Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The Girl and the Cat

The intuition of a powerful supernatural ability user is often stronger than that of others. They can even sense danger a little earlier than others.

Similar to animals being able to sense rain or earthquakes in advance and react accordingly, this cat claims to sense fish treats on Chen Luo.

Indeed, Chen Luo has plenty of them, not just raw fish but also various fish dishes. Additionally, there are snacks like grilled fish slices and dried fish by the tons.

With a smirk, Chen Luo is about to take out the fish treats, thinking to himself, ‘If you’ve eaten my food, then you’re my cat. I’ll bring you home and give you all the affectionate strokes you deserve.’

Stroking a cat can relieve stress, help relax, and bring a sense of joy.

At that moment, the curtains of a room on the second floor were pulled open, and the window was opened, accompanied by an anxious voice.

“Release my rice!”

Chen Luo looked up in astonishment and realized that the person was none other than Mi Li, the owner of the cat.

The cat’s name is Rice?

It’s her cat?

Mi Li, seeing the two seemingly fierce individuals with sticks in their hands and holding her cat, grew increasingly worried.

Mi Li’s figure disappeared from the window momentarily. In just a few seconds, she opened the door and rushed down from the second floor to the first floor.

Mi Li appeared uneasy, keeping her guard up as she cautiously took Rice back from Chen Luo’s hands.

Chen Luo released his grip without resistance, understanding that forcibly keeping Rice would only provoke Mi Li’s hostility.

As Rice landed in Mi Li’s arms, she breathed a sigh of relief. Not daring to linger outside, she softly apologized and turned to leave.

Encountering Mi Li ahead of schedule didn’t align with Chen Luo’s original plan. He had only come to check if Mi Li and Mi Ling were at home.

Suddenly, Rice struggled vigorously in Mi Li’s embrace and used his ability of mental communication to speak to her.

“Let me go! He has small dried fish on him, and I want to eat them.”

“He has small dried fish. He’s not a bad person.”

Mi Li’s cheek twitched slightly. What kind of logic was this?

But Rice managed to break free from Mi Li’s grasp and hopped onto the ground, looking pitifully at Chen Luo.

“Rice hasn’t had small dried fish for over a week. Please give me one.”

Chen Luo quickly pondered in his mind.

It was evident that there was only Mi Li at home. If Mi Ling were there, she would never allow Mi Li to come down alone and take risks.

The sisters were not together.

Is this an opportunity to start by pursuing the younger sister? Of course, he couldn’t just offer resources right away.

Even Su Dazhu knew that being overly attentive usually had ulterior motives. Chen Luo’s original plan was to approach them through cooperation. Mi Ling and Mi Li were not just decorations.

With his powerful abilities, a thorough understanding of danger, and a trump card of abundant resources, Chen Luo was confident that he could firmly and willingly keep them by his side.

In his past life, Chen Luo hadn’t seen this cat named Rice, and he hadn’t even heard of Mi Li and Mi Ling having a cat. So, obviously, Rice must have died already. The cat’s intuition was remarkably accurate, being able to sense the presence of small dried fish on him.

With this in mind, Chen Luo smiled at Rice and said, “The large supermarket outside must have small dried fish. Come, I’ll take you there.”

He then turned to Mi Li and said, “Do you want to cooperate and search for resources together?”

Mi Li instinctively wanted to refuse. She couldn’t possibly go out with two strangers she didn’t know. But Rice didn’t care about that and quickly nodded in agreement. Seeing Mi Li hesitating, Rice persuaded her, “I can sense that this person doesn’t have any ill intentions. You can trust him.”

Mi Li was still hesitating, and Rice grew impatient. “Then you stay here. I’ll go with him. You can just wait at home like you always do, and I’ll bring food for you.”

Ouch, that hit hard.

Rice’s words made Mi Li’s cheeks flush. For over a week, she had relied on Rice, with its small and agile body, to venture outside and gather supplies.

Without Rice, who possessed both agility and intelligence, no one could easily catch her. Now, the supermarkets outside were all empty.

Unless Rice went to a more distant place, it would be too dangerous to find resources. But considering Rice’s assurance that these two individuals meant no harm, Mi Li chose to believe it. Rice’s intuition was highly accurate, especially since it awakened its supernatural abilities.

There wasn’t much food left at home.

Mi Li made up her mind and said, “Alright, I’ll go with you.”

Rice, oh Rice, I’m putting all my hopes on you.

Chen Luo smiled. This was a good start.

Mi Li said, “Wait for me, I’ll go upstairs and get some things.”

Soon, Mi Li came back downstairs. She wore a red helmet, presumably for an electric scooter, and a thick jacket that concealed her youthful and beautiful figure. In her hand, she held a rolling pin.

Mi Li timidly said to Chen Luo, “You should already know about Rice’s ability to communicate with humans. Well, I suddenly acquired a special ability, like a priest in a game.”

Chen Luo chuckled and didn’t hide anything as he introduced himself, “I’m Chen Luo, my ability is similar to that of a spatial mage.”

“He’s Su Dazhu, equivalent to a warrior.”

“This dog is my partner, named King. He’s like a thunder and lightning mage, so you can call him Thunderbolt King.”

Upon hearing Chen Luo’s address, King immediately straightened his back proudly. He wasn’t some battle trash like Rice.

Mi Li stared in astonishment at King. Not only Rice, but even a dog could control thunder and lightning? If she had stayed indoors, she would never have known how much the world had changed.

Rice urged, “Hurry up and find some fish treats.”

Just as they took a few steps, they ran into several zombies head-on.

Chen Luo and Su Dazhu remained calm, but Mi Li tensed up nervously. She said, trembling, “Let me enhance Su Dazhu’s strength.”

As a warrior, Su Dazhu needed to be at the forefront, and Mi Li understood that. So, she first enhanced Su Dazhu’s strength.

It wasn’t really necessary, but Chen Luo also wanted to see it for himself.

A faint golden light emerged from Mi Li’s hand and quickly entered Su Dazhu’s body.

Seeing Mi Li’s familiar movements, it seemed she had practiced before.

Mi Li then proceeded to enhance Chen Luo’s strength as well.

Closing his eyes, Chen Luo felt a one-third increase in his strength. If his previous strength was thirty points, then it had now been boosted by ten points.

Of course, it wasn’t a percentage increase.

Ten points of strength were equivalent to that of an adult man.

Moreover, Mi Li was surely only at Level One for now. As her level increased, the amplification she brought would also grow.

And she wasn’t limited to enhancing just one target.

With Mi Li’s enhancement, Su Dazhu effortlessly slaughtered several zombies as if chopping vegetables.

Mi Li didn’t show excitement; instead, her face turned pale. The sight of zombie heads being smashed open and blood spurting out was too gory for her.

A lone zombie rushed over.

Trembling, Mi Li said, “I haven’t fought a zombie before. This one is a good opportunity for me to practice. Sooner or later, I’ll have to face this step.”

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