Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 33

Chapter 33: I’m Going to Pet You Bald

Compared to humans, zombies had slightly impaired vision but enhanced hearing and sense of smell. It would be difficult for survivors to hide from the “Devourers.” Unless there were heavy iron doors, these formidable Devourers, who possessed strength and could use tools, would be unstoppable.

It seemed unlikely that there were any survivors left in the shopping mall. Chen Luo gently touched Mi Li’s head and said, “Mi Li, let’s form a team together in the future so that we can take care of each other.”

Blushing, Mi Li nodded in agreement. With so many supplies in the mall, it wouldn’t suit Chen Luo’s character to leave them behind. In front of Mi Li, Chen Luo used his supernatural ability to store all the desirable items on the second floor of the mall in his dimensional space.

Mi Li could be trusted. Although Chen Luo hadn’t teamed up with Mi Li in his past life, he had come into contact with her and understood her character.

Moreover, one shouldn’t refrain from collecting the supplies here just because of various concerns.

After all, the core members were already aware of the existence of the space ability to some extent.

Mi Li didn’t think too much about it; she simply gaped with her rosy little mouth, marveling at the magic of space ability.

As they reached the third floor, they didn’t encounter any more mutated creatures; only ordinary zombies were present.

It took some time to eliminate the zombies, and Chen Luo surveyed the supplies on the third floor. The vegetables were wilted but still edible.

Chen Luo decided to collect them anyway, as he could trade them with others in the future. Not everyone was as picky as he was, and even these low-grade vegetables were considered valuable in their eyes.

However, the meat couldn’t be salvaged; it had all gone bad. Without refrigeration during the summer, meat would spoil within three days.

Mi Li found the cabinet with preserved pork trotters and sniffed it, but was thoroughly disappointed—it had completely spoiled.

Such pork trotters would be considered a blessing if they only caused diarrhea.

Mi Li let out a long sigh, wondering if she would ever have the chance to eat braised pork trotters again.

Chen Luo, observing from the side, smirked silently, not directly mentioning his plan to surprise Mi Li.

Chen Luo said, “Let’s go, it’s time for us to leave.”

The supplies in the supermarket were mainly on the second and third floors, while the other floors contained clothing stores, amusement parks, restaurants, and cinemas. Mi Li nodded in agreement.

Chen Luo continued, “Mi Li, come to my place, get acquainted with the surroundings, and have dinner with me.”

If it were in normal circumstances, Mi Li would have definitely refused, but now she hesitated upon hearing his invitation.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to go, but she needed to stay at home and wait for her sister. She is worried that if her sister came back and couldn’t find her, how anxious she would be.

Rice said, “Mi Ling definitely isn’t dead. She said she have a feeling that she will come back to find me.”

Mi Li didn’t know if this was true or not, but she wanted to believe it.

Otherwise, she couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be to live in a world without her sister.

If it weren’t for running out of food at home, Mi Li would definitely choose to stay and wait for her sister.

She couldn’t possibly go out with Chen Luo.

Mi Li hesitated and said, “Chen Luo, I also want to go, but I have to wait for my sister. How about this, when my sister comes back, I’ll go with you then.”

Chen Luo had previously promised Rice to take her out for braised fish. Mi Li hesitated, but Rice couldn’t wait any longer.

Rice urged Mi Li, saying, “Didn’t you leave a note at home? Mi Ling won’t worry if she sees it. Besides, I have a feeling that Mi Ling won’t come back today.”

Only those who had a telepathic connection with Rice could hear Rice’s words. Upon hearing this, Mi Li made up her mind and asked, “Chen Luo, is your house nearby?”

Chen Luo gave her the address, and it turned out to be not far away. Mi Li said, “Alright then, but I can’t stay for too long.”

Chen Luo glanced at Mi Li and said, “If you’re willing to stay overnight, I certainly won’t refuse.”

After informing Su Dazhu and King, the group began their journey back home.

The most eager one was Rice, who had dreamed of eating fish last night.

There was nothing happier in this world than a cat eating fish.

Inside the car, Chen Luo, who was driving, couldn’t help but find it amusing to see Rice so restless and impatient.

This cat was truly extraordinary; it could sense danger. Although its current ability was still weak, it was already quite incredible.

This was something that only a supernatural with at least a level ten spiritual ability could accomplish.

But why didn’t Rice sense King biting it?

After pondering for a moment, Chen Luo had an answer. It was because King’s bite wasn’t considered dangerous at all; instead, it was a stroke of luck.

Soon, Chen Luo returned to his own home. He didn’t need Ma Yu to open the door because he had a key.

The house was pitch black, but Ma Yu, who had been paying attention to any movement at the door, quickly sensed that someone had entered the room. When she saw that it was Chen Luo and the others, she couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

But when she saw Mi Li, Ma Yu was once again shocked. How could Chen Luo bring back such a stunning beauty after going out for a while?

Chen Luo smiled and introduced, “Mi Li, this is Sister Ma Yu. You can call her Sister Yu.”

“This is Mi Li, just call her Mi Li. Calling her ‘Li Li’ doesn’t sound good,” Chen Luo added.

Mi Li politely greeted Ma Yu, saying, ” Sister  Yu.”

Rice urged, “Fish, fish, fish.”

Chen Luo chuckled and said, ” Sister Yu, let’s start cooking. Prepare a braised fish, specifically for this, well, Rice.”

Ma Yu glanced curiously at Rice. Indeed, it was a very beautiful cat, but to give it such treatment? Even King didn’t receive this kind of treatment.

Ma Yu said, “Cats shouldn’t eat overly salty food. How about I steam a fish for it instead?”

Mi Li immediately spoke up on behalf of Rice and agreed.

But Rice said to Ma Yu, “Make two, and choose the larger ones.”

Ma Yu was startled by the sudden voice in her mind. After Chen Luo explained, Ma Yu finally understood why Rice held such a high position.

Before Chen Luo returned home, Ma Yu had already started preparing the meal, and the dishes were ready. They just needed to be cooked when Chen Luo arrived.

Following Chen Luo’s request, Ma Yu first served two steamed sea bass dishes to Rice.

When the dish was placed in front of Rice, a delicious aroma filled the air.

Mi Li also liked to eat fish, but this dish was specifically made for Rice. If there were no other people around, Mi Li would definitely try to grab one for herself. However, with everyone present, she didn’t feel comfortable doing so.

She could only secretly swallow her saliva, feeling a little envious.

Mi Li couldn’t help but feel a bit upset, saying, “Wuwuwu, Rice, you don’t even give me one piece. I’ve been pampering you for nothing all this time.”

Ma Yu’s cooking skills were indeed remarkable, and the enticing aroma made Rice so excited that it felt like crying.

“Oh, heavens! I, Rice, am eating fish again, and it’s such a delicious fish!” Rice exclaimed joyfully before starting to indulge in the fish placed in its prepared dish.

Watching from the side, Mi Li couldn’t help but feel a mix of envy and frustration.

Meanwhile, while Rice was busy enjoying the fish, Chen Luo couldn’t resist the temptation and started petting Rice vigorously.

Petting a cat was enjoyable, and Chen Luo continued to do so without restraint.

Rice couldn’t help but complain, “Gently, gently! If you keep petting me like this, you’ll make me bald!”

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