Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Mutant Rat King

The current situation is not about whether Chen Luo wants to enter the basement of the grain depot, but that the swarm of rats has caught the scent of Chen Luo and his companion and is now running towards them.

Chen Luo is not afraid of ordinary Rat swarms, even if they number in the hundreds.

The problem lies in not knowing the size of the swarm. If it consists of several thousand rats, then it would be game over for Chen Luo.

Currently, Chen Luo lacks the means to cause widespread damage. If he gets surrounded and overwhelmed, he will have no choice but to wait for death.

The electric baton is absolutely incapable of killing a large number of rats as it has a limited electric charge. Without understanding the specific situation, Chen Luo is unwilling to engage in a deadly fight and quickly grabs Su Dazhu and flees.

Chen Luo finally understands why there are no survivors on this side of the grain depot. With the mutated rat’s sharp teeth, ordinary anti-theft doors, wooden office doors, and even most solid doors cannot withstand them, except for thick solid iron doors like those of a safe.

The rats had a great sense of smell, so anyone who didn’t run out of the grain depot wouldn’t survive. When Thunderbolt King saw a swarm of them rushing out of the basement, he was startled and ran away immediately. He barked anxiously, as if saying “You go first, I’ll distract them.”

Thunderbolt King also realized that the swarm of rats was not made up of zombies, as their speed was beyond what any zombie could achieve.

The two figures in armor were quickly caught up by the swarm.

Chen Luo and Su Dazhu ran towards the outside of the office building, and as long as they got on the heavy truck, they would be relatively safe, even though the truck couldn’t be used to deal with the small-sized rats.

Thunderbolt King chose to run down a corridor to the right.

It couldn’t run in the same direction as Chen Luo and Su Dazhu, as it was fast enough to outrun them. Chen Luo and Su Dazhu, who were lagging behind, were in a precarious situation.

However, only a portion of the rats that had chased after them followed Thunderbolt King down the corridor.

The speed of the rats was decent, but compared to the Thunderbolt King who had awakened his lightning ability, they were still a little lacking.

A huge Rat, about the same size as the Thunderbolt King, hesitated for a moment as it glanced at the fleeing dog, but ultimately chose to pursue Chen Luo and Su Dazhu’s direction.

After all, humans are more appetizing.

The Rat King’s enormous size did not slow it down at all, as it was just as fast as Thunderbolt King.

It was definitely much faster than Chen Luo and Su Dazhu.

When Chen Luo heard movement behind him, he didn’t even look back and quickly ran toward the steps of the office building.

Just as he was about to run out of the building, the Rat King leaped high and fiercely collided with Chen Luo’s body.

 Its strength was incredible. Ordinary sharp objects could not penetrate armor, but the powerful force was not stopped or reduced by the armor.

Chen Luo only felt a sharp pain in his back and his body uncontrollably fell forward. He fell heavily to the ground, and the armor on his body only added to his pain.

Chen Luo couldn’t care about the pain and quickly got up, but two seconds was enough for the rat swarm to catch up to Chen Luo and Su Dazhu.

Su Dazhu turned around and was horrified at the sight. Hundreds of black rats surged towards them, all of them over twice the size of normal rats.

 A giant rat king with a shocking physique looked at him bloodthirstily.

The rat king’s fur was dark gray, dirty and greasy, giving off a damp feeling, as if it had just been pulled out of a sewer.

The most striking feature of the rat king was the two large front teeth protruding from its mouth, each over ten centimeters long and glinting with a luster.

Su Dazhu had never seen a rat like this before, and felt chills running down his spine.

However, Su Dazhu didn’t cower; instead, he stepped forward and said, “You go first. I’ll hold them off.”

Chen Luo sighed inwardly. It wasn’t a matter of whether or not he could hold them off. He simply couldn’t delay them.

‘Even if you can, in this life, I will hold them back while you escape and survive’ Chen Lou thought, determined to protect his friend.

The rats attacked without any warning, rushing towards Chen Luo and Su Dazhu.

 The swarm of hundreds of rats pounced on them simultaneously, some leaping onto Chen Luo’s legs and others onto his chest, then climbing upwards.

In just an instant, Chen Luo and Su Dazhu were covered in rats.

The rats piled on top of each other, densely packed, and from a distance, it looked like two rat people, with no armor visible.

Each person had at least fifty or sixty rats on them. The other rats, who had no place to land, were anxiously squeaking.

Each of these rats weighed more than a catty, and with their force, Chen Luo felt like he was carrying a bag of over a hundred catties.

He could barely stand and could not move an inch.

The Rat King watched coldly from the side, and after the little brothers killed these two people, of course, it would be the Rat King who would have the first meal.

If it weren’t for the armor, any other person would have been bitten to death in a matter of seconds.

The teeth of ordinary rats couldn’t even penetrate Chen Luo’s specially made armor.

He cursed inwardly and took out his electric baton to shock them.

The rats were small in size, but with their density, the half-meter-long electric baton could shock at least three or four of them at once.

The vitality of ordinary rats, of course, could not compare to zombies. Zombies would be instantly stunned by electric shock, but ordinary rats would die upon contact.

Chen Luo had anticipated this situation and had his armor customized with non-conductive materials.

The rats that were shocked by the electric baton fell to the ground one after another.

However, the remaining rats waiting anxiously quickly filled the vacated spaces.

The number of rats in the swarm was not as many as Chen Luo had expected, not even in the thousands, which gave him some relief. The electric baton was capable of killing these rats.

However, Chen Luo felt uneasy about the rat king who hadn’t acted yet.

It was a mutant.

 In the apocalypse, all creatures, whether survivors or mutated beings, had slowly increased their strength.

But there were some individual zombies or mutated beings that would undergo sudden mutations and their strength would skyrocket.

These mutants were like overdrawing their life potential, with a lifespan of only a few months, or even just a few hours. The more their strength increased, the shorter their lifespan would be.

In addition, their strength will be fixed and unable to continue to grow.

But regardless of how long they can live, encountering them alive is as unlucky as stepping on dog poop.

The rat king in front of him is obviously a mutant. Had it not been for this, growing to this size on only the second day of the apocalypse would have been impossible.

The Thunderbolt King, who attracted some of the rats, ran to the end of the corridor and crashed into the glass at full speed, breaking the window and escaping.

Ignoring the pain, King quickly ran to Chen Luo and barked, trying to lead the rat pack away.

The rats that couldn’t climb onto the bodies of Chen Luo and Su Dazhu immediately chased after the Thunderbolt King due to their low intelligence.

The Rat King squinted and thought it would be difficult to catch up with the dog even with its speed, so it decided to attack the humans first.

This time, it attacked Su Dazhu first, leaping fiercely and knocking him down with its immense strength.

During the moment of danger, Su Dazhu did not panic.

He fiercely pressed the electric baton onto the Rat King’s body. However, the electric baton, which had always worked well, had no effect.

The Rat King only showed a hint of pain on its face. Instead, it bit harder on the armor.

With a “crack,” the sturdy armor was bitten with a deep crack. Another bite, and the armor would be pierced.

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