Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The Luckiest Thing

Ma Yu’s words made Su Dazhu extremely angry.

He hated people who showed ingratitude to their benefactors.

She saved your life, and you want her to die instead? What kind of person does that?

Su Dazhu couldn’t help but go forward and give each of them a good beating.

Even Lin Yier wasn’t spared.

Su Dazhu’s blows made their heads spin.

Li Lin was furious, but he still didn’t dare to threaten them. He had witnessed the scene of these two people killing zombies.

The others covered their faces, too afraid to speak up.

Lin Yier hung her head, feeling humiliated.

Liu Wenbo was shocked and asked, “Aren’t you afraid of their revenge? These people are not simple; they have powerful backgrounds.”

Chen Luo sneered at the conditions they offered.

It’s the end of the world, what use is money?

The toilet paper is not even good for wiping your butt.

Living in a dream is one thing, but 200,000 a month?

Damn, looking down on people.

As for Lin Yier, this big celebrity, the post-apocalyptic world is the most terrible situation for people like her. She has good looks and carries the aura of a star.

Countless evil hands reach out to them, making life worse than death.

They made Ma Yu so angry that if it weren’t for Chen Luo, she would have died. She couldn’t help but slap Li Lin and the others, with Lin Yier being the main target of her care.

Ma Yu doesn’t have much strength, so the slaps weren’t loud.

They weren’t physically harmful, but extremely insulting.

Li Lin suppressed his anger and said in a low, submissive voice, “Little brother, you’ve helped your friend vent his anger, and we were indeed in the wrong. As long as you can take us to a safe place, no matter what conditions you propose, go ahead.”

Chen Luo has always followed one principle: if you’re my enemy, I won’t let any opportunity to kill you slip by.

These people have already been sentenced to death by Chen Luo.

As for the aura of the wealthy and celebrities, pfft, what’s the use?

Chen Luo didn’t want to scare his personal chef, so he pretended to go out and look for a rope. When he returned, he had a rope that he had taken from the space.

“Hey, I won’t kill you all. I’ll just tie you up. Whether you can survive or not will be up to fate.”

Li Lin was furious, “What’s the difference between that and killing us? Have you no regard for the law?”

Even Su Dazhu sneered, “When you threw her out, did you ever think about that question?”

Ma Yu, who had some sympathy at first, immediately turned cold and whispered to Chen Luo, “Chen Luo, thank you, but let’s forget about it. If you kill them, you’ll also suffer.”

In Ma Yu’s mind, she didn’t believe that the order had completely collapsed.

Chen Luo smiled indifferently, “You saved them, but they harmed you. I definitely won’t save them. Can they not hold a grudge?”

“Being merciful to enemies is being cruel to oneself. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

Li Lin and the others wouldn’t just sit back and wait for death. They looked at the blood-stained large iron rod in Su Dazhu’s hand and didn’t have the courage to resist.

They could only scatter like frightened birds, trying to escape.

Chen Luo took out an electric baton and gave each escaping person a shock.

Screams filled the air.

Su Dazhu stepped forward and began to bind them.

To Chen Luo’s surprise, Lin Yier actually knelt down and crawled forward, tears in her eyes. She was about to take off Chen Luo’s pants.

“Save me, I’m willing to do anything.”

Lin Yier planned to use her seductive charm, even with so many people watching, having experienced big scenes before, she remained calm and composed.

Her reputation wasn’t that great to begin with, so she didn’t care at all about how others perceived her. She could explain it afterwards, saying that it was all just rumors.

Chen Luo was greatly shocked, “You, how can you just undress someone without any warning?”

Chen Luo said coldly, “Get lost, I find it dirty.”

Lin Yier pitifully said, “I haven’t had a bath for several days, a little dirt is unavoidable. Can you help me wash up?”

Liu Wenbo, watching from the side, was extremely envious and shouted in his heart, “Why not come to me? I don’t mind the dirt. After all, she’s a big celebrity.”

‘That dirt, he couldn’t wash it away.’ Chen Luo directly stuffed a filthy rag into her mouth.

Chen Luo said, “Let’s go, let them fend for themselves.”

Chen Luo wouldn’t leave such a threat behind, but he was afraid of scaring Ma Yu if he killed them in front of her.

Chen Luo took Ma Yu downstairs, ready to go back. Both of the tasks were successfully completed.

In secret, he gave orders to the Thunderbolt King.

Understanding the command, the Thunderbolt King turned around and lured some zombies to where Li Lin, Lin Yier, and the others were on the third floor.

Li Lin and the others watched as the zombies rushed towards them. Except for Lin Yier, whose mouth was blocked, they all let out screams.

Chen Luo shrugged, “Looks like their luck isn’t so good. They encountered zombies so quickly.”

Ma Yu sighed, “They were eaten by zombies. It has nothing to do with you, Chen Luo.”

Liu Wenbo opened his mouth, “Brother, I want to follow you.”

With such strong thighs, a person who kills zombies effortlessly, it would be extremely safe to follow him.

Chen Luo chuckled lightly and directly refused, “What makes you think you have anything worthy for me to accept you?”

Liu Wenbo stuttered and couldn’t find the words to respond.

Chen Luo handed him Su Dazhu’s large iron rod, “Take this and kill ten zombies on the street, then I’ll let you follow me.”

Liu Wenbo shook his head in fear, “No, no, I dare not.”

I give you an opportunity, but you’re useless.

Liu Wenbo led the way, and Chen Luo promised him a small reward as they arrived at a small supermarket next to the hotel.

Chen Luo looked at his watch and said, “You have three minutes of free shopping time, then I’ll escort you back to your dormitory as a thank you.”

Seeing the cold-faced Chen Luo, Liu Wenbo gritted his teeth and entered the supermarket. He grabbed a plastic bag and began stuffing it with items frantically.

Chen Luo glanced at the small supermarket, realizing that there weren’t many valuable items.

But since they were already here, it felt incomplete to leave empty-handed.

Chen Luo walked over to the tobacco and alcohol counter and took several of the most expensive cigarette packs.

In three minutes, Liu Wenbo managed to fill six large plastic bags with items. He planned to ration his food and it would be enough for him to eat for a month.

If he had the courage and good luck, he could survive in the apocalypse.

Throughout the process, Ma Yu kept pondering what value she had.

Friendship? Don’t be ridiculous. Their relationship wasn’t deep enough to justify Chen Luo taking such risks.

Looks? Impossible. There were plenty of people who were more beautiful than her, like Lin Yier, but Chen Luo showed no interest in them.

Thinking back to the times when she taught Chen Luo cooking, he always devoured the dishes she made.

Perhaps, that was where her value lay.

Chen Luo asked Su Dazhu to escort Liu Wenbo back to the dormitory and said in a casual tone, “I need someone for logistics. There’s no one to cook for me or to wash the dishes and pans. I’d rather go kill zombies than do those chores. And coincidentally, I remembered you.”

“Are you willing to come back with me? I will ensure your safety and provide you with food and drink. You won’t be treated unfairly.”

“In a slightly arrogant way, I can say that meeting me is the luckiest thing in your life.”

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