Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Urgent Need for a Maid

When the apocalypse broke out, it didn’t take long before the signal was interrupted for unknown reasons.

At that time, the water resources had already been contaminated. If a brave survivor or someone who was desperate enough drank the water, they would experience severe stomach pain at best and, at worst, high fever and coma, which could lead to death.

Later on, the survivors’ physical conditions gradually became stronger, and they were able to drink from contaminated water sources.

However, these water sources had been soaked in the bodies of countless corpses and mutated creatures. The thought alone is nauseating. But what else could they do if they didn’t drink it?”

What’s more depressing is these contaminated water sources would suppress the development of the powers of those with abilities. On the evening of the second day of the apocalypse, some areas began to experience power outages, which then spread continuously.

June is in summer, the weather is hot, and the rate of decay of fruits, vegetables, and meat increases.

Fruits and vegetables are still relatively okay, but meat can only last for up to two or three days at most.

After a month, survivors could only fill their hunger with various snacks and packaged fast food.

Eating a delicious meal has become the greatest luxury. For those who were timid and powerless, they didn’t even have any food to eat, and some died on the way to find food.

However, none of these things had anything to do with Chen Luo.

The Thunderbolt King was thinking to himself, “Should I have braised pork today or spare ribs?” He ate them every day, and it was getting a bit monotonous. Maybe he should try something lighter today.

In the living room, the curtains were drawn, and Chen Luo and Su Dazhu were using the enormous LCD TV as a screen, playing PSP games.

This aimless life of his, eating, playing, and sleeping, was getting tiresome. It was a waste of time and energy.

But now it was the apocalypse, but he had no intention of saving the world. Chen Luo picked up his ice-cold Coke and sighed.

He didn’t want to live like this, but what could he do? He felt hopeless.

Glancing at the Thunderbolt King, who was staring fixedly at the TV behind him, Chen Luo said, “Go find some zombies to practice your skills and learn some new ones.”

The Thunderbolt King had already advanced to level two yesterday, and his supernatural power had increased a lot. He could now use other lightning-based skills.

However, these skills couldn’t be mastered just by advancing in level. One had to comprehend them on their own.

Chen Luo only knew spatial skills and was powerless in other areas. It all had to be done by oneself. Practicing during battles was the quickest way.

The Thunderbolt  King reluctantly turned his gaze away from the LCD TV in front of him. This game looked fun. If he couldn’t play games, at least he should be allowed to watch.

Chen Luo chuckled inwardly. The Thunderbolt King was just like him when he brought his GBA  

(GBA refers to the Game Boy Advance, which is a handheld video game console produced by Nintendo.) to school as a kid. He would be surrounded by a group of classmates watching him play.

‘I’m doing this for your own good. Without honing your skills, you’ll never become a capable fighter.’ He thought

Su Dazhu also advanced to level two yesterday, with a slight difference from King, but in the early stages, the speed of advancement is fast, and the difference is not obvious.

However, Su Dazhu is different. He is a physical strength type supernatural. He does not have many skills to master. His advancement is just to make his body stronger and his strength greater, and all he needs is combat experience.

Unfortunately, the zombies outside are only at the lowest level, there is not much to be gained from fighting them.

Seeing King stand up and open the door to leave, Chen Luo remembered something and quickly spoke up.

“Wait a minute,” said Chen Luo.

King turned his head to look at Chen Luo, wondering if he was trying to stop him from going or if he was concerned about his safety and wanted to remind him.

But then Chen Luo said, “I’ve packed two garbage bags. Can you throw them away on your way out?”

King: !!!

“You don’t consider me a dog, do you?” he thought to himself.

Watching the departing Thunderbolt King, Chen Luo shook his head. “He’s just not easy to deal with. When he learns to clean up and throw away the garbage himself, he’ll be a mature dog.”

“You just give orders, but still say I don’t know how to do things on my own,” King sighed.

Su Dazhu laughed on the side, feeling sorry for the Thunderbolt King.

“Never mind, let’s continue playing,” said Chen Luo.

It was now 6:30 in the evening, time for dinner.

However, Chen Luo was very worried. Eating rich food every day was not good for his health. His digestive system was starting to feel uncomfortable.

When Chen Luo was first reincarnated, he didn’t want to eat anything except meat. He craved greasy fast food like fried chicken and roasted duck.

He ordered pre-made meals that were all heavy on meat and vegetables.

There were some vegetarian options, but they were all dry-fried cauliflower, hand-shredded cabbage, and oil-braised eggplant.

There wasn’t even a simple stir-fried vegetable dish or vegetable and egg soup.

Chen Luo couldn’t stand it anymore and regretted not planning better.

He had an abundance of ingredients and cooking resources, with enough food to last him ten lifetimes.

He had access to study materials and cooking videos, but just watching videos couldn’t make him a great cook.

Right now, he didn’t want to eat anything except a bowl of vegetarian soup, but he didn’t have any.

Even throwing away garbage relies on the Thunderbolt King. Relying on Chen Luo to do it is impossible.

The Thunderbolt King is too clumsy and doesn’t know how to do many things. Chen Luo urgently needs a maid to take care of his daily life.

He needs someone to take care of household chores such as washing dishes, mopping the floor, and doing laundry. He wanted everything handed to him on a silver platter.

The first person Chen Luo thought of was Ma Yu, whose cooking skills were amazing. If he had her, he could eat whatever he wanted, she could also help him wash dishes after meals.

Chen Luo thought she had a good personality and was also pleasant to look at. He had this idea even before the apocalypse.

Chen Luo wasn’t sure if she was dead or not. Even if she wasn’t dead, she would have to be starved for a few more days to make it easier to discipline her. But now, it’s actually Chen Luo, a severely lazy cancer-like patient, who urgently needs a caregiver.

Watching the Thunderbolt King suffer, Chen Luo felt uncomfortable and wanted to relieve him.

When Ma Yu came to teach Chen Luo cooking at his home, Chen Luo specially sent Ma Yu home once.

Ma Yu currently lives in a five-star hotel staff dormitory not far from Chen Luo’s house, where she works as a chef.

Chen Luo hired her at a high salary to teach him cooking part-time.

If Ma Yu lived too far away or in a busy urban area, Chen Luo would have given up on the idea. After all, there were other options out there besides Ma Yu.

Chen Luo thought about it and decided to play it safe. “I’ll be promoted to Level 3 tomorrow; I’ll go see how Ma Yu is doing the day after that. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll look for other candidates.”

Sighing, Chen Luo resigned himself to making do for tonight and decided to have some winter melon and pork rib soup.

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