Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 29

Chapter 29: The Talking Cat

Just as he was about to leave, Chen Luo instructed Ma Yu:

“Regardless of who it is or what excuse they give, do not open the door. Even if someone is about to die in front of you, you must not open it.”

“Close all the doors and windows tightly, do not stick your head out, and absolutely do not leave the house. Take responsibility for your own safety.”

After the incident at the hotel cold storage, Ma Yu became fearful and nodded solemnly.

Chen Luo, Su Dazhu, and King were going out to collect crystals, leaving Ma Yu alone at home.

It was impossible to take her along as she would be a burden; her responsibility was to take care of the logistics.

It was also impossible to leave someone behind to protect her, including King.

King was a very capable assistant, and in case of danger, he might be able to turn the tide.

Chen Luo gave Ma Yu two electric batons for self-defense, which should be sufficient.

Once they left the residential area and arrived at the spot where the heavy truck was parked, Chen Luo’s face darkened.

The window on the right side of the truck’s cabin had been shattered, and he wondered who could have done it.

The damage was extensive, indicating that someone had entered the truck, probably to search for supplies.

What a blind move! Even from outside the window, it was clear that there were no supplies inside.

The truck’s cargo area had also been opened and left unclosed after they left.

Considering Chen Luo hadn’t left the house for three days, it wasn’t surprising that the truck had attracted attention.

Chen Luo felt sorry for King and didn’t bother letting him out to guard the vehicle—it wasn’t worth it.

Two zombies lunged at him.

Chen Luo swiftly kicked them away, sending the zombies flying.

“What the hell, why are you checking the truck? What’s it to you?”

Zombies: ???

Grumbling and cursing, Chen Luo got into the heavy truck, determined to find out who was responsible for the damage.

He inspected the truck and fortunately, apart from the broken window, everything seemed fine.

Chen Luo drove the truck onto a sparsely populated street nearby. If he could ram through using the truck, he would; otherwise, he and Su Dazhu would get out and kill the zombies.

In just over an hour, Chen Luo collected over three hundred crystals.

While killing zombies, Chen Luo deliberately moved closer to the residential area where Mi Ling and Mi Li lived.

After collecting over five hundred crystals, Su Dazhu was panting heavily. They took a short break before Chen Luo entered Mi Li’s residential area.

It was just past 6 o’clock in the evening, the sky was already slightly dark.

Before the apocalypse, Chen Luo had specifically gathered information about Mi Ling and Mi Li, not only knowing their general preferences but also their specific address.

This residential area had a total of 16 buildings, each nine stories high, with a regular population of around three thousand.

During the apocalypse, having a thousand people in a residential area was already considered good.

As Chen Luo entered the residential area, he observed that there were only three small supermarkets, each around thirty to fifty square meters in size.

These kinds of supermarkets don’t have much supplies, to begin with.

Chen Luo looked around and was somewhat surprised to find that all three supermarkets were empty.

This was normal too. Often, hunger was scarier than zombies, and there were always brave individuals searching for supplies.

Chen Luo chuckled softly. This was even better. If Mi Ling and Mi Li were at home but had nothing to eat, let’s see how they would manage.

Killing zombies as he walked, Chen Luo arrived at Building 8 and looked in the direction of Unit 201 on the third floor.

This was Mi Ling and Mi Li’s home.

No lights were on, and there were no lights on in any homes in the residential area because of the power outage.

The curtains of 201 were drawn closed.

Squinting his eyes, Chen Luo noticed that under normal circumstances, people rarely fully closed their curtains except when resting.

When leaving the house, they wouldn’t close all the curtains.

During the apocalypse, as long as someone was at home and not a fool, they would close the curtains to protect themselves.

Of course, it’s not possible to solely rely on this method to determine if Mi Ling and Mi Li are at home.

There are two ways to go upstairs: the elevator, which can be ruled out, and the stairs.

Chen Luo whispered, “King, go and sniff to see if there’s anyone at home.”

King nodded, understanding that this was what a dog should do.

As King was about to go upstairs, his remaining right ear twitched, and then he lowered his body, emitting a low growl from his throat.

Like a rabbit, King swiftly darted towards a nearby clump of grass.


A startled meow sounded, accompanied by a white figure swiftly fleeing from the bushes.

King discovered the cat hiding in the bushes and chased after it, causing the frightened cat to flee.

However, even though cats are more agile than dogs, it only took King five seconds to catch up to the cat.

Chen Luo was taken aback. A cat?

Clearly, this was a cat that hadn’t turned into a zombie.

Chen Luo quickly said, ” King, don’t harm it.”

Having a cat as a pet wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Both cats and dogs could turn into zombies, but they wouldn’t become as powerful. They would still have the weaknesses of zombies, unless they were the rare mutated types, which had a very low probability.

Before the apocalypse, Chen Luo had wanted to buy a cat as a companion, but he wasn’t sure if it would turn into a zombie afterward. He didn’t want to risk being bitten by a cat he had brought home, so he abandoned the idea.

Chen Luo thought to himself, “If you’re good-looking, I’ll take you back with me.”

But if you’re not good-looking… well.

King held the cat by its scruff and trotted over, wearing an expression of accomplishment.

Chen Luo observed the cat and was pleasantly surprised.

Upon closer inspection, the cat was a silver gradient color, measuring over twenty centimeters in length, with sky-blue eyes.

Its fur was smooth and free from any stray hairs.

Overall, it had an exceptionally high level of cuteness, like a little fairy among cats.

Of course, it could also be a male cat.

The cat struggled in King’s grip, but it couldn’t break free.

Chen Luo was about to caress its fluffy little head when he suddenly heard a voice.

” Meow meow meow, make this stupid dog let go of me!”

Chen Luo’s pupils contracted as he stared at the cat in astonishment.

The voice didn’t come from the surroundings but appeared directly in his mind.

This ability was not unfamiliar to Chen Luo. Powerful supernatural abilities allowed one to communicate with others using their mind, without the need for spoken words.

The Thunderbolt King was a dog who possessed the ability to control electricity. Why couldn’t other cats and dogs possess supernatural abilities?

The silver gradient cat before him clearly had the power of telepathic communication. It was intelligent and knew that Chen Luo was in charge, hence pleading with him to release it from King’s grasp.

Chen Luo’s eyes gleamed with excitement. What an unexpected discovery!

“Stick with me, and you’ll have plenty of big fish and meat every meal.”

Chen Luo scolded the Thunderbolt King, saying, “King, how could you be so rude? Release the cat immediately.”

Despite his words, Chen Luo firmly held onto the cat’s body, afraid that it might run away.

King, feeling guilty all over, nodded in acknowledgment. Yes, it was his fault.

The cat didn’t struggle when it was in Chen Luo’s hands. It looked up at him with its wide sky-blue eyes, and at the same time, Chen Luo heard a voice in his mind.

“I didn’t provoke or do anything to it. This dog just decided to bite me for no reason. How annoying!”

Chen Luo agreed, “Yes, it’s so annoying.”

Su Dazhu scratched his head, looking at Chen Luo strangely. Why did it seem like his brother was having a conversation with a cat?

The cat used its abilities again, seemingly sensing something.

“Do you have any small dried fish? I have a feeling that you do.”

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