the same pain he had felt when he first awakened that morning. Chen Luo couldn’t believe it – had he reached the second level on the first day of the apocalypse?

In his past life, he had only reached that level on the 14th day.

In the morning when Chen Luo first awakened, he could only shoot out four space balls at once, but now he could shoot out at least 15 times, with a slight increase in power.

However, it still couldn’t match the efficiency of an electric baton in killing zombies. Chen Luo continued to absorb the power of the crystals, and after reaching level two, the lowest-level crystals had significantly weakened effects on him, because their power was not pure enough.

 Once he reached level four, the lowest-level crystal power would have no effect on him at all, and could only be used to hasten his recovery.

So, some zombie crystals, Chen Luo didn’t even bother to pick up, as long as he had enough. It wasn’t until he absorbed 42 crystals that he felt he reached his limit.

His ability to absorb that many was partly due to his second-level status, which not only enhanced his ability but also his physical strength.

The physical strength of a king-level ability user is not inferior to that of a tenth-level physical ability user. Weakness is only relative. Feeling the power within him, Chen Luo stood up, unsure if he could use the void sword now.

He began to concentrate all the power in his body into his palms, shaping it into the form of a sword. This sword was not invisible but instead was a pale white laser-shaped light sword that gathered in Chen Luo’s hand.

However, in less than five seconds, Chen Luo was sweating profusely and he collapsed on the bed. The consumption of this ability was too great for him to use it easily.

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