Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 41

Chapter 41:  Who Will Have the Last Laugh

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Mi Ling had finally reached the moment of the meal. Even if there was nothing to eat tomorrow, it didn’t matter. At least this meal would be satisfying.

Carpe diem, seize the day; let tomorrow’s troubles come when they may.

“It’s time to eat,” Chen Luo announced.

He glanced at Mi Ling in a puzzled manner and asked, “Why are you sitting here?”

Mi Ling responded with equal puzzlement, “Does it matter where I sit?”

“I’m not sitting on your lap. I’m sitting next to Mi Li. Is there a problem with that?” she retorted.

Knowing what would happen next, Mi Li realized that her sister would be desperately craving the food but unable to eat it.

Mi Li couldn’t bear it, but she understood that it was all for the sake of her sister. She would have to endure the hardship for now.

Chen Luo is a kind person. Sister, please bear with it.

Chen Luo cleared his throat and said, “We’re about to have our meal, and it might not be appropriate for you to sit here. If you’re willing to watch us eat, you can stay here.”

Mi Ling was stunned and exclaimed, “What do you mean, there’s no portion for me?”

Chen Luo looked surprised and said, “Why do you think there is a portion for you? Haven’t you eaten already?”

Mi Ling couldn’t believe it and said, “You said before that it was to celebrate my reunion with Mi Li. “

Chen Luo nodded, “Yes, but I didn’t say I would bring you. Everyone at this table, except you, is my people.”

“Only my people can eat the delicacies I risked my life to bring.”

Chen Luo turned to Mi Li and said, “Mi Li, are you my people? Call me brother.”

Mi Li blushed and lowered her head, “Yes, I am Brother Chen Luo’s people.”

“What about Dazhu?”

Su Dazhu nodded and said, “Through thick and thin, brother, I’m with you.”

Is this showing loyalty?

Ma Yu quickly said, “Chen Luo, you rescued me. I can never repay this favor.”

The Thunderbolt King barked loudly, indicating that he is also a loyal follower.

When it comes to deep-fried small fish, whenever Rice wants to eat it, Chen Luo will have Ma Yu fry it fresh. This dish is only delicious when freshly fried.

Rice, who was eating the small fish, unwilling to be outdone immediately set it aside and pounded his chest with his paws, showing his determination and said:

“I will live and die with Chen Luo.”

Chen Luo smiled and said, “You see, everyone at this table is either my person or my dog, my cat. They are all in this with me, so I’m willing to share with them.”

“But what about you? You don’t have the qualification to eat together with us.”

“Unless you also show obedience, call me brother, and stick with me, only then can you join.”

Obey and call him brother?

Mi Ling stood up in anger and embarrassment.

“Chen Luo, don’t push me too far. Do you think you can humiliate me like this over a meal?”

“Let me tell you, I, Mi Ling, won’t settle for scraps.”

Mi Ling sat angrily on the sofa in the living room, growing more and more upset.

Isn’t this clearly playing tricks on me?

Oh, without saying anything beforehand, they’re getting ready to eat, and then they tell me I can’t eat.

What’s so great about a meal anyway?

‘Is it that I, Mi Ling, haven’t eaten or that I can’t resist the temptation?’

‘Should I kick them out?’

Mi Ling thought with a mischievous air, ‘this is my home.’

But Mi Ling quickly dismissed the idea.

Chen Luo may be a real dog, but I, Mi Ling, can still distinguish between gratitude and grudges.

Chen Luo took care of Mi Li, so Mi Ling couldn’t retaliate in this way, as it would make her appear petty and powerless.

‘Damn it’, the enticing aroma of Sichuan cuisine keeps tempting Mi Ling. Normally, Mi Ling wouldn’t care, but considering what they’ve been eating for the past half month, it’s hard to resist.

Seeing that Rice kept eating greasy dried fish, Mi Ling furrowed their brow and said, “Rice, don’t always eat those greasy foods. They’re not good for your digestive system.”

Rice licked the oil off her lips and responded, “Right, right, right. Just eating plain rice or junk food is good for your body. You should focus more on yourself.”

Ouch, that hit close to home.

This statement dealt a critical hit of 10,000 points to Mi Ling, causing her mouth to twitch and chest to ache from anger.

What infuriated Mi Ling even more was that Chen Luo treated her this way, while her own younger sister, Mi Li, sat there and ate without saying a word in her defense.

They didn’t seem to be on the same side at all.

Are you still my sister or not?

My rice, my little Mi Li, they have all betrayed me.

  Mi Ling couldn’t believe that after all the hardships she went through to come back home, this is the scene of “everyone betraying her.”

  Chen Luo praised, “Sister Yu, this Kung Pao Chicken is delicious. Come on, Mi Li, try this Spicy Crab, it’s also really good.”

Unable to stay in the living room any longer and unable to bear the aroma of the food, Mi Ling returned to her own room with a cold face.

Upon entering the room, Mi Ling felt another pang in her chest because there was a man’s pants on the bed.

Whose pants are these?

They must be Chen Luo’s, right?

After thinking for a moment, it must be Chen Luo’s.

Ah! Mi Li, you’ve really done it. You let a man stay in your sister’s room.

Mi Ling clenched her fists and gritted her teeth, saying, “I’ll endure it, for the sake of you taking care of my sister.”

Mi Ling packed up her clothes and belongings. Luckily, there were no signs of tampering with her personal items in the wardrobe.

Although Chen Luo acted like a dog, he wasn’t a pervert.

Mi Ling decided to move to Mi Li’s room and live together. When the opportunity arose, she wanted to ask her.

‘Mi Li, whose sister are you really?’

Just when she returned home, she had a falling out with Zhang Zhen and Wang Xinwu.

Even after devouring three bowls of rice, she was still once again tempted by the food, making Mi Ling feel uncomfortable all over.

It had been over half a month since Mi Ling last took a shower, and she was starting to feel a bit smelly.

She decided it was time to take a bath, even though there were unfamiliar people in the house.

She had a shower in her room, but she realized that the body wash seemed to be gone. So she went to the bathroom outside to get some body wash.

When Mi Li saw her, she couldn’t help but express her concern, saying, “Sister, brother Chen Luo said it’s okay to take a shower, as long as you don’t let the water enter your mouth.”

Mi Ling let out a disdainful hum upon realizing that they suddenly cared about her.

She locked the door before starting her bath. As she washed, she couldn’t help but wonder why she had become so isolated.

Regarding Rice’s behavior, it could be somewhat understandable; after all, they say that cats are cunning. But what about Mi Li?

Surely she wouldn’t betray her sister for the sake of food, right?

A thought made a smile creep onto Mi Ling’s face. At this rate of indulgence, in just three days, they would have no choice but to eat plain rice or flour, just like her.

‘When that time comes, Rice will obediently return to my embrace.’

‘Mi Li, after all, is my own sister. She wouldn’t run off with someone else. Once I uncover Chen Luo’s Plot and make Mi Li understand, she will stand by my side’.

‘We do have a refrigerator at home, but how much can it hold? The supermarkets outside may have supplies, even meat and fruits and vegetables, but the electricity there is out, and any perishables would have spoiled by now.’

Just wait and see who will have the last laugh.

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