Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 40

Chapter 40:  All for the Sake of Your Sister

Hmph, Mi Ling has to be as obedient as Mi Li and call him “big brother,” only then will Chen Luo take her along to enjoy the good things in life.

Otherwise, I won’t mistreat you either, you’ll just have to eat rice every day.

You’re not part of our group yet!

With Mi Ling’s abilities, even if Chen Luo doesn’t provide for her, she can still find rice and flour on her own. It’s just that there isn’t much time on the way for her to do so.

Mi Ling was taken aback, “You haven’t eaten yet?”

Mi Ling’s face turned red, “I’m sorry, I think I ate everyone’s meal. Is there enough rice left? If not, I can go and find some now.”

Ma Yu sneered in secret, is that little bit of rice even enough to fill a gap between teeth?

It’s the kind that hasn’t been sifted, even Chen Luo wouldn’t eat it.

Chen Luo waved his hand, “No need, we have plenty of food.”

” Sister Yu, come here, let me tell you which dishes to prepare.”

Chen Luo went to the refrigerator and placed the ingredients for today’s lunch inside.

“Sister Yu, let’s skip the barbecue for now. Today, we’ll make Mapo Tofu, Hand-Shredded Cabbage, Hot and Sour Potato Shreds, Boiled Sliced Pork in Spicy Sauce, Spicy Diced Chicken, Braised King Prawns, Spicy Crabs, and Beef with Chinese Cabbage.”

“For soup, let’s make a Tomato Egg Soup.”

Ma Yu nodded, “But if we cook them on short notice, it will take at least an hour to finish all these dishes.”

Chen Luo laughed, “No problem, we’ll take it one dish at a time.”

Cooking was Ma Yu’s task, and she didn’t mind making as many dishes as possible. She was happy to pass the time that way.

Chen Luo then turned to Mi Li and said, ” Mi Li, come with me to your room. I have something to discuss with you.”

Mi Li responded with an “Oh” and obediently stood up from the sofa, following Chen Luo to her room.

Mi Ling frowned, realizing that a man and a woman were alone in one room.

But there’s no way Chen Luo would try anything inappropriate with my sister while I’m around, right?

If he had such intentions, he would have done it long ago and wouldn’t have waited for this moment.

Later, I’ll find some time to talk to Mi Li and get to know this so-called “big brother” Chen Luo.

Chen Luo led Mi Li to the balcony attached to the room.

Mi Li stood in the corner, while Chen Luo leaned against the wall, engaging in a conversation with her in a posture that resembled a “wall slam.”

Mi Li couldn’t help but blush.

Chen Luo said, ” Mi Li, when you’re with big brother, do you never have to worry about food or drink? You can eat whatever you want, right?”

Mi Li nodded.

“And when you’re with big brother, do you feel safe and have no need to be afraid at all?”

Mi Li nodded again.

Chen Luo smiled and gently patted Mi Li’s head. “Because Mi Li is obedient, well-behaved, and capable, that’s why big brother is good to you. But what about your sister? Will she listen to me?”

Mi Li immediately started to think. Her sister has always been independent and doesn’t know Chen Luo well, so it’s highly likely that she won’t listen to him.

Chen Luo continued, “Mi Li, let me ask you, between me and your sister, if we had to choose a leader, who do you think could better lead us all to survive?”

Mi Li didn’t need to think twice about this question. “Of course, it’s you, big brother Chen Luo.”

Her sister rushed back from school, going through hardships, and devoured three bowls of rice, even the rice that hadn’t been sifted, as if she were starving.

Mi Li felt distressed thinking about it.

On the other hand even Brother Chen Luo’s pet Dog  grew tired of eating meat.

Her sister couldn’t even compare to Thunderbolt King in terms of survival skills. No, there’s no comparison.

Since she met Chen Luo, she hasn’t gone hungry anymore.

If her sister can’t even take care of herself, how can she lead everyone?

So, is there any need to think about this question?

If Mi Ling knew what Mi Li was thinking, she would probably be furious.

Chen Luo laughed heartily, “So, we must first deal with your sister, um…”

Chen Luo initially wanted to say something about obedience and training, but it seemed a bit too wicked.

“Um, make her obey me. Otherwise, in a critical moment, if there’s a dispute between me and your sister, causing irreparable consequences due to a divergence of opinions, it will be too late.”

Mi Li nodded solemnly, “Yes, we must make my sister listen to you.”

Chen Luo smiled and said, “Until your sister obeys me, I won’t share my resources with her. Otherwise, she would be consuming my food and drink while resisting me. That wouldn’t be fair, right?”

Mi Li found it very reasonable.

Chen Luo patted Mi Li’s shoulder approvingly, “So, let her watch us eat later. Whenever she listens, we’ll give her some food. Remember, we’re doing this for her own good.”

Mi Li agreed, “This is for my sister’s sake.”

Chen Luo’s plan was successfully executed, and he left the room with Mi Li.

At this moment, Mi Ling began to sense that something was amiss. Why was there such a delicious aroma coming from the kitchen?

Seeing Ma Yu taking things out of the refrigerator one by one and glancing at the connected power supply, Mi Ling suddenly realized that the refrigerator was still functional.

Ma Yu glanced at Mi Ling, realizing that Chen Luo had said not to give her food, but he didn’t say anything about not letting her watch.

It seemed like this was intentionally done to make her watch, as he would normally close the kitchen door to prevent the smell of oil from spreading.

Mi Ling exclaimed in shock, “Why are you taking so many things? How many dishes are you planning to make? We don’t need to live so extravagantly. Just stir-frying one dish is enough, trust me. If you keep eating like this, you won’t be able to have these dishes in the future.”

Ma Yu responded, “Chen Luo instructed me to prepare them. It’s not up to me to decide how many to make.”

Mi Ling hurriedly ran to Chen Luo and said, “Chen Luo, this is too wasteful. Even if we can finish it all, we can’t eat like this. What will we eat tomorrow?”

Chen Luo chuckled, “Today is a special occasion for you and Mi Li’s reunion. Mi Li is happy, so we must celebrate.”

Mi Ling was taken aback, “But still, it’s too extravagant.”

Chen Luo waved his hand, “These are my things, you don’t need to worry about it.”

Seeing that her persuasion was futile, Mi Ling decided not to argue further.

However, Mi Ling secretly regretted eating too quickly earlier. Although she was craving the food, her stomach probably couldn’t handle much more.

They wouldn’t be able to finish all these dishes. Many of them seemed to be dishes that she liked. It had been a long time since she had smelled the spicy aroma of chili.

This Chen Luo was quite thoughtful, willing to bring out so many delicious dishes to celebrate Mi Ling and Mi Li’s reunion.

First came the Mapo Tofu and the Water-boiled Sliced Pork, filling the living room with a fragrant and numbing taste.

Ma Yu’s cooking skills were hard to come by even before the apocalypse, let alone now.

Mi Ling could only take a sniff, and her mouth subconsciously started to water again. Her stomach unexpectedly started to growl with hunger. Seizing the moment when no one was paying attention, Mi Ling couldn’t help but swallow her saliva forcefully.

Everyone was patiently waiting for all the dishes to be served before they started eating, just like a usual gathering. They played with their phones and chatted, patiently awaiting the feast.

Mi Ling kept reminding herself not to be impatient, reassuring herself that these dishes couldn’t sprout wings and fly away.

With the speed at which the dishes were being served, she would be able to enjoy them soon enough. If any zombies dared to cause trouble, she would personally take care of them.

Finally, all eight dishes were served, and only the soup remained. Mi Ling was already restless, but she tried to maintain an appearance of nonchalance, as if she wasn’t craving or in a hurry to eat.

Chen Luo took out four bottles of cold tea drinks from the refrigerator and placed them on the table. Mi Ling found it strange. There were five people, so shouldn’t there be five bottles? Were they running out?

“Well, I won’t drink then. I can just focus on eating the dishes,” Mi Ling thought to herself, deciding to forgo the drink.

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