Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 31

Chapter 31:Braised Fish for You

Seeing how hesitant and yet determined Mi Li appeared, Chen Luo and Su Dazhu felt a sense of sympathy. After all, she was an ordinary person suddenly thrust into a world of zombies, facing the horrors of bloodshed. Mi Li’s words carried a hint of fierceness.

If this world was filled with such creatures, she would have to overcome her fear of them. Listening to Mi Li’s words, Chen Luo found it somewhat surprising. She seemed delicate on the outside but possessed great inner strength.

As long as she stayed under their protection, Chen Luo saw no reason to refuse her request.

“Dazhu, give Mi Li the iron rod you’re holding,” Chen Luo said.

The power of an iron rod was undoubtedly far greater than that of a rolling pin.

Su Dazhu chuckled as he watched Mi Li trembling and then handed her the iron rod with admiration. Mi Li wanted to mentally prepare herself a bit more, but the zombies didn’t give her that luxury.

As the zombies lunged towards her, Mi Li anxiously enhanced herself with a strength buff. The zombies opened their bloodthirsty mouths, and Mi Li’s mind went blank for a moment, but her eyes quickly became resolute.

However, Mi Li had absolutely no combat experience and had no idea how to evade the incoming attack. She just stood there, defenseless.

The sharp-nailed hands of the zombie pressed firmly against Mi Li’s arm. If it weren’t for the thick jacket she was wearing, she would have surely suffered significant injuries.

At the same time, the zombie’s mouth lunged towards Mi Li’s exposed white neck. Mi Li swung the large iron rod in her hand fiercely towards the zombie’s head.

Mi Li’s strength buff was a fixed increase, making her appear as a seemingly fragile girl but with strength greater than that of a healthy adult man. The zombie’s head was shattered upon impact, blood spurting out and splashing onto Mi Li’s helmet and jacket.

The head was a weak point for zombies, but it took the strength of someone like Su Dazhu to smash a zombie’s head in a single blow. Mi Li was just slightly lacking in that aspect.

The zombie continued its attempt to bite while Mi Li was startled by the splattered blood. She held the iron rod high and relentlessly hammered the zombie, as if smashing a watermelon.

The zombie had died already but Mi Li kept on striking.

The zombie’s head was completely crushed, and even Chen Luo felt a slight chill down his spine from witnessing the scene.

Girl, you’ve gone a bit overboard with your ferocity.

After killing the zombie, Mi Li crouched down and removed her helmet. The gruesome scene made her feel nauseous. She could only dry heave (retch) since there was nothing in her stomach.

Chen Luo took out tissues and a bottle of mineral water and handed them to Mi Li. She gave him a grateful glance.

Two minutes later, Mi Li regained her composure. She looked at herself and then at Su Dazhu and Chen Luo, finally understanding why they appeared so fierce. With bloodstained clothes, she also looked intimidating.

Chen Luo offered some words of encouragement, stating that at least she had the courage to fight the zombies and didn’t falter in crucial moments.

Rice sighed and said, “You’re always so concerned about everything. Are we still going to find some dried fish or not?”

As they made their way, Chen Luo had already killed quite a few zombies in the neighborhood. There weren’t many roaming zombies left in the area.

Chen Luo drove them in his sturdy heavy truck, which provided Mi Li with a sense of security. It brought her much-needed reassurance for this mission to gather supplies.

There was a large shopping mall nearby, the only one in the vicinity. The second and third floors housed a supermarket, so there should be an abundance of resources available.

However, the primary objective was not just acquiring supplies but also building synergy and understanding with Mi Li.

Inside the truck, Chen Luo raised a precautionary question to Mi Li. “Mi Li, what should we do if we encounter survivors in the mall?”

Mi Li paused for a moment, then replied, “With your and Su Dazhu’s strength, you can kill many zombies. If there are survivors, they should be able to escape on their own at that time.”

“I’ve observed that zombies aren’t very fast, so escaping is possible for survivors. We’re not saviors; they have to rely on themselves,” Mi Li explained.

If Chen Luo and Mi Li were more familiar with each other, he would have wanted to pat her head. She was absolutely right.

It’s better to rely on oneself rather than constantly placing hope in others. Are they supposed to escort them all the way home while providing them with delicious food and drinks?

He made a mental note to have Ma Yu share her own experiences with Mi Li when they had the chance.

Soon, they arrived on the road near the shopping mall. There were several cars blocking the way.

Chen Luo observed the situation and realized that they couldn’t use the heavy truck to crush the zombies. It would be inconvenient to make a U-turn, and there were many electric scooters and uneven terrain near the mall, which could cause the truck to get stuck.

They would have to rely on manpower to kill the zombies.

Fortunately, it wasn’t the weekend, and the apocalypse broke out in the morning.

There weren’t many zombies inside the shopping mall or on the surrounding roads, and the mall itself wasn’t located in a bustling area.

The biggest value of this mall’s existence was actually to attract traffic in order to increase the property prices in the surrounding area.

Chen Luo said, “Mi Li, later you just need to enhance my strength. You don’t need to enhance Dazhu’s strength; he doesn’t need it.”

Regardless of whether Mi Li enhances Su Dazhu’s strength or not, he can still smash a zombie’s head with one strike. As for Chen Luo, as a level 3 supernatural being, his strength is not much different from Su Dazhu’s. With Mi Li’s enhancement, he can also kill a zombie with one strike.

However, if Mi Li’s energy capacity is not limited, it would be even better to also use it to enhance Su Dazhu’s strength if possible.

Chen Luo gave Mi Li two electric batons for self-defense.

Mi Li couldn’t help but feel envious as she watched Chen Luo conjure items out of thin air. Space ability is really amazing!

Chen Luo also took out a large iron rod and teamed up with Su Da to kill the zombies. The electric batons weren’t as helpful to Chen Luo anymore, and their effectiveness would diminish over time.

Mi Li was amazed as she watched Chen Luo and Su Da effortlessly kill the zombies. These two were incredibly strong. Even without me, they would easily be able to obtain the supplies here.

Suddenly, the Thunderbolt King seemed to realize something. It spat out a fist-sized thunderball that constantly flashed with silver light. The thunderball landed in the midst of a group of zombies and exploded, instantly killing four of them.

King looked smugly at Rice, as if asking, “Can you do that, little cat?”

To be honest, Rice was shocked, but as a cat, it couldn’t lose its face. It put on a disdainful expression on the surface.

Chen Luo was somewhat speechless. Could it be that the Thunderbolt King only comprehended this thunderball because it was provoked by Rice?

However, the strength wasn’t significantly stronger because the thunderball consumed more energy compared to the lightning bolt attack.

The first floor of the mall mainly sold clothing, and there were more staff members than customers. The second floor was the snack area, and the third floor was the fresh produce section, where there would likely be more zombies.

Upon reaching the second floor, Chen Luo said, “King, go and lure the zombies here, and we’ll kill them in batches.” If hundreds of zombies were to come at once, Chen Luo would have no choice but to run.

It took five minutes for Chen Luo and Su Dazhu to clean up the zombies on the second floor.

Meanwhile, Mi Li’s magic is almost completely depleted. She could only buff Chen Luo once more, and it would only last for two minutes.

Chen Luo said, “Mi Li, go and grab a bag. Pack as much as you can.”

As for Rice, it had already found the place where dried fish was stored in the snack area and was pleading with Chen Luo to open the packaging for it.

Chen Luo enticed, “Don’t worry, I have fresh fish. Come back with me, and I’ll make braised fish for you later.”

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