Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 38

Chapter 38: A Living Dog

They could easily find some rooms where the residents turned into zombies and gather some rice to sustain themselves temporarily.

Chen Luo snorted lightly, thinking, ‘Of course, there’s plenty of food to eat, more than you can count. But if you want those delicious ones, you have to listen to me, Mi Ling, stick with me, and call me ‘Big Brother’.

Chen Luo shouted loudly, “Sister Yu, isn’t there some rice left at home? Cook some.”

After all, we can’t let Mi Li’s sister starve to death. He would give them some rice to eat.

Ma Yu, couldn’t have been unaware of what was happening downstairs, but she hadn’t come down. Upon hearing Chen Luo’s words, she was momentarily taken aback.

“Weren’t we planning to have a barbecue?” she asked. But being quick-witted, she instantly understood what Chen Luo meant.

Ma Yu nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll cook some.”

There was another woman in the house?

Mi Ling felt somewhat relieved by this.

“But don’t rinse the rice. It would waste water.” Chen Luo reminded her

Normally, Chen Luo and the others would rinse the rice before cooking it.

But for Mi Ling and her companions, was it necessary? No, it wasn’t. Just having something to eat was already good enough, considering Mi Li’s face.

Ma Yu chuckled, realizing that there was no need to rinse the rice. At most, it would be slightly dirty, but it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Upon hearing the mention of water, Zhang Zhen and Wang Xinwu suddenly realized how parched their throats had become.

 Throughout their journey, not only food but also water had been a major issue. Coupled with the scorching weather, both of them felt like they were on the verge of exhaustion.

At that moment, they have already reached of Mi Li’s house. Zhang Zhen and Wang Xinwu were eager to drink water.

They headed straight for the kitchen and saw Ma Yu holding buckets of purified water, pouring them into the rice cooker.

Without hesitation, Zhang Zhen snatched the bucket from Ma Yu’s hands, which still had one-third of the water remaining, and hugged it tightly. He drank from the opening of the bucket voraciously.

If it weren’t for Wang Xinwu’s continuous urging, Zhang Zhen would have finished drinking in just half a minute.

Wang Xinwu didn’t mind Zhang Zhen’s saliva and took the bucket, hugging it and drinking.

Ma Yu watched the two of them, looking like beggars as they drank straight from the bucket, and instantly felt disgusted with them.

Ma Yu angrily exclaimed, “There are ready-made bowls here. Can’t you pour the water into the bowls and drink? What about other people if you drink like this?”

Zhang Zhen shrugged indifferently and said, “Sorry about that. We were just really thirsty. Don’t worry, we’re not sick.”

However, Wang Xinwu expressed his dissatisfaction, saying, “You guys sit at home without going out under the scorching sun, of course you’re not thirsty. Do you know how much we’ve suffered on our way here?”

Zhang Zhen chimed in, “Yeah, yeah, try to understand. We won’t do it like this next time.”

Ma Yu had a cold expression on her face. Why should she understand them? She didn’t care how much they had suffered. It wasn’t her who made them suffer.

Mi Ling shook her head and didn’t bother saying much. After finishing the meal, everyone  will go their separate ways.

Mi Li felt sorry for her sister and handed her the remaining half of the nutritional drink she had barely consumed.

Mi Ling was also thirsty and drank half of it, but she felt even thirstier afterwards.

It’s better to leave more of this delicious drink for Mi Li.”

Wang Xinwu and Zhang Zhen, feeling satisfied after quenching their thirst, walked out of the kitchen and surveyed the environment. They were quite pleased.

It was no wonder it was the home of the campus belle. Not only was it spacious, but the decoration also had a lot of style.

However, there was one unfortunate thing – there was another man present.

Suddenly, Zhang Zhen froze, his eyes fixated on the  Thunderbolt King, lying under the sofa.

A dog.

A living dog.

It had been over half a month since they last had a proper meal. They had only eaten some junk fast food – either instant noodles or snacks like bread, potato chips, and biscuits – and it wasn’t enough to fill their stomachs.

Their hunger had become unbearable.

As the saying goes, “Three boils of dog meat make even a deity’s legs tremble.”

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