Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Moving Out

In fact, Chen Luo’s space contained a variety of dishes ready to be served.

They could have started eating immediately.

However, it was clear that Ma Yu’s cooking was even more delicious, and Chen Luo had a mischievous plan in mind.

He wanted to make Rice wait a little longer so that the meal would be even more enjoyable.

But he didn’t make Rice wait for too long. Soon, the first dish, deep-fried small yellow croaker, was ready. These were the real small dried fish.

Mi Li couldn’t help but salivate, its eyes fixed on the small yellow croaker.

Rice, on the other hand, couldn’t resist and didn’t hesitate to indulge in the small dried fish, despite still having Ma Yu’s steamed sea bass to finish.

“Chen Luo, Chen Luo, you have to make these small dried fish for me tomorrow. You can pet me as much as you want in return,” exclaimed Rice.

Low EQ: Really? It’s a deal.

Chen Luo replied, “Rice, you’re so well-behaved. I’ll try my best to get whatever you want to eat.”

Moved by Chen Luo’s kindness, Rice whimpered, “Chen Luo, you’re so good to me.”

Chen Luo turned to Mi Li and said, “Mi Li, are you hungry? Have some small yellow croaker first to satisfy your hunger.”

Although Mi Li was already craving it, her good manners and upbringing made her shake her head, saying, “No, I’ll wait for Sister Ma Yu. Let’s eat together.”

Chen Luo respected Mi Li’s insistence and didn’t try to persuade further.

The remaining dishes were prepared one after another. With Su Dazhu, a big eater, around, Chen Luo always made eight dishes and one soup, with large portions, except for breakfast.

 Otherwise, it wouldn’t be enough.

Within the week, unless Chen Luo specifically requested it, Ma Yu wouldn’t repeat the same dish.

 Others had to eat whatever was available without much choice. But here, Chen Luo could have whatever he desired since all the ingredients were readily accessible.

Tonight’s dinner included deep-fried yellow croaker, celery with shredded meat, sweet and sour spare ribs, pickled fish with cabbage, braised crucian carp, stir-fried mixed vegetables, bean sprouts with vermicelli, sugar-glazed cherry tomatoes, and seaweed egg drop soup.

Mi Li was amazed by the variety of dishes.

Even before the apocalypse, Mi Li rarely had the opportunity to eat such a variety of dishes. It wasn’t because she couldn’t afford it, but rather because it would be wasteful to have so much food that couldn’t be finished.

Mi Li was moved and said, “Chen Luo, even though it’s my first visit, this is too extravagant.”

Ma Yu found it amusing. ‘Should she tell this child that this was our normal way of eating?’

Mi Li’s reaction was understandable. Wasn’t she also surprised when she first arrived?

But Chen Luo didn’t say anything, and Mi Li didn’t know what he meant, so she remained silent.

Chen Luo waved his hand and said, “It’s alright. We are teammates in this team. Let’s eat. Aren’t you hungry?”

“Let’s start.”

Chen Luo took the lead and started using his chopsticks, making Mi Li feel more at ease.

As expected, when Mi Li saw Chen Luo eating, she gathered the courage to pick up a piece of the deep-fried yellow croaker she had been longing for.

Her stomach had been growling from the enticing aroma of the fish.

As soon as the crispy and tender yellow croaker entered her mouth, a delightful sensation spread throughout her body, and Mi Li felt an impulse to shed tears of joy.

Mi Li sobbed, “It’s even more delicious than I imagined.”

Chen Luo smiled and said, “Mi Li, no need to be polite. I don’t have a habit of serving food to others. Just pick whatever you want to eat.”

After saying that, Chen Luo ate his meal heartily. The more refined he ate, the more constrained Mi Li felt. But the more generous Chen Luo was, the more relaxed Mi Li became.

Mi Li’s face blushed slightly, and she responded with a nod.

With her belly already bulging from the two steamed sea bass, Rice was rubbing her tummy with her paws to aid digestion.

Suddenly, the Enlightened King tapped Chen Luo with her paw and called out to Rice a few times.

The Enlightened King thought, Rice may be a useless fighter, but at least she can be useful as a translator.

The Enlightened King said, “Little Scrappy Cat, translate for me. Tell our owner that I’m tired of meat and tonight I want to have rice soaked in vegetable soup.”

Little Scrappy Cat? Who’s the Little Scrappy Cat?

Rice got angry. She had intended to translate and say that King wanted to eat poop, but when she heard the rest, “tired of meat?”

Rice couldn’t believe it and told Mi Li.

Mi Li widened her eyes. Tired of meat?

Is this cat speaking human language?

Oh, right, it’s not human language indeed.

Upon second thought, Mi Li felt relieved. It wasn’t strange for Chen Luo to have such abilities, given his remarkable skills.

Chen Luo personally took the large bowl of food for King, the Enlightened Dog, filled it with rice, and poured some soup over it.

Although it was a simple dish of rice soup, it was something that many people could only dream of in the current circumstances.

Mi Li’s usual portion of food was just one bowl of rice, but this time she devoured three bowls of rice without hesitation.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount she had eaten, she lowered her head, feeling a tinge of embarrassment.

Ma Yu chuckled and gently restrained Mi Li, who wanted to join in washing the dishes.

After a brief pause, Mi Li said, “Chen Luo, I’ve been here for a while now. I think it’s time for me to go back. I’m worried that my sister will be anxious if she doesn’t find me at home.”

Chen Luo nodded in agreement. However, he couldn’t let Mi Li return alone, as it would be too dangerous for her to travel alone. A

fter all, she was just a nanny with limited combat skills, capable of dealing with a maximum of two zombies.

But if he were to escort her back, what would happen if something were to occur in his absence? In the past, when Mi Li didn’t exist, it wasn’t a concern. However, with the appearance of the “Butterfly Effect,” there was a possibility of unpredictable outcomes.

Approaching Mi Li, Chen Luo valued her not only for her beauty, well, not to say it’s absolute, as any man would be attracted to an 18-year-old girl regardless of age. The most important aspect was Mi Li’s ability.

Mi Li not only possesses great innate talents but also exceptional comprehension. Some skills cannot be mastered simply by reaching a certain level.

Mi Li is the only Light Element supernatural who has mastered the Resurrection spell. Similar to Chen Luo, who possesses other Spatial Element abilities, he is the only one who has mastered Void Walk.

The importance of the Resurrection spell is self-evident, and it is crucial that Mi Li does not lose her ability.

As for Rice, to be honest, its ability is to foresee, to sense fortune and avoid misfortune. It can discern whether a target has good or evil intentions. It is also a national treasure-level ability.

With these thoughts in mind, Chen Luo made a decision to personally protect Rice and Mi Li. However, it is impossible for Mi Li to move in with him because she needs to wait for her sister.

Chen Luo also needs to wait for Mi Ling, the Blood-Red Rose Flame Princess. In that case, it would be better for him to move to their place.

With this in mind, Chen Luo suggested, “Mi Li, it doesn’t matter where I live. How about Dazhu, Sister Yu, and I move to your place? There must be unoccupied houses nearby. We can simply move there and take care of each other.”

Mi Li was initially stunned, but then she expressed tremendous joy, saying, “That’s great!” It wasn’t really about taking care of each other, but rather Chen Luo taking care of her.

Chen Luo smiled and said, “Dazhu, Sister Yu, let’s pack up. We’re getting ready to move.”

In Chen Luo’s team, he was the absolute core.

Although Ma Yu felt a bit reluctant to leave the somewhat familiar environment, she agreed without hesitation.

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