Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Can you be a decent human being?

“Brother Jian, there’s a big truck coming over there,” said one of the four young men who were stumbling along the roadside in the early morning. They were thirsty and hungry, and were looking for supplies among the vehicles that occasionally stopped on the roadside.

Wang Jian, a young man in his mid-twenties, responded to the news and turned his head to see the approaching truck. His face lit up with excitement.

“Stop it,” Wang  Jian waved his hand.

The other three immediately complied and started to fantasize.

“There must be something on this truck, maybe a load of fast food.”

“A truck full of watermelons would be nice. It’s thirst-quenching and can also fill us up. Other fruits will do too.”

“Even if it’s not supplies, my uncle is the driver. I know that truck drivers always have mineral water, marinated eggs, chicken legs, biscuits, and other snacks in their vehicles for emergencies.”

They walked towards the oncoming truck with anticipation, hoping to find something to satisfy their hunger and thirst.

Hearing this, the hunger in the four of them intensified.

“Brother Jian, if he doesn’t stop, you’ll have to use your superpowers to puncture his tires,” one of them said jokingly.

The other two chimed in, looking at Wang Jian with a mix of fear and envy.

Wang Jian had awakened his supernatural ability last night. He suddenly discovered that he could control metal. He thought he could control anything, but after experimenting, he realized that he could only control metal.

As they walked towards the truck, the others by Wang Jian’s side were astonished to discover his newfound ability to control metal.

They were left in awe, not knowing that survivors could awaken their abilities in varying degrees and speeds within half a month.

They were amazed, realizing that this was a privilege only reserved for the protagonists in novels.

They knew they had to hold on to this big thigh tightly, suddenly, Wang Jian, who was previously just an ordinary person with no special status, became the leader of their small group.

Wang Jian was also extremely proud. “I have an extraordinary destiny. This world will eventually submit to me,” he thought to himself.

Many supernaturals become arrogant after awakening their abilities, believing that they are above others. Wang Jian was no exception.

With Wang Jian’s approval, the other three immediately stopped the truck in the middle of the road. Wang Jian, displaying his status as the leader, stood at the side of the road.

The big truck turned out to be Chen Luo’s heavy-duty truck.

“Stop the truck, stop it!” The group shouted, but Chen Luo just smiled and continued driving, unafraid of their threats.

He maintained his speed without slowing down.

Faced with the speeding truck, the three dare not try to stop it and instead cursed at Chen Luo.

Wang Jian’s face turned dark. How dare he disrespect us like this?

Wang Jian had come prepared, taking out a long and sharp iron nail. He used his metal ability to control the nail, quickly piercing towards the rear tire of the heavy truck. The punctured tire immediately began to leak air.

Feeling the vehicle shake, Chen Luo was taken aback and wondered what was going on. Despite his initial reluctance, he had to stop the truck and check what was wrong.

Seeing Chen Luo slow down and stop the truck, Wang Jian and his three companions approached triumphantly.

Two of them opened the truck’s cargo compartment without hesitation.

Wang Jian went to the truck window and banged on it aggressively, “Didn’t I tell you to stop? Can’t you hear me? Run again and let me see.”

Before the apocalypse, Wang Jian was not so arrogant. After awakening his ability and being flattered by three younger brothers, he became too inflated.

“Get the hell down and stop playing dead,” Wang Jian shouted.

Chen Luo looked at Wang Jian in surprise, is he the one who broke my truck?

 As a result, Chen Luo was furious. “You broke my truck! How am I supposed to go home now?” he shouted.

He still had over ninety kilometers to go, and without the heavy truck, the journey would be dangerous. Ordinary cars couldn’t navigate the city’s obstacles.

The two henchmen who had opened the truck’s compartment were disappointed to find it empty.

Upon hearing that there was nothing in the truck, Wang Jian became disappointed and angrier, shouting, “Get off the truck!”

The infuriated Chen Luo trembled. He opened the car window and fiercely pressed a condensed space ball he had prepared onto Wang Jian’s face.

Wang Jian was caught off guard and got hit directly by the space ball.

The ball exploded on his face, and he screamed in agony as his face was blown to pieces, and all the skin on his face was gone. He fell to the ground unconscious.

Wang Jian never thought that besides him, at there were others who also possessed abilities.

He was the protagonist after all.

This sudden turn of events shock and caused the other three to immediately flee in terror.

“Brother Jian was the protagonist, how come he died?”

In disbelief, Chen Luo patted the butt of the Thunderbolt King, who understood and jumped out of the car to chase the three runners.

After calming down his anger, Chen Luo explained, “Dazhu, it’s not that I’m heartless. If we were just ordinary people and fell into their hands in this situation, can you imagine the consequences?”

Since it’s just the third day of the apocalypse, Su Dazhu only had little experience with the end of the world, so Chen Luo explained it to him.

The remaining three people were quickly killed by the pursuit of King. Chen Luo’s anger eased slightly, but the car was still broken and couldn’t be repaired by just calming down.

Chen Luo and Su Dazhu got off the car and observed it, quickly discovering that one of the tires had been punctured and all the air had leaked out, causing it to go flat.

In the middle of nowhere, where could they find someone to fix the tire?

With no other options, Chen Luo took out his learning materials and became self-sufficient.

In addition to copying a large amount of movies, novels, and games, Chen Luo also copied a lot of study materials, including planting, circuits, agriculture, biology, medicine, and other fields.

He copied all the study materials that he could find on the market.

With the help of these study materials, Chen Luo and Su Dazhu spent a lot of effort to fix the tire.

Fortunately, the various tools in the space of his ability were still available.

Chen Luo shrugged and realized that he had learned a new skill.

As they were about to set off again, Chen Luo suddenly remembered that he had not collected Wang Jian’s crystal yet.

Survivors who awakened their abilities also had crystals, and their effects were much better than those of zombies’ crystals.

Therefore, after the apocalypse, for survivors, the sneak attacks from humans were far more terrifying than zombies.

Wang Jian had just awakened, and his crystal’s effect was much better than the lowest level zombie’s crystal, but its power was not that great.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Chen Luo finally arrived home without even having lunch.

After enjoying a hearty meal, Chen Luo lazily stretched his body.

 Looking at the messy dining table, he glanced at King and thought to himself that it would be great if he could wash the dishes.

 King felt uncomfortable under Chen Luo’s gaze, he looked as if saying ‘Can you be a decent human being?’

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