Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 19.2

Chapter 19: The Rat Swarm 19.2

When they arrived at the place where the heavy truck was parked, Chen Luo smiled with relief.

The heavy truck was safe and sound, as expected with the free guards watching over it.

Seeing the zombies, Su Dazhu was eager to use his armor and electric batons.

However, Chen Luo stopped him and said, “These are all free labor. Let King distract them.”

The Thunderbolt King proficiently walked and easily led away all the zombies.

Su Dazhu felt a bit depressed and said, “Why do I feel like your dog is more useful than me?”

Chen Luo laughed and comforted him, “Don’t compare yourself to a dog. What it can do, I can’t do either. Each has its own strengths.”

“It dares to eat poop, do you?”

After the Thunderbolt King got on the car, Chen Luo did not drive towards the direction of the grain depot, but instead headed towards the suburbs.

To go to the grain depot, they had to take a detour, otherwise they would have to pass through the urban area, with a population of 30 million in the Shendu city, wasn’t that seeking death?

Taking a little more time to take a detour was definitely worth it.

Chen Luo drove the car smoothly and skillfully. He had studied the different routes to the food warehouse before the apocalypse.

He passed by the vicinity of the grain depot and didn’t encounter any problems on the way, except for some survivors who attempted to stop him like the Yellow-Haired guy before, but he didn’t slow down. “You dare to stop me, I dare to hit you.”

It took him more than five hours to cover the journey of over one hundred kilometers to reach the grain depot. The grain depot was a three-story building that was quite long but not very large in size.

Even if it was fully loaded with grain, it couldn’t carry much. However, there was a very large basement underneath, which stored an unknown amount of grain. The area above ground was just an office space.

Chen Luo drove the heavy truck directly into the grain depot, and the spacious area made it easy for him to kill the zombies with the truck. Chen Luo kept driving in circles inside the grain depot until he had killed almost all the zombies inside before finally stopping.

During the process, Chen Luo did not see any survivors. If there were any, they would have called for help upon hearing the commotion on his side.

Chen Luo squinted his eyes. There were quite a few staff members at the grain depot, so it was strange that there wasn’t a single survivor.

 He walked to the corridor inside the office building that led to the basement. The door to the corridor was wide open.

It was pitch black inside, so Chen Luo took out his flashlight and shone it around. He saw a skeleton, and his pupils suddenly shrank.

 It was clearly the remains of a human, with no flesh left on its bones.

There seemed to be some kind of mutated small creature in the grain depot.

Was it ants or rats?

Normally, when zombies eat humans, they won’t eat everything and some scraps of meat will be left behind. Only mutated creatures like ants or rats would eat so cleanly.

Although they were weak and had low individual strength, their numbers were overwhelming. Chen Luo had seen a group of tens of thousands of large ants before, which was terrifying.

The skull of the skeleton was facing Chen Luo, and the entire body was leaning towards him.

It can be inferred that when he walked towards the basement, he discovered a terrifying creature inside and hurriedly turned back to run away, but he did not succeed in escaping.

Chen Luo hesitated for a moment.

 If he encountered an enormous amount of monsters, he was not confident he could escape unscathed.

However, if he didn’t go down to collect the grain, he wouldn’t be able to come back for a long time.

Chen Luo gritted his teeth and decided it wasn’t worth risking his life over the food. Safety was more important than provisions.

Suddenly, he heard a high-pitched sound, and without hesitation, he grabbed Su Dazhu and ran immediately.

It was the sound of a rat swarm.

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