Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Ready for Inspection

‘Meeting me is the luckiest thing in your life.’

This statement is not arrogant at all.

Who is Chen Luo?

He is the King of the Void, reborn and familiar with the development and aftermath of the apocalypse. He relied on his unparalleled survival abilities to outlast all survivors in his previous life, and in this life, he is certainly capable of surviving until the end.

What’s different is that Chen Luo has accumulated an unimaginable amount of resources.

 The units of measurement for these resources are no longer in pounds or bags; they are measured in tons, or even tens of thousands of tons.

Before, the scarcity of resources is so severe that even someone like Chen Luo would resort to fighting for a single ham sausage.

But if one follows Chen Luo, clean water and fresh meat are guaranteed. As Chen Luo’s personal chef and nanny, would he mistreat her?

Chen Luo is ruthless towards enemies, but when it comes to his own people, especially those close to him, he is remarkably generous.

A shiver runs through Ma Yu’s heart. Indeed, meeting Chen Luo has been her stroke of luck. Without him, she would have died earlier, likely devoured by zombies.

With that, Ma Yu nodded without much thought. “I’m willing,” she said.

Upon receiving the answer he wanted, Chen Luo’s face lit up with a smile. If the answer had been different, he would have turned around and let her fend for herself.

Having just been deep in thought, Ma Yu sighed in relief but suddenly felt an intense hunger in her stomach. Previously, in the cold storage, she would eat some raw vegetables every day, and the best treat was carrots. However, while she could still have them a couple of days ago, there were none left for her afterwards.

The meager portions of vegetables she had been eating each day had only increased the acidity in her stomach, making her incredibly uncomfortable. Ma Yu couldn’t resist grabbing a pack of biscuits and devouring them hungrily.

Chen Luo didn’t stop her, but he advised, “Eat less for now. When we get back, we’ll celebrate your joining us with a feast. And, of course, you’ll be the one cooking.”

Soon, Su Dazhu and King returned and they all boarded the heavy-duty truck.

Ma Yu marveled at how Chen Luo managed to find such a truck.

Driving the truck, Chen Luo casually asked, “By the way, Ma Yu, have you awakened any abilities?”

Everyone would eventually awaken their abilities, sooner or later. Chen Luo explained the concept of abilities and introduced his own and Su Dazhu’s abilities.

There was no need to conceal the spatial ability from Ma Yu, especially since she was a cook and Chen Luo’s spatial ability was like a refrigerator. However, he didn’t disclose how much was stored in that refrigerator.

Ma Yu thought for a moment and said, “On the third day, I did have a slight headache. As for whether I have any power, I’m not sure. I’ve been feeling hungry and uncomfortable, so I haven’t paid much attention.”

Awakening abilities on the third day wasn’t considered too late; in fact, it was definitely not bad.

After listening, Ma Yu made an effort to sense the power within her body. Gradually, small flames began to form in her palms, which startled her.

Chen Luo, on the other hand, was delighted. After all, cooking often requires fire, right?

The taste of dishes prepared using different cooking methods like gas, induction stoves, charcoal fire, or wood fire can vary. But when it comes to an ability user’s flames, the dishes created with magic become even more delicious.

Fire-based abilities are not uncommon, but what’s rare is finding someone who is both a fire-based ability user and a master chef. If that person also happens to be good-looking, well, it’s like finding a treasure.

Soon, they arrived home smoothly. Chen Luo couldn’t wait to take out ingredients and asked Ma Yu to prepare a feast.

Ma Yu already knew about the spatial ability, but she didn’t know its exact size. It didn’t surprise her much since she had already awakened fire, so it wasn’t hard for her to understand that Chen Luo could control space.

The aroma wafting from the kitchen made both of them, along with the dog, unable to resist salivating.

After a little over an hour, Ma Yu had prepared eight dishes: scrambled eggs with tomatoes, braised tofu with shiitake mushrooms, stir-fried bell peppers with eggs, sautéed greens, chicken stew with vermicelli, braised pork with potatoes, cumin-spiced lamb, and stir-fried prawns with onions.

The soup was a seaweed egg drop soup. The dishes were visually appealing, aromatic, and delicious.

Although Chen Luo had bought pre-packaged vegetables that had been sitting for at least half an hour since they were prepared, there was still a noticeable difference compared to the freshly made dishes. And especially, the taste was different—Ma Yu’s dishes were even more flavorful.

Ma Yu initially didn’t want to cook so many dishes, thinking they wouldn’t be able to finish them. But jokingly, Su Dazhu said that with his appetite he can devour all of them by himself.

Chen Luo and Su Dazhu’s stomachs were already full of oil and water, and they couldn’t help but salivate looking at the table full of food.

Meanwhile, after five days of surviving on just a few raw vegetables, Ma Yu couldn’t help but also salivate heavily.

Chen Luo chuckled and said, “What are we waiting for? Let’s dig in.”

He picked up a piece of tofu, enjoying its smooth and delicious texture. Tears streamed down Chen Luo’s face as he realized that seeking out Ma Yu was definitely the right decision.

Although she was hungry, Ma Yu ate in small bites, feeling a bit restrained due to their first encounter.

After finishing the meal, Chen Luo contentedly rubbed his belly, feeling truly satisfied. Meanwhile, Ma Yu conscientiously started to clean up, and Chen Luo happily thought that he would never have to wash dishes again.

Ma Yu, who always wanted to do something, finished tidying up the utensils and was about to start mopping the floor. However, Chen Luo promptly arranged a room for her before she could begin.

“Feel free to take a shower if you want, just be careful not to let the untreated water enter your mouth,” Chen Luo said.

“You lost your phone, right? Here, take this one, I have movies and novels downloaded inside. You can watch or read them when you’re bored, and here’s a 50,000 mAh power bank.”

With Ma Yu joining them, Chen Luo’s life became much more convenient.

He no longer had to worry about trivial matters and could focus on enjoying his meals and leisure time. Even King, the dog, started living a normal dog’s life.

Three days flew by, and Chen Luo’s supply of crystals obtained from killing zombies was running low. At level three, he could absorb up to eighty low-grade crystals per day. Su Dazhu needed ten crystals daily, King required twelve to thirteen, and Ma Yu, being at level one, needed two crystals each day.

Ma Yu was indeed very lucky. While others had to risk their lives to obtain crystals, Chen Luo casually gave them to her.

To advance to level four as an ability user, it would take at least another ten days. Chen Luo planned to go out and gather another batch of crystals.

However, he didn’t forget about Mi Ling and Mi Li.

“It’s been ten days. I wonder if they have experienced the hardships of the apocalypse. I’m sure they haven’t had enough suffering yet, so they can continue to starve,” Chen Luo thought to himself.

But he intended to visit Mi Ling and Mi Li’s home just to have a look. He wasn’t planning to take them in just yet as the timing wasn’t right.

The purpose was to see if they were home.

Mi Ling was a university student in the capital city, and Mi Li was a high school senior. When the apocalypse broke out, it wasn’t a weekend, so they might have been at school.

Chen Luo planned to go and check if they were at home.

As for their survival, Chen Luo was unsure about Ma Yu because they had no connection in his previous life.

He had fought against Mi Ling before, and he had personally seen Mi Li alive.

Chen Luo sighed and said, “Resurrection, huh? Those who possess such abilities, if not under control, might invite divine punishment.”

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