Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 25

Chapter 25: The Miserable Ma Yu

Chen Luo went out with collecting crystals as one of the main purpose.

That why, the zombies they killed couldn’t be wasted, so Chen Luo and Su Dazhu collected them after killing the zombies.

Chen Luo looked relaxed as he efficiently collected the crystals, while Su Dazhu felt uncomfortable facing the bloody heads.

Chen Luo’s collecting speed was at least three times faster than Su Dazhu’s.

As for the Thunderbolt King, it was better not to mention it as it was not capable of doing this task. The two of them and a dog killed numerous zombies and quickly collected more than 300 zombie crystals.

They could continue killing, but it was not necessary as Su Dazhu was already exhausted. They couldn’t wait until they ran out of energy to stop, otherwise, what would they do if they encountered danger again?

They had collected more than 300 crystals, enough for three days’ use.

Chen Luo glanced at the hotel staff dormitory that they had come across and frowned.

The apocalypse had broken out after 9 pm, was Ma Yu in the dormitory or at work?

He hoped that she was in the dormitory because even if she was still alive, it would be difficult to find her in such a large hotel.

To be honest, Chen Luo believed that Ma Yu’s chances of survival were really low, about 5%, he came to check under the premise that it was not dangerous with a trial-and-error mentality.

The Thunderbolt King led the way as they walked into the staff dormitory.

The wailing of the fallen zombies and the Thunderbolt King’s roar quickly caught the attention of a person in the dormitory.

A young man peered through the peephole and saw two people in armor, Chen Luo and Su Dazhu, killing the zombies like cutting watermelons.

Although he was frightened, he bravely opened the door a little bit and stuck his head out.

“Brothers, please save me,” he pleaded.

Liu Wenbo was a service staff member at the Yunlai Hotel, and he was resting when the apocalypse broke out.

He was the only one in the dormitory and had survived until now, relying on his reserve of snacks and two bottles of mineral water, but he felt that he couldn’t hold on for much longer.

This time, Chen Luo didn’t leave coldly and instead asked him in response.

“Do you know Ma Yu?” Chen Luo asked

Liu Wenbo nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

Ma Yu was well-known among the staff at Yunlai Hotel, and almost everyone knew her.

Firstly, because of her exquisite cooking skills that were unmatched throughout the hotel, and secondly, although Ma Yu wasn’t a stunning beauty, she had a mature and elegant charm and was quite pretty, which made her a goddess to many male staff at Yunlai Hotel.

Chen Luo smiled and asked, “Do you know which room is her dormitory?”

Liu Wenbo nodded and said, “I know, but she should not be there. On the morning of the disaster, there was a large business conference in the hotel, and she should be preparing dishes there.”

“Lead the way, and I’ll give you some rewards,” said Chen Luo.

Liu Wenbo didn’t dare to make any demands, as these two people killed zombies without blinking an eye. Zombies were terrifying to him, after all.

Although the possibility of finding Ma Yu in the dormitory was slim, Chen Luo still decided to take a look. After all, if she was there, it would be worth the effort.

The staff dormitory was not crowded, as most people were already on duty at that time. Liu Wenbo pointed to a dormitory on the fourth floor and said, “It’s this one.”

Chen Luo tried the door, but it was locked. He signaled to Su Dazhu to help, and Su Dazhu kicked the door open with great force. Liu Wenbo’s scalp tingled at the thought that if that kick had hit him, he would have been disabled on the spot.

The dormitory was empty.

Chen Luo smiled, relieved that he didn’t find a zombie Ma Yu inside, or else they would have wasted their time. “Let’s go and check the conference hall,” he said.

When Chen Luo arrived at the hotel, Ma Yu was in a miserable situation. During the outbreak of the apocalypse, she was preparing dishes in the kitchen for the luncheon of the social elites after the conference.

Many powerful business leaders and even the famous actress Lin Yier were invited to attend.

In a panic, Ma Yu fled to a small cold storage room next to the kitchen, which was one of the smaller cold storage rooms used by the hotel, measuring only about thirty square meters.

The door was thick and sturdy, so zombies couldn’t enter, and the room had a switch to turn off the cold air so she wouldn’t freeze to death.

Many survivors of the meeting fled to the less crowded kitchen area.

Kind-hearted Ma Yu quickly led them into the cold storage room. There were a total of nine people, including the big star Lin Yier.

The cold storage room only had some rice and vegetables, no fire, and the rice couldn’t be eaten, so they had to make do with raw vegetables to survive.

Even in a sealed environment, they still needed to eat, drink, and use the bathroom.

No one dared to go outside the cold storage room to relieve themselves, as there were zombies roaming back and forth.

The cold storage was only about 30 square meters, but it was filled with shelves, leaving little room to move around.

With nine people inside, it was quite crowded and impossible to lie down.

They had to sit on the ground to rest and had to leave a large space for the makeshift “toilet.”

The whole cold storage was filled with a foul odor, worse than a public toilet, which at least had occasional flushing. And the person closest to this “toilet” was none other than Ma Yu, the benefactor who had led the others to safety.

This was something Ma Yu had never expected.

It’s not hard to understand why.

Among these nine people, except for Ma Yu, either they are high-level executives of the hotel, Ma Yu’s absolute superiors, or they are big stars. The highest-status person is a business tycoon named Li Lin, who is also the CEO of a not-so-small company.

Ma Yu, the chef, has the lowest status.

If she is not close to the toilet, who else would be? In this small cold storage room, the class distinctions are clear, but they don’t know that it’s already the end of the world. They are still hoping for rescue.

They arranged their seating positions based on their status, with Ma Yu sitting with her head bowed and feeling a bit cold.

Next to her was the celebrity Lin Yier, who wore a mask tightly over her mouth. Sitting for a long time made Lin Yier uncomfortable, and she unconsciously stretched her legs and accidentally kicked Ma Yu.

Ma Yu frowned but didn’t say anything.

However, after being trapped for several days, Lin Yier’s mood was very bad, and she spoke in a harsh tone, “Can you move a bit further away?”

Ma Yu was stunned for a moment, further away? Does she mean even closer to the toilet? Ma Yu replied coldly, “You can go there yourself.”

Lin Yier furrowed her brow fiercely, “What’s your status, and what’s mine? Do you believe that I can get you fired with just one complaint after we’re rescued?”

The hotel manager also interjected, “Ma Yu, Lin Yier is a valued guest of our hotel. Please be a little more polite.”

The hotel manager had been treating business tycoon Li Lin like a father for the past few days, hoping to use this opportunity to gain his favor and help him in the future.

Ma Yu had already suffered enough grievances these past few days and couldn’t take it anymore. She exploded, “I am a human, and so are you. What’s the difference?Could it be that you are not a human?”

Lin Yier’s face turned cold and she didn’t say a word.

Instead, she kicked Ma Yu directly.

If Ma Yu hadn’t held onto the shelf, the consequences would have been disastrous. The two women fought each other.

Li Lin was displeased.

He was already over fifty years old and earlier, he wanted Ma Yu to give him a massage, but she refused.

 He also looked at the remaining vegetables, knowing they wouldn’t last much longer.

His expression turned cold, “Throw her out.”

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