Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Are You Finished Eating? Then Let’s Start the Meal

Zhang Zhen, influenced by his elders, often consumed dog meat.

Especially in the form of dog meat hot pot, it was considered a supreme delicacy before the apocalypse.

Now, the temptation of the Thunderbolt King (the dog) was even greater than that of Mi Ling and Mi Li.

Wang Xinwu was no better than Zhang Zhen in resisting the sight of fresh meat.

Who could resist the allure of fresh meat all of a sudden?

But obviously, King was lazily lying under the sofa, not a meat dog confined in a cage, but a pet dog owned by someone.

Zhang Zhen pointed at the Thunderbolt King and asked, “Whose dog is this?”

Chen Luo chuckled and said, “It’s mine.”

Chen Luo could guess what the two of them were thinking.

Zhang Zhen frowned and said in a calm tone, “Brother, not to criticize you, but I don’t think you realize how chaotic the outside world has become, do you?”

“It’s already difficult for people to survive, so how can we feed the dog with our food?”

“Just now you mentioned that there’s a little bit of rice left at home. What will we do after we finish it?”

“Listen, brother, let me advise you. Stew this dog. Not only will it save food, but it will also fill our stomachs.”

Upon hearing this, King instantly stood up from under the sofa and glared angrily at the two of them.

Did I eat your rice and braised pork? Did I waste your food?

King let out a fierce growl, waiting for Chen Luo’s command to bite the two of them to death.

Wang Xinwu pointed at King in shock and said, “This dog is too aggressive. It looks like it would bite people. We must stew it. What if it harms Mi Li?”

Zhang Zhen said, “Although I haven’t killed a dog before, I’ve killed countless zombies. Am I supposed to be afraid of a dog? I’ll kill this dog, and you can wait to eat.”

Chen Luo’s face, which was originally filled with a smile, instantly turned cold. “Indeed, there’s no extra food to feed dogs, but it’s you two dogs who should get out.”

Zhang Zhen became furious. “Kid, watch your words. Have you ever fought against zombies alone? Let me tell you, I’ve smashed numerous zombies with a brick.”

Chen Luo was taken aback. Fought against zombies? He hadn’t actually done that.

Chen Luo shook his head.

Zhang Zhen sneered, knowing that Chen Luo was just a sheltered person who only dared to stay at home.

He then turned to Mi Ling and said, “Mi Ling, how much hardship have we endured and how many dangers have we faced while coming here with you?”

“Do you not know how difficult it is for people to survive? This kid is wasting food by feeding it to the dog, isn’t that a waste?” Wang Xinwu interjected, “You’ve personally experienced what we’ve eaten and drunk on this journey. You know how much we’ve suffered. Can’t we improve our meals by eating the dog together?”

“We’re not eating alone, we’ll share it.”

Mi Ling felt mentally exhausted. She had repeated these words so many times. Didn’t they understand the original purpose and the effort they had put in along the way?

Mi Ling became impatient. She had initially planned to finish the meal and part ways, but now she suggested they all go their separate ways.

“You can find an empty house in the neighborhood and live there on your own. From now on, everyone should fend for themselves without interfering with each other.”

Part ways?

Zhang Zhen and Wang Xinwu were initially taken aback, but soon they became angry.

 “Mi Ling, do you have no conscience? I took such great risks to help you find your sister. Now that we’ve found her, you’re ready to abandon us. Do you have no conscience?”

“I didn’t expect you to have such a beautiful appearance but such a cruel heart,” Zhang Zhen exclaimed.

Mi Ling didn’t bother to refute their words and nodded continuously, “Yes, yes, my heart is indeed that ruthless and cruel. Are you done with your insults? If you’re done, then just leave.”

Due to her stunning looks and assertive figure, Mi Ling had become the target of jealousy and desire for many people. They fueled rumors and spoke ill of her.

Countless rumors circulated, such as being a kept woman, having undergone plastic surgery, or being a third party in relationships.

Moreover, relying solely on her sister for companionship, if Mi Ling’s inner strength wasn’t strong, she would have crumbled long ago.

It’s not that Mi Ling doesn’t understand the concept of gratitude, but it’s just… sigh, it hurts her heart.

In the end, who was protecting whom during our journey?

Without you two, my life wouldn’t have been so difficult.

Mi Ling didn’t argue back; instead, she directly acknowledged it, leaving Zhang Zhen and Wang Xinwu at a loss for words.

They were dumbfounded.

Mi Ling coldly said, “Hurry up and leave, or else I, who can be ruthless and merciless, won’t show any mercy.”

Zhang Zhen was so angry that he was about to raise his hand to slap Mi Ling, but then he realized that neither he nor Wang Xinwu stood a chance against her.

On the way, five survivors took an interest when they saw Mi Ling’s appearance, they were all ready to make a move on her. However, unexpectedly, Mi Ling swiftly took care of the five people, resolving the situation.

Wang Xinwu nodded and said, “Alright, Mi Ling, you’re ruthless. We’ll see how it goes.”

Just the five of them couldn’t handle the situation as there were two women, two men, and a dog in the house. However, Mi Ling was not afraid to kill.

But they were fools, daring to speak harshly before leaving.

Chen Luo patted the head of the Thunderbolt King  and gestured with his mouth towards the direction of the two individuals.

He whispered, “Let them go far away, otherwise we’ll have to deal with their corpses.”

The Thunderbolt King  hurriedly followed the two individuals downstairs.

Mi Ling still wasn’t ruthless enough, clearly harboring enmity towards these two people, yet hesitating to take decisive action.

Mi Ling looked at the Thunderbolt King  with suspicion.

Was he delivering them as dog meat? As the Thunderbolt King  descended the stairs, he saw the two individuals entering the adjacent unit.

 Well, there was no other way, he would just eliminate them directly. Biting them with his mouth was truly disgusting.

Wang Xinwu angrily said, “This bitch, if we don’t kill her, I will never be at peace.”

  Zhang Zhen nodded in agreement.

  Suddenly, they heard some commotion behind them and were pleasantly surprised to see that the Dog Meat had arrived.

  Even if they couldn’t handle Mi Ling, they could at least handle a dog, right?

  But wait…

  How could this dog use magic?

  Zhang Zhen and Wang Xinwu also awakened their special abilities, after all, it had been more than ten days since the apocalypse began; one was a physical ability and the other was ice-based.

But they were both just level 1 beginners in their awakened abilities.

  The Thunderbolt King opened his mouth and a Thunderball shot towards the two of them.

  The Thunderball  exploded near the two of them.

  The Thunderbolt King was at the peak of level 2 and was about to break through to level 3. He was furious and gathered a lot of power in a Thunderball.

  The two individuals standing together were instantly blown up.

  Hello, goodbye.

  The Thunderbolt King sneered, With such limited abilities, you still wanted to eat dog meat?

Everyone watched as Mi Ling ate, and Mi Li’s heart ached for her sister, feeling sorry for her.

  Setting down her chopsticks, Mi Ling looked satisfied and said, “I’m sorry, I ate a bit more, but don’t worry, with me around, getting food won’t be difficult.”

  Mi Ling planned to go door to door and find some rice and flour, making sure that Mi Li wouldn’t go hungry.

  For how much Mi Li had eaten of Chen Luo’s food, she would repay it twofold.

  Chen Luo nodded and said, “Are you finished eating? Then let’s start our meal.”

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