Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Mi Ling’s Deep Concern

Rice and King, despite their increased intelligence, had not received the nine years of compulsory education.

Their Chinese language skills were not great, as Chinese characters are vast and profound, and there were some words they didn’t understand at all.

For example:

“Have you arrived?” “Yes, I have.”

“Are you coming?” “Yes, I am!”

“Have you arrived yet?” “Not yet!”

“Still not here?” “I’m here!”

“Aren’t you coming?” “No, I can’t come.”


Rice found it amusing and didn’t understand the meaning of what she said. When she saw Chen Luo had arrived, she said it just for fun.

Chen Luo: “…”

Rice said, “Tonight, I’ll sleep with you, and tomorrow I’ll sleep with Mi Li.”

“Oh, you’re such a player, seeking all opportunities.”

Without hesitation, Chen Luo teasingly responded to Rice’s remark.

Rice was truly likable: beautiful, well-behaved, and sweet-tongued.

Although they had just met today, Chen Luo already liked Rice a lot. How much did he like her?

If Chen Luo had nothing left except a small fish snack, he would definitely choose not to eat it himself but to feed it to Rice.

Rice: “Stop tickling my belly, it’s so itchy.”

“Let me check if you’re a male or female cat. Oh, you’re a little female cat.”

After playing around with Rice for a while, Chen Luo started absorbing the crystals, and of course, Rice had her share too.

Rice, in the embrace of her brother, cultivated together.

To Chen Luo’s slight surprise, Rice was able to absorb eight crystals, slightly lower than King.

Tomorrow, he would ask Mi Li how many she could absorb.

After Chen Luo finished absorbing, he sensed that it would take about six or seven days for him to reach the fourth level.

By then, the lowest-level crystals would be useless to him.

At night, Rice slept by Chen Luo’s hand, curling up into a ball.

 If it weren’t for Chen Luo resisting, Rice would have insisted on pressing firmly against his belly to sleep.

How can anyone sleep like this?

The next day, the earliest person to wake up was Ma Yu. She had to take charge of making breakfast. The breakfast consisted of homemade steamed pork buns, tea eggs, porridge, and shredded cucumber as a side dish. Well, one couldn’t expect too much, after all, it was the apocalypse.

Chen Luo yawned and sat at the dining table. After finishing the meal, Ma Yu naturally took care of cleaning up. The feeling of having food readily available was truly wonderful.

Chen Luo asked, “Mi Li, how many crystals can you absorb?”

Mi Li replied, “Nine crystals. Is that a bit too few?”

King, who was eating the large pork bun, thought that it was indeed a bit too few, one less than a dog.

Chen Luo smiled and said, “Being able to absorb nine crystals at the first level is already top-notch.”

After breakfast, it was time to play, of course. Why not?

Chen Luo took out the rechargeable batteries and study materials he had bought and connected the electricity in Mi Li’s house to the batteries. Now the refrigerator and television could be used.

However, they decided against using the air conditioner since the one in Mi Li’s house was not a silent one.

Su Dazhu was still engrossed in his TV drama, while Chen Luo brought out a desktop computer and started playing a AAA game on it.

In terms of gaming experience, a desktop computer is indeed better.

To be honest, the enjoyment of many single-player games is not inferior to that of online games.

The advantage of single-player games is that they don’t require an internet connection.

A large-scale game can provide Chen Luo with at least a month of entertainment.

And Chen Luo is capable of copying all the games available in the market, with thousands of game discs in his collection.

Sometimes Mi Li watches Chen Luo play, sometimes she chats with Ma Yu, and other times she looks at her phone.

However, she occasionally glances out the window, thinking about Mi Ling.

If her sister can return safely, she wouldn’t ask for anything more.

Mi Li is a third-year high school student, and early June is the time for the college entrance examination. Mi Li chose to study at home instead of going to school.

Mi Ling’s university is located locally, but she still has a dormitory on campus because the distance between school and home is too far. One is in the east of the city, and the other is in the west. It would take four to five hours commuting back and forth every day.

If she has fewer classes, she chooses to go home, but if the schedule is packed, she has to stay on campus.

When the apocalypse broke out, it happened just after 9 o’clock, right after a class ended. Mi Ling went to the restroom. If it had occurred during class time, being in a crowded area would have put her at high risk.

When the zombies attacked, Mi Ling panicked as well. However, taking advantage of the zombies feeding, she managed to escape from the teaching building and hide in a small forest on campus.

Although the university town is located in the outskirts and has some distance from the city center, with five major universities clustered together, along with nearby small businesses and residential areas, there is no shortage of zombies in the vicinity.

In the small forest, Mi Ling happened to awaken her fire-based supernatural ability. However, she felt no joy but instead worried about the safety of her sister, Mi Li, at home.

Mi Li turning into a zombie or encountering danger is uncertain at the moment. However, Mi Ling is extremely worried and wishes she could grow wings and fly back home immediately.

It’s worth mentioning Mi Ling’s skillset. Being dependent on each other, she and her sister are two vulnerable young women, and they are also quite beautiful. Without means of self-defense, it would be too dangerous for them.

Mi Ling has learned self-defense techniques through hard work and possesses impressive skills. Before the apocalypse, she didn’t have any supernatural abilities. If Chen Luo had encountered Mi Ling during that time, he would probably have been beaten up.

Mi Ling reminds herself not to panic. She wants her sister to be safe, and rushing back home without a plan could jeopardize that.

After two days, Mi Ling, armed with her self-defense skills and supernatural abilities, finally finds an opportunity to escape from the school.

Her goal is to reach home. Instead of taking a direct route through numerous crowded areas, which would be a death sentence, Mi Ling plans to take a long detour from outside the city to safely return home.

The detour route spans over 300 kilometers.

As Mi Ling leaves the school, she encounters four classmates, three boys and one girl. Naturally, they recognize Mi Ling, the school’s beauty queen.

Mi Ling’s stunning beauty and her alluring figure have attracted numerous admirers. These four classmates also want to escape from the school, which is infested with zombies, and they don’t have a specific destination in mind. When they learn that Mi Ling is heading home, they naturally want to accompany her.

Mi Ling didn’t refuse their company. She realized that having more people by her side will increase their chances of reaching home safely. Moreover, she lacks confidence in her ability to make the journey alone.

The journey has been filled with anxiety beyond Mi Ling’s imagination.

The small car she found is not as robust as Chen Luo’s heavy-duty truck. Whenever they encounter traffic congestion, they have to get out of the car and manually move it aside. The roads outside the city are not completely deserted; there are some vehicles, and where there are vehicles, there are also zombies.

Mi Ling is not like the Blood-Red Rose Flame Princess from the future. Even though she advanced to Level 2 a few days after the apocalypse started, she still cannot handle multiple zombies.

After dealing with them, she needs to rest and replenish her energy, otherwise she won’t be able to use her abilities. Fighting zombies barehanded? Not a feasible option.

The four classmates can’t provide much assistance; in addition, they have to divide their limited food among themselves.

Unfortunately, they lost two of their members, a boy and a girl, along the way. Only Zhang Zhen and Wang Xinwu remains.

Mi Ling has to constantly be on guard for their safety, and it’s truly exhausting. Without a navigation system, the three of them have actually taken the wrong path…

Throughout the journey, Mi Ling suffered from lack of food and water, with her thoughts constantly consumed by worries for Mi Li.

At one point, Mi Ling went without food for an entire day. In her sorrow, she thought to herself, “If I am struggling like this, how is Mi Li, the delicate one, faring? Has she starved to death at home, or did she encounter danger while searching for supplies?” These thoughts haunted Mi Ling, leading her to have frequent nightmares.

If Mi Li heard her, she would have said: ‘You’re thinking too much! I’m actually eating better than when we were at home before the apocalypse.’

Their home was within sight, but there was still a challenging path through the city to traverse. Mi Ling prayed in her heart, “Mi Li, if you’re still alive, hold on. Sister have a piece of chocolate specifically saved for you.”

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