Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 35

Chapter 35:  “Damn ghost, why did it take you so long to come?”

Moving was only temporary, as Mi Li’s place was not suitable for permanent settlement, let alone as a gathering point.

With Chen Luo, the spatial ability user, moving was a breeze.

Anything that needed to be taken along could simply be thrown into the space ability.

Ma Yu packed the cooking utensils, some condiments, and household items.

Chen Luo and Su Dazhu only brought a few clothes.

In less than five minutes, Chen Luo and the others were ready.

The driver’s cabin of the heavy truck was spacious enough, accommodating the four people, a cat, and a dog without feeling crowded.

Inside the truck, Su Dazhu was engrossed in watching a drama on his phone, taking advantage of the free time to indulge in his addiction.

Curiously, Rice crouched behind Su Dazhu to watch.

A coquettish female voice came from the phone, saying, “Damn ghost, why did it take you so long to come?”This made Su Dazhu laugh foolishly.

Rice watched with great interest.

Mi Li, on the other hand, was quite envious. Her phone had long run out of battery.

Seeing Mi Li’s expression, Chen Luo took out a phone and a power bank and handed them to her.

“Take it and enjoy. There are plenty of movies, novels, and games inside. I also have a laptop here. Would you like it?”

Chen Luo had several dozen laptops, as he didn’t hold back when buying them. Nowadays, in the digital age, such things were plentiful.

Mi Li sighed and said, “Chen Luo, I feel like you’re just like Doraemon, having a treasure trove with everything in it.”

When they reached the vicinity of Mi Li’s residential area, Chen Luo hesitated about where to park the heavy truck.

After some thought, he let go of his concerns. He could park it anywhere; the heavy truck was about to lose its value soon.

Once zombies evolved to level one, they would no longer foolishly face you and let themselves be crushed.

After reaching level one, zombies, just like humans, could unleash various spells, albeit with weak power.

Although weak, they could already pose a threat to heavy trucks.

On the twentieth day after the apocalypse, zombies began to evolve sporadically.

 In fact, there are a few zombies now that have already evolved to level one because they have fed on humans.

If the survivors cannot keep up with the speed of the zombies’ strength development, you can already imagine what will happen.

Chen Luo drove the car into Mi Li’s residential area and randomly found a place to park.

Now, Mi Li no longer feared zombies. She remained completely calm even when facing them, and this change had occurred within just a few hours.

The best temporary residence happened to be the house across from Mi Li’s.

The front door of that house was tightly shut, but surprisingly, the windows were open, indicating that no one was home.

Su Dazhu easily climbed to the second floor, and with a little force, he snapped the security grille in half.

The door was locked with a key, and even if they tried from inside the house, it wouldn’t open. Since no one possessed lock-picking skills, Su Dazhu had no choice but to forcefully break it open.

Unfortunately, the door was damaged in the process.

A door may not be a very strong defense mechanism, but if someone forcefully enters, at least it serves as a warning.

Otherwise, cats, dogs, or even mice could easily enter and pose a potential threat to everyone’s safety.

Mi Li thought for a moment and said, “Why not stay at my place? I have a four-bedroom apartment, which is just enough.”

Could Chen Luo refuse?

After all, he was here to protect her.

It was already past 9 p.m., and with no electricity, Mi Li’s home was pitch black.

Chen Luo closed the curtains and took out a few battery-powered desk lamps. The light emitted by these lamps wasn’t very bright.

As Mi Li looked at the dim light, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of security. If it weren’t for Chen Luo’s presence, she wouldn’t dare to turn on any lights.

Although she was young, her sense of caution was not weak.

In the past few days, as soon as night fell, the entire room would be engulfed in darkness. Mi Li would feel hungry and thirsty, forced to sit in the darkness, wondering how she managed to get through it all.

Now, the outside world was filled with danger, but with Chen Luo by her side, Mi Li inexplicably felt a sense of peace.

Chen Luo magically produced two watermelons and smiled, saying, “Let’s have some watermelon.”

Watermelon was Mi Li’s favorite fruit.

As she looked at the watermelons, Mi Li felt like she was in a dream. Everything that had happened today seemed surreal.

She remembered encountering the terrifyingly obese zombie in the shopping mall, and Chen Luo standing like a mountain in front of her, always treating her so well.

Mi Li couldn’t help but hug Chen Luo tightly and said, “Chen Luo, I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have met you and my sister.”

Being held by Mi Li like this, Chen Luo couldn’t help but feel a flutter in his heart.

Ah, my charm is too high, I can’t help it.

I just met Mi Li today, and it’s too soon to rush things. Otherwise, my ugly side might be exposed.

Ma Yu looked at Mi Li and thought, with someone like Chen Luo, who is handsome, caring, has a good personality, and is “wealthy,” who could resist his charms? Even I might not be able to resist if he tried to charm me.

Mi Li also realized the situation and let go of Chen Luo. Her face turned red as she ate the watermelon, trying to hide her embarrassment.

After finishing the watermelon, Mi Li started arranging rooms for everyone.

“Sister Yu, you can stay in this room. It used to be for occasional guests.”

” Brother Dazhu, this room was my sister’s art studio. We can just move a bed in for you.”

Su Dazhu didn’t mind and said, “I’ll sleep on the floor. It’s cooler, and we don’t need to bother with moving a bed.”

“Brother Chen Luo, this room was my sister’s bedroom. You can stay here.”

If someone had to take the room where Mi Ling used to live, the most suitable person would be Ma Yu, but Mi Li assigned it to Chen Luo because it had the best conditions.

Everyone knows the saying “Sima Zhao’s heart is well known.”

Ma Yu didn’t tease and said it didn’t matter which room she stayed in.

Chen Luo was somewhat surprised, “I’m staying in Mi Ling’s room?”

That’s quite a good relationship.

But what if Mi Ling comes back? Where would she stay?

I don’t care. I’ll settle in first and figure it out later.

Mi Ling’s room had an overall light blue decoration, with a subtle and elegant style, and a faint fragrance in the air.

The bed was already prepared with a cool mat, and Chen Luo laid down in a comfortable spread-eagle position.

Remembering something, Chen Luo took out a crystal, washed it, and went to the living room to hand it to Mi Li.

“This is a crystal. Hold it in your hand and absorb the energy inside. Hmm, in gaming terms, it can increase your mana and level. When you feel your body can’t handle it anymore, don’t forcefully absorb it.”

Chen Luo taught Mi Li some common knowledge, and Mi Li nodded in a bewildered manner.

Not absorbing crystals doesn’t mean that the internal supernatural power cannot grow, it just won’t grow as quickly as when absorbing crystals.

Today, Mi Li used her power enhancement seven times.

If she absorbs the crystal once today and again tomorrow night, Mi Li will be able to break through to the second level.

Chen Luo returned to Mi Ling’s room and planned to start absorbing the crystal and then go to sleep.

However, to Chen Luo’s surprise, Rice was actually sitting on the bed, waiting for him.

Rice gave Chen Luo a seductive glance.

“Damn ghost, why did it take you so long to come?”

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