Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Hero Saves the Beauty

Rice was very important to Mi Li, she even dared to take a risk and snatch it from Chen Luo’s hands.

If it weren’t for Rice, Mi Li wouldn’t have easily joined Chen Luo’s team.

With a tight grip on Rice, Mi Li couldn’t escape even if she wanted to.

If Mi Li couldn’t run, hey, Mi Ling couldn’t run either.

In addition, Chen Luo also liked this cat very much. Not only was it very attractive and adorable, but it also had special abilities.

Chen Luo realized that Rice’s awakened ability was probably not as simple as being a psychic.

The ability for such unique telepathic communication couldn’t be mastered in the early stages of being a psychic.

At least, Chen Luo had never seen it before.

Chen Luo couldn’t figure out why Rice could master telepathic communication right after awakening. It was the first time he had seen something like this.

Why wouldn’t Chen Luo hold on to such a rare cat?

This cat is a food lover. It’s not easy for others to please it, but Chen Luo can easily handle it.

As expected, Rice’s eyes lit up when he heard “Braised fish.”

“Great! But I haven’t had any fish treats for a long time, I’m hungry. Let me have a little snack first.”

Chen Luo smiled and helped Rice open the package of grilled fish flakes.

Meanwhile, Mi Li started packing the supplies diligently, prioritizing candies and high-calorie foods like chocolates. At this moment, she didn’t mind the possibility of gaining weight from eating these things.

Looking at the rows of beverages, Mi Li thought for a moment and chose mineral water. Soft drinks were too sweet and didn’t quench her thirst; the more she drank, the thirstier she felt.

Suddenly, a remarkably obese figure went unnoticed by Mi Li due to the shelves blocking her view. This overweight figure moved lightly, trying to make as little noise as possible.

Coincidentally, when the plump figure descended from the third floor, the Thunderbolt King was patrolling on the other side and didn’t notice it immediately.

However, the Thunderbolt King was still the first to notice this unusual figure.

“Woof, woof!”

The Thunderbolt King anxiously issued a warning and quickly rushed towards Mi Li’s direction.

With the Thunderbolt King’s alert, Mi Li, who had her back turned to the obese figure, finally noticed the unwelcome guest.

Upon seeing its face, she instantly paled and her expression turned frightened.

This figure stood over two meters tall, with its entire body resembling a big ball of flesh, making its legs and neck almost indistinguishable.

An abnormally bloated belly occupied the majority of its body.

Its skin resembled overcooked pig intestines, full of wrinkles, and had a disturbing pale pink color.

The appearance of zombies can be quite terrifying, but compared to this obese figure, they could almost be called cute.

Such a horrifying face would leave anyone who saw it stunned.

Mi Li wanted to run, but she stumbled for a moment on the two large bags of food she was carrying.

After King issued a warning, it immediately rushed towards the scene, but Chen Luo arrived even faster than the Thunderbolt King.

It was because Rice suddenly provided a hint.

Rice, who was in the middle of eating the dried fish, suddenly stopped and spoke to Chen Luo, who was petting it.

“I have a feeling that Mi Li is in danger.”

However, Rice couldn’t convey where the danger was coming from.

Chen Luo certainly wouldn’t ignore the situation. If he didn’t know where the danger was coming from, he would go to Mi Li to find out.

The obese zombie sneered and said, “Hungry, so hungry. Let me devour you.”

Mi Li staggered to her feet and without hesitation, she hurled the two heavy bags of food at the obese zombie, then turned and ran.

Just as she started running, in her frightened state, Mi Li bumped into Chen Luo who had arrived.

Chen Luo saw the obese zombie and his pupils contracted, but he calmly said to Mi Li.

“Stay behind me, don’t be afraid, I’ve got you,” Chen Luo said.

The terrifying obese zombie approached, but upon hearing Chen Luo’s words, something strange happened. Mi Li’s heart, which had been pounding vigorously, miraculously began to calm down.

Mi Li stared blankly at the not-so-bulky shoulders standing in front of her, yet she felt an inexplicable sense of security.

Chen Luo didn’t expect to encounter another mutant here. With a probability of one in ten thousand, it wasn’t particularly surprising to come across another one, considering how many zombies he had killed.

After reaching the first level, zombies would gain a slight hint of intelligence, and as their level increased, so did their intelligence.

Chen Luo speculated that there was a virus inside the zombies, constantly evolving and gradually taking control of them.

The obese zombie before them was not an unfamiliar sight in his previous life. It was known as the Devourer, its stomach an endless abyss capable of consuming and excreting simultaneously.

The imagery was truly magnificent.

The Devourer in front of them hadn’t been constantly eating, so Chen Luo was lucky enough not to smell the nauseating odor of its excrement.

Among zombies of the same level, the Devourer was incredibly formidable, possessing great strength, defense, and the ability to use brute force attacks. It could even self-detonate at will.

The scene of its bloated body exploding with blood and flesh was sickening just to imagine.

Judging by its size, Chen Luo could tell it was a Level 3 zombie, not particularly tall but on par with Chen Luo in terms of level.

If it were another Level 3 supernatural or if Chen Luo hadn’t acquired the skills he had learned in his previous life, even facing a zombie of the same level as the Devourer would be quite troublesome.

But now, it was just a matter of a single sword strike.

The Void Sword slowly materialized in Chen Luo’s hand. At that moment, the Thunderbolt King arrived and unleashed the newly learned Thunderball behind the Devourer.

Although Thunderball had significant damage against regular zombies, it consumed a lot of energy compared to using lightning bolts.

However, it had higher single-target damage and could be somewhat useful against the obese zombie.

The Thunderball exploded behind the Devourer, injuring its back, but for the Devourer, it was far from a serious injury.

The Thunderbolt King was at Level 2, while the Devourer was a Level 3, known for its strong defense.

The Devourer turned around in anger and roared at the Thunderbolt King. Seizing this opportunity, Chen Luo swung the Void Sword at the Devourer.

There were people who could withstand Chen Luo’s invisible Void Sword, which was not particularly solid, but the Level 3 Devourer before him was not one of them.

The Devourer was cleaved in two like a tree cut by a chainsaw.

Its self-detonation ability never had a chance to be utilized as it turned into two lifeless halves.

Chen Luo turned and covered Mi Li’s eyes, whispering softly, “Don’t look, its corpse is disgusting.”

The sound of his voice seemed to have a hypnotic effect, causing Mi Li to involuntarily close her eyes.

In Mi Li’s mind, all she could think about was the moment when Chen Luo wielded the Void Sword.

It was simply… incredibly cool.

How can he be so handsome?

Just one sword and he killed that terrifying monster.

Mi Li let Chen Luo hold her hand and helped her to another place.

Opening her eyes, Mi Li couldn’t help but look at Chen Luo.

Before, when Chen Luo was fighting the zombies, covered in blood and filth, Mi Li didn’t think he was handsome. But now, she suddenly realized that Chen Luo, her big brother, was so good-looking.

Chen Luo also looked at Mi Li, and Mi Li’s face inexplicably turned red.

Chen Luo was surprised in his heart. Oh my, I didn’t expect the appearance of this Devourer to be so impactful.

Although the hero saving the beauty trope is a bit cliché, it really has a great effect.

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