Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 19.1

Chapter 19: The Rat Swarm 19.1

When Chen Luo was at level 9 in his past life, he controlled Void Walking, and when he reached the level of a King, he controlled Dimensional Blades. It’s not necessary to reach level 9 to master Void Walking; it all depends on the individual’s ability to understand and learn skills. There are no NPC skill mentors to teach you skills either.

Now, as long as there is enough energy in his body, Chen Luo can use Void Walking even at level 1. However, it’s clear that at level 1, he does not have enough power to sustain Void Walking for an extended period. Chen Luo estimates that he would need to reach level 4 to barely use Void Walking, but even then, it would only be for short distances, at most a hundred meters.

Using it once would deplete all of Chen Luo’s supernatural powers.

The Void Sword is an ability that Chen Luo mastered at level 7. It condenses the power of space, making it tangible. The Void Sword is extremely sharp, and the phrase “cuts through iron like mud” is an understatement. It can cut a target’s body in half, yet there would be no blood flowing.

The damage caused by the Void Sword cannot be matched even with the strongest healing abilities. Unless there is another powerful spatial supernatural ability user to lend a hand, it is impossible to counter.

The Void Sword is a formidable weapon that Chen Luo uses to kill and ambush targets. At its peak, Chen Luo could condense the Void Sword into a tangible form that could effortlessly last for half an hour.

Now, it’s just a faint light and shadow that doesn’t even last for five seconds. Chen Luo, feeling exhausted, smiles indifferently. It’s already good enough to be able to use it. Against beings with strong defenses, the Void Sword can already pose a threat.

Unable to continue absorbing crystals, Chen Luo, who had worked hard all day, quickly fell asleep.

Meanwhile, The Thunderbolt King, not only has to work but also has to guard the house.  King’s hearing and sense of smell are highly developed, making it more effective than any bodyguard.

It can handle any trouble on its own, and if it can’t, it will notify Chen Luo. With the King around, Chen Luo can sleep soundly. Otherwise, he would always have to be on guard against uninvited guests and would end up exhausted.

Thunderbolt King: “I feel like I’ve taken on a lot that I shouldn’t have, my dog’s life is filled with exhaustion.”

The next morning, Chen Luo asked Su Dazhu and King about their crystal absorption progress.

Su Dazhu exclaimed, “Brother, your method really works! I feel like my strength has increased a lot. Um, I absorbed seven crystals, I think.”

Seven pieces, that’s already pretty good.

The Thunderbolt King, on the other hand, barked nine times in a row, indicating that he had consumed nine pieces.

Chen Luo chuckled and said, “Thank goodness it’s not ninety-nine pieces, otherwise you’d have to bark ninety-nine times. When we have more subordinates, we might as well give you a nine-year compulsory education.”

Su Dazhu marveled at the Thunderbolt King, saying that this dog is really extraordinary. He was too hungry yesterday to pay much attention, but today he realized that this dog is not ordinary.

‘However, you ate nine pieces, and I only ate seven. What does that mean?’ Su Dazhu thought

That day they have to go to the grain depot and take all the rice and flour from there.

After thinking for a while, Chen Luo decided to bring Su Dazhu with him.

Even if Su Dazhu didn’t do anything, Chen Luo was willing to support him for a lifetime if he was willing to stay. However, it was clear that Su Dazhu was not that type of person.

So it was decided to bring Su Dazhu along to the grain depot, as it would provide some assistance and allow him to practice his combat skills.

Chen Luo gave Su Dazhu the armor that he had prepared for him, let him become familiar with it, and also gave him two electric batons.

The armor was not heavy for Su Dazhu, who had good strength, and was like wearing winter clothes for an ordinary person.

After advancing to a level two ability user, Chen Luo’s strength had also increased noticeably, and wearing the armor appeared to be much easier.

With everything ready, they set off. There were still survivors in the residential area, but except for a few people, they would not take the risk of going out unless they were forced to.

They were still observing the situation from their homes.

As they left the residential area, Chen Luo also grabbed some supplies from the supermarket in his own villa area.

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