Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 24

Chapter 24: People Don’t Live Long

After advancing to level two, Chen Luo was able to absorb around fifty of the lowest-level crystals each day. If he absorbed higher-level crystals, the quantity would decrease accordingly.

When he absorbed the crystal of the Thunderbolt King at that time, it took him more than a week to fully absorb it.

Research have shown that absorbing crystals once a day is the best way to keep the body in a state of hunger, which allows for a little more absorption.

This is more effective than absorbing crystals every few hours.

As a wave of pain passed through his mind, the crystal in Chen Luo’s mind underwent a small transformation. Chen Luo smiled, He had only been absorbing crystals for four days when he advanced to level three.

In his past life, it took him a month and a half to reach this level. Even with the Thunderbolt King’s incredible talent, it will take him half a month of full-time crystal absorption to advance from level two to level three.

But Chen Luo only needed three days.

Thunderbolt King, oh Thunderbolt King, you should consider yourself lucky to have followed me in this life, there would be no need for me to ambush you.

The energy within Chen Luo’s body could be called magic or mana. Compared to when he was at level two, not only had the purity of his energy increased, but more importantly, the quantity had tripled.

The Void Sword, which could only be sustained for five seconds before, could now be sustained for twenty seconds.

His strength had greatly improved.

He still had a long way to go before he could use Void Walk, at least not until he reached level four.

The zombies at present hadn’t even reached the level of a first-level supernatural, so they were essentially at level zero and very weak.

After reaching level four, the crystals from zero-level zombies would be of no use to Chen Luo, and his strength would not increase as quickly.

Even now, the crystals from zero-level zombies had little effect on Chen Luo. To advance to level four using them, he would need at least thousands of them.

Chen Luo had only a few crystals left in his hand so he needed to replenish them on a large scale.

While searching for Ma Yu, he could conveniently obtain some crystals near the five-star hotel.

The next morning, Chen Luo set out with Su Dazhu and the Thunderbolt King.

While passing by the supermarket in the community, they saw an “interesting” scene.

There was a young man whom Chen Luo recognized, who had been living in this community for a long time and was often seen around here.

However, they were only familiar faces. In the current state of neighborly relations, even if you lived next to me, I might not even know your last name.

The young man came out of the supermarket with a big bag of goods and was about to leave in a hurry.

Most of the goods in the supermarket had already been collected by Chen Luo, so there was only a little left, scattered on the ground or in the corners, which Chen Luo didn’t bother to take.

At that moment, a woman rushed out of the supermarket and tried to snatch the young man’s goods, crying and shouting, “You took everything from the supermarket. How can I survive? Give me half.”

Although it was only the fifth day of the apocalypse, everyone knew how precious resources were. Without food, one could not survive.

The young man brushed her off and said, “Get lost, it’s none of your business whether I have food or not.”

The woman clung onto him tightly and said, “If you don’t give me any, I’ll hold onto you. When the zombies come, we’ll die together.”

The young man immediately gave in and said, “Okay, okay, you win. Let me go, and I’ll share with you.”

The woman released the young man, but she still held onto his clothes tightly with one hand.

Unexpectedly, the young man’s face turned fierce and he pulled out a dagger from his pocket and stabbed the woman several times.

She slowly fell to the ground.

Now he didn’t have to share his supplies anymore

Two zombies came wandering over, and the young man, seeing Chen Luo and his group, was afraid they would take his belongings and quickly fled.

As long as one is brave, even if they can’t fight against zombies, they can still rely on their advantage in speed.

Chen Luo shook his head. The young man wasn’t a good person, but what did it have to do with him? He didn’t have the qualification to judge others because he wasn’t a good person either.

After his rebirth, Chen Luo had no plans to be a good person.

Good people didn’t live long; they were the quickest to die.

He wasn’t a hero, and he didn’t want to be a good person.

After getting on the heavy truck, Chen Luo thought about which route to take.

The once bustling international metropolis was no longer as lively as it used to be and appeared somewhat quiet, with occasional sounds of zombies’ roars.

Luckily, the five-star hotel where Ma Yu was located was not in the city center, which made it possible for Chen Luo to go there.

It would have been too dangerous otherwise.

 If they got out of the car, at least a thousand zombies would surround them.

Driving a heavy truck in the city seemed out of place, and it was usually prohibited to do so. Most of the roads were lined with residential areas, and many survivors were constantly watching the situation on the roads.

When they saw Chen Luo’s heavy truck, many would shout out.

“Master, what’s the situation outside? Can you tell us?”

“Master, can you bring some food up? Any amount of money is fine.”

“I’ll pay 10,000, just bring me something to eat. I’m not picky, anything will do.”

“I’ll pay 100,000, bring me a pound of pork!!!”

Chen Luo rolled his eyes and ignored them. He’s not Tang Sanzang(Tang Monk), and they’re not White Dragon Horse.

 Such shouting usually brings trouble to Chen Luo, but he can’t go door-to-door teaching them how to be human.

The heavy truck couldn’t move fast inside the city, with many obstacles and turns along the way.

In less than twenty minutes, Chen Luo arrived at the back door of Yunlai International Hotel in the city center.

“Dazhu, put on your equipment and get off the truck,” said Chen Luo.

Su Dazhu nodded and put on his armor.

The two of them, along with the dog, King, got off the truck.

This time, Su Dazhu didn’t hold an electric baton, but a solid iron rod.

After advancing to level two, Su Dazhu’s strength increased significantly, and the killing power of an iron rod was higher than that of an electric baton, which had limited electrical energy.

Following Chen Luo’s path, there were about forty to fifty zombies that had been tailing them and they quickly rushed towards Chen Luo and Su Dazhu as soon as they got off the car.

Chen Luo was still holding his electric baton while Su Dazhu raised his solid iron rod and aimed at the zombies’ heads.

Su Dazhu’s swing was forceful and powerful, capable of smashing the heads of both zombies and survivors alike.

With one swing, the zombie’s head split open, its red and white innards spilling out and causing its immediate death.

The head is the key weakness of zombies. If Su Dazhu struck them on their bodies, it would have been impossible to kill them easily.

Su Dazhu swung his iron rod repeatedly, killing one zombie after another. His efficiency was no worse than Chen Luo’s electric baton.

If Chen Luo did not rely on the electric baton and used his spatial ability, even as a third-level ability user, he could not match Su Dazhu’s efficiency.

The advantage of physical ability users in the early stages is significant.

However, this does not mean that Chen Luo cannot defeat Su Dazhu.

The zombies cannot harm Su Dazhu at this time, but Chen Luo can kill him with one sword strike.

While it’s possible for Su Dazhu to beat Chen Luo, as a flexible melee fighter, Chen Luo can coordinate with King with his techniques.

 With good control over distance, Chen Luo could easily wear Su Dazhu down over time.

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