Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Monthly Salary of 200,000, come to work in my company

Among the nine individuals in the cold storage, apart from the chef, Ma Yu, all can be considered social elites. They possess sharp minds and observe every situation within the cold storage. It becomes evident to them that without reducing the number of people, the available resources won’t be sufficient.

The absence of one person would alleviate the cramped space to some extent.

The first person to show agreement is, of course, the famous actress, Lin Yier, who had just had a conflict with Ma Yu.

Surprisingly, the second person to concur is the hotel manager.

“Ma Yu, as you can see, the space here is insufficient. For the sake of the greater good, we have to sacrifice you temporarily. Try to find a way to escape to another place.”


Outside, there are zombies guarding the area.

Ma Yu has been deprived of proper food and drink for the past few days, and her body is severely weakened. She has been squatting for a long time, causing her legs to go numb. She can’t run at all.

Going out would mean certain death.

No one opposed the decision. It concerns their own self-interest, and sacrificing one person increases their chances of survival.

Even though Ma Yu had saved them, it seems that this is the unanimous consensus now.

Ma Yu looked at the group of people in disbelief, and a phrase came to her mind: “In the scorching heat of June, people fan themselves while my heart grows cold.”

Ma Yu’s heart turned ice-cold. If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have opened the door. She should have let them be bitten by the zombies while she hid alone in the cold storage.

‘This is obviously a death sentence for me.’

‘Fine, if I die, the rest of you won’t live either.’

In the moment when Ma Yu was about to open the door, she firmly held it back, attracting the attention of the zombies. They would all meet their end together.

The other eight individuals were not foolish. They didn’t trust the situation that much. They waited for the opportunity when the zombies were not in front of the door, and opened it slightly to let Ma Yu out.

However, Lin Yier forcefully kicked Ma Yu in the buttocks, causing her to fall in front of the door.

Lin Yier left with a final remark, “This is the consequence of going against me.” The door to the cold storage was then tightly shut.

Ma Yu felt like crying, but she forced herself to stop. They could observe the situation outside the door from the cold storage, and crying now would only make her a laughing stock.

She was angry, very angry.

 Ironically, she didn’t feel scared at this moment.

She was so angry that she wished someone would kill these people, no matter what the cost.

 But it seemed that there was no chance.

Two zombies caught Ma Yu’s scent and immediately changed their aimless wandering, roaring and rushing towards her.

Ma Yu’s mind went blank, with only one thought lingering.

How ridiculous. I saved a group of people, and they ended up causing my death.

Facing the approaching zombies, Ma Yu knew there was no way she could escape. She closed her eyes and waited for death.

Chen Luo and Su Dazhu arrived on the fourth floor, led by Liu Wenbo, who was familiar with the hotel layout.

Coincidentally, the staircase they took was not far from the cold storage.

Chen Luo heard the sound of Lin Yier’s voice and walked over to take a look, only to witness two zombies pouncing towards Ma Yu.

Chen Luo wasn’t initially certain if it was Ma Yu, but when he saw the long braid behind her, he had a feeling it was her.

But the Thunderbolt King was certain. It had seen Ma Yu many times before and knew that this time, it was her they were looking for.

The Thunderbolt King was also familiar with Ma Yu’s scent.

In an instant, the Thunderbolt King launched itself, covering a distance of over ten meters in a second.

A powerful headbutt like a rocket.

The Thunderbolt King fiercely collided with the zombies using its head.

As the Thunderbolt King’s level increased, its physical abilities also grew stronger.

The two zombies standing close to each other were knocked down by the Thunderbolt King, while Su Dazhu swiftly finished them off.

Chen Luo looked at Ma Yu with great joy.

‘The cook didn’t die, and that meant good food for me.’

‘Do you know how I’ve been surviving these past five days?’

There’s a scene in the movie “God of Cookery” where a chef with an extremely ugly appearance has incredible culinary skills, but Stephen Chow’s character finds it hard to eat her food with no appetite.

Not Good.

Having a chef with exquisite culinary skills and an attractive appearance is rare.

Otherwise, if I had to watch a rough-looking guy cook, Chen Luo would deduct eighty points from him directly.

Ma Yu looked at King in astonishment. She also recognized the dog, especially the distinctive feature of the missing left ear.

Chen Luo approached and smiled, saying, “Ma Yu, it’s me, Chen Luo. I came specifically to rescue you.”

I risked so much danger to come here, are you moved at all?

Be my dedicated chef wholeheartedly.

After the astonishment, Ma Yu was truly moved and excitedly said, “Chen Luo, thank you.”

Su Dazhu was about to help Ma Yu up when several nearby zombies, as well as the zombies in the grand conference hall, heard the commotion and began rushing over.

There was no time to catch up with Ma Yu for now. Chen Luo and Su Dazhu guarded the door, one on the left and one on the right, while King stood in the middle, mercilessly slaughtering the incoming zombies.

The zombies kept coming in waves.

If there were over a hundred zombies gathered together, Chen Luo didn’t dare to confront them head-on.

But in no time, there wasn’t a single living zombie left.

Inside the cold storage, the few individuals looked through a window on the door and witnessed everything, although they couldn’t hear the conversation between Chen Luo and the others.

Lin Yier excitedly covered her mouth, tears glistening in her eyes. They were saved.

After enduring five days, they were finally rescued.

Even the leg pain of  business tycoon Li Lin had subsided.

However, the people inside the cold storage were still cautious and waited until there were no more zombies before opening the door.

Li Lin had a smile on his face and expressed his gratitude, saying, “Thank you to the two heroes for saving us.”

Lin Yier removed her mask, revealing a smile, and with an air of elegance and innocence, she greeted them, “Hello, I’m Lin Yier. It’s a pleasure to meet all of you.”

Not taking off the mask, how could Chen Luo know that she was Lin Yier?

She was a top-tier star in the entertainment industry, just a step away from being a superstar.

Perhaps these two individuals were her die-hard fans, who would take better care of her than even Li Lin.

Chen Luo glanced at her and thought, “You’re getting ahead of yourself.”

Chen Luo asked Ma Yu, “What’s going on? Is there anything I can help you with?”

While everyone else was safely hiding inside the cold storage, it was only Ma Yu who was almost eaten by the zombies outside.

Chen Luo could easily guess that something shady had happened.

For some reason, upon hearing Chen Luo’s words, a sense of grievance surged within Ma Yu, and she choked up as she recounted what had happened.

Chen Luo listened with a cold smirk, thinking to himself, “This is why you shouldn’t be a good person.”

Ma Yu had value to Chen Luo, which was why he came to rescue her. Without value, he couldn’t care less about her life or death.

Li Lin and the others exchanged glances, acting as if familiar with Ma Yu. ‘Hmph, in this world, there is nothing that money can’t resolve.’

Li Lin chuckled and said, “Young man, would you be kind enough to take me home? Once the crisis is resolved, you can come work at my company with a monthly salary of 200,000.”

200,000 is quite high, earning over 2 million a year. How many working-class individuals can achieve such a figure?

In just a few years, one could become a multimillionaire.

Li Lin took out a checkbook and handed it to Chen Luo, saying, “Just take me to a safe place, and you can fill in any amount you want.”

Fill in any amount? Does it mean he could write down one billion or even one hundred billion yuan.

This is what they call a blank check.

Chen Luo exclaimed, “Wow, he’s even better at empty promises than me.”

Hearing this, Ma Yu couldn’t help but chuckle.

She didn’t know Chen Luo’s exact wealth, but she knew that his mansion alone was worth several Million. Among those present, Li Lin was probably the only one wealthier than Chen Luo.

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