Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Harvest

The Rat King is very clever, it bit down on the neck of Su Dazhu’s armor. Once the armor is pierced, Su Dazhu’s neck will be exposed to the Rat King’s sharp teeth. The outcome is self-evident.

Chen Luo undoubtedly wants to save Su Dazhu, but it’s clear that the electric baton is not a threat to the Rat King in the short term.

This Rat King is at least a third level, even a fourth level in strength, and its abilities lie in physical capabilities rather than elemental ones.

It’s impossible to kill the Rat King with conventional methods in a short amount of time.

Chen Luo is very fortunate that he broke through to the strength of a second-level supernatural being.  last night. Otherwise, he and Su Dazhu would undoubtedly be doomed.

There is still a glimmer of hope now.

Unfortunately, they have encountered a group of mutant rats, including a mutated Rat King.

 However, Chen Luo is also very fortunate that King has led away most of the mutant rats.

Chen Luo takes out two pieces of pork from his space ability and throws them on the ground. Immediately, some of the rats couldn’t resist and pounced on the meat.

Chen Luo’s pressure suddenly decreased, he didn’t care about the rats still on him. Holding the electric baton, he quickly approached the Rat King.

The Rat King’s eyes flickered with disdain. Could this electric baton threaten me? I’ll bite him first, then come for you.

The electric baton on the surface was fake, but the Void Sword that was invisibly condensed was true.

The Rat King was intelligent. If it sensed danger, it would temporarily choose to escape. Chen Luo, who could only condense the Void Sword briefly, would be in big trouble.

While holding the electric baton in his left hand, a faint light shadow already condensed in his right hand, Chen Luo’s eyes flashed with a fierce determination. “Die.”

The Rat King, which had just bitten through Su Dazhu’s neck armor and was about to kill him, suddenly felt a sense of danger, causing its hair to stand on end.

The Rat King looked at Chen Luo in horror and tried to escape, but it was too late as the distance between them was too close. Chen Luo swung his Void Sword and slashed the Rat King’s neck.

Ordinary swords would have a hard time even cutting into the Rat King’s flesh, but Chen Luo’s Void Sword cut the Rat King directly in half.

The head and body were separated, but surprisingly, there was no blood flowing out.

Despite the severe damage, the Rat king with astonishing vitality did not die immediately.

 The headless body kept twitching, while the big brain tried to squeeze back into the body, attempting to stitch itself together.

 Although it was impossible, the Rat king could still bite if it wanted to.

Chen Luo, who had used the void sword, was drenched in sweat, completely exhausted, and collapsed on the ground without any strength left.

Su Dazhu was still alive, and without the Rat King pressing down on him, he grabbed the Rat King’s head and threw it far away.

After flapping a few times, the Rat King was silent.

Chen Luo smiled weakly as the Rat King died, knowing that the remaining rats were no longer a threat.

Chen Luo had no strength left to wield the electric baton, so he could only take the electric batons from his space ability and let Su Dazhu shock the remaining rats one by one.

Five minutes later, all the rats, including those led away by the Thunderbolt King, were electrocuted one after another.

Chen Luo barely regained some strength and sat up on the steps, taking out three bottles of mineral water from his space.

Why did Chen Luo and Su Dazhu need three bottles of water?

Well, King deserved a share too.

After taking a gulp of water and catching his breath, Chen Luo felt lingering fear in his heart.

He almost died just now. If he hadn’t brought Su Dazhu along today, he would have been done for.

Even if he could kill the Rat King, he wouldn’t be able to handle the remaining rats. Although the rats couldn’t bite through his armor in one go, they could wear it down bit by bit.

‘Damn it, even though I have been reborn, my strength hasn’t been restored,’ thought Chen Luo to himself. ‘After looting the grain depot, I’ll have to focus in developing my abilities for a while.’

Chen Luo stood up and patted Su Dazhu’s shoulder without saying a word, for actions speak louder than words.

Ordinary rat may not have crystals in their bodies, as they are too weak, and even if they do, the effect is far less potent than that of zombie crystals.

 For Chen Luo, it’s useless. He approached the head of the Rat King and exerted great effort to cut open its head. He retrieved a crystal that was less than half the size of a quail egg from its head.

The crystal that Chen Luo took out from the Rat King’s head was already quite big. It was less than half the size of a quail egg, whereas a normal zombie crystal was only the size of a grain of rice.

Besides the crystal, there was also another valuable item on the Rat King’s body – its two sharp front teeth.

With his enhanced strength, it was difficult to pierce Su Dazhu’s body with ordinary weapons, but these two teeth can, it could definitely be made into effective weapons.

It was not easy to knock the two large teeth out of the Rat King’s mouth, and Chen Luo was too weak to do it, so he left it to Su Dazhu.

Su Dazhu also struggled to get the two teeth in his hands.

 Chen Luo said, “Let’s go, let’s check out the basement.”

The rat swarm had been dealt with, so there shouldn’t be any danger in the basement. Even if a zombie had entered before, the rat swarm would have attacked them already.

If Chen Luo had come a few days later, even the zombies outside the grain depot would have disappeared.

But Chen Luo still cautiously entered the grain depot and had the thunderbolt king kept on patrolling.

Other than a dozen human remains and a few mutated rats, there was nothing else.

Chen Luo turned on the lights in the basement, and the entire basement came into view. It was vast, and bags of grain were stacked high that could not be seen at a glance.

Chen Luo didn’t linger and quickly collected all the grains into his space ability.

He estimated that there were 60,000 tons of rice and 20,000 tons of flour.

This was the largest grain depot in Shendu City, and although there were other granaries, Chen Luo didn’t plan to visit them.

They were too far away and too dangerous. Chen Luo finished the task around 8 pm.

Chen Luo had a close call today.

The amount of food he found was enough to feed 10,000 people for decades.

It was more than enough.

Besides, his space ability was almost full, and he couldn’t fit any more.

Su Dazhu was stunned and asked, “Brother, how big is your ability space?”

Chen Luo smiled and said, “It’s not that big, about the same size as this warehouse.”

Chen Luo’s face became serious as he said, “Dazhu, you must be careful not to mention the fact that I’ve hoarded so many resources. No matter who it is, you cannot say anything.”

Dazhu was the kind of person who kept things to himself and spoke very little, but Chen Luo reminded anyway.

Dazhu also nodded seriously, “Don’t worry, bro, I understand. I won’t say a word even if I’m beaten to death.”

In his previous life, Chen Luo had only had Dazhu as his brother.

In this life, with Chen Luo’s current mentality, it was probably difficult for anyone to truly make him feel like a brother.

There is a difference between friends and brothers.

In both lives, this was his only brother and he is more important than anything else.

Around seven o’clock, the power in the grain depot went out. If Chen Luo remembered correctly, at this time, most of the city’s areas would have already lost power.

The sky was very dark, and it wasn’t safe to travel. Chen Luo decided to rest in the heavy truck for the night and return the next morning when it was light outside.

After absorbing the crystals again, Chen Luo did not continue to advance. He would need to absorb around 150 more crystals to advance to a level three supernatural being.

It would take at least three more days to reach the next destination. Worried that Su Dazhu would get bored, Chen Luo gave him a fully charged phone and earphones to play games or watch movies. The phone had a capacity of 512G.

The driver’s cab of the heavy truck was quite spacious, as it was designed to accommodate the two drivers’ living space. Chen Luo also took out a phone and began to watch a movie.

Unexpectedly, King was behind Chen Luo, watching with great interest as well.

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