Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Let’s Have a Showdown

After finishing the meal, Chen Luo brought out some grapes to share with everyone.

“Come and have some grapes,” he said.

The grapes were deep purple, large, and sweet.

Chen Luo intentionally spoke loudly, and even in her room, Mi Ling could hear him.


Those were Mi Ling’s favorite fruits.

She swallowed her saliva, but pretended to be disdainful, thinking that they were probably frozen grapes that had been stored for who knows how long, no longer fresh and not tasty.

After taking a shower, Mi Ling changed into a black homey long dress, revealing her naturally fair skin and captivating beauty.

Mi Ling took a deep breath, feeling much more comfortable all over her body except for her hungry stomach.

She began to pack her belongings, preparing to move to Mi Li’s room.

Once she finished packing, Mi Ling walked out of her room.

In the living room, Ma Yu was surprised to see Mi Ling. She hadn’t realized that Mi Ling was so beautiful.

Especially her figure, it was hard for Ma Yu, as a woman, to resist stealing a few more glances.

Chen Luo couldn’t help but steal a few glances as well. Her figure was so enticing that it evoked an irresistible impulse in him.

Chen Luo continued to play his game while muttering to himself.

“Eating grapes without spitting out the skin, not eating grapes and spitting out the skin.”

Mi Ling frowned. Chen Luo was quite carefree, indeed.

What abilities does he possess to obtain these resources, and what kind of tricks did he use to enchant Mi Li?

Mi Ling said, “Mi Li, come with me to your room.”

Mi Li nodded and followed Mi Ling into her room.

Mi Li also wanted to persuade Mi Ling to listen to Chen Luo’s words earlier.

Once inside the room, Mi Ling locked the door and then pinned Mi Li down on the bed.

Her hands were not idle, lightly but firmly gripping Mi Li’s waist.

Mi Ling said fiercely, “Well, Mi Li, after rushing back from school, you betrayed your sister and conspired with an outsider to anger your sister.”

“Tell me, what’s going on? Why didn’t you speak up for your sister just now?” Mi Ling demanded, her grip tightening on Mi Li’s waist.

Mi Li pleaded for mercy while trying to persuade her sister.

“Sister, if we’re a team, we need a leader to avoid disagreements at critical moments. And the best candidate for that role is Chen Luo,” Mi Li explained.

“Chen Luo is afraid that you won’t listen, so he deliberately acted this way towards you. He discussed it with me beforehand, and I also think it makes sense.”

Mi Ling was initially stunned, then sneered, “Have you been brainwashed? As long as he demonstrates enough capability, I will naturally listen to him.”

“But he chose to use such low tactics, it’s simply ridiculous to think that a meal can make me submit.”

“Whether he is capable or not, it has to be proven through actual actions.”

“Besides, didn’t you hear him? He wants me to call him ‘brother,’ but he might not be older than me, right?”

Mi Li completely missed the point, or rather, she was convinced deep down that Chen Luo was the most suitable candidate for the team leader.

Mi Ling is completely incomparable to Chen Luo.

Mi Li opened the door and quietly asked Chen Luo, “Brother Chen Luo, what’s your birthday? I also think that if my sister is older than you, it would be difficult for her to call you ‘brother,’ right?”

Chen Luo found it amusing in his heart. I know Mi Ling’s date of birth clearly, I’ve done my research beforehand.

Well, no matter how you ask, I will always be older.

In reality, Mi Ling is two months older than Chen Luo, but well, now I’m two months older than you.

Mi Li excitedly relayed this answer to Mi Ling, “Sister, Chen Luo is indeed older than you.”

Mi Ling irritably pointed her finger and poked Mi Li’s forehead. “Is that the main point?”

You want me to listen to you? Fine, let’s compete and see who will have the last laugh.

After thinking for a while, Mi Ling decided to go out and find food on her own. Even if there’s rice at home, she won’t eat it. I don’t want anything that belongs to you, Chen Luo.

But Mi Ling didn’t plan to go to a faraway supermarket to get meat. Firstly, even if there is any, it would be spoiled. Secondly, she couldn’t risk her safety just for the sake of competitiveness. She couldn’t afford to die; her sister still relied on her.

Mi Ling prepared to gather supplies within the community.

She changed into clothes that were suitable for mobility and was about to leave.

Mi Li asked, “Sister, where are you going?”

Mi Ling glanced at her and said, “I wouldn’t dare to eat certain people’s food. I’ll search within the community by myself.”

Going out to search for supplies? Mi Li couldn’t help but worry. What if they encountered danger?

Mi Li said, “Sister, I’ll go with you.”

Mi Ling was going out to search for supplies, and Chen Luo had no reason to stop her. He couldn’t prevent Mi Li from going either.

If they were only searching within the community, it shouldn’t be too dangerous.

Chen Luo said, “Bring rice with you. If there’s any danger, you can give us a heads-up. King, follow them from behind.”

Chen Luo gestured to King, indicating that there was no need for him to intervene unless they encountered danger.

Mi Li knew King’s strength well that was why she was glad. Despite Chen Luo exerting pressure on her sister, he still cared about her.

Rice was in Chen Luo’s arms, watching him play games and giving pointers with his mouth, showcasing her strong gaming skills. Upon hearing Mi Ling’s words, Rice couldn’t help but sigh.

“Why can’t you get along with Chen Luo? Sigh, women can be stubborn like big pigs’ trotters.”

King was also lethargic. Did they really have to go out on such a hot day?

Mi Ling looked at King in astonishment. Was this dog acting as a bodyguard?

This dog seemed extraordinary. After accompanying Zhang Zhen and Wang Xinwu downstairs, it quickly returned. Did it deal with the two of them?

Mi Ling furrowed her brow. Although she was confident that she would be fine searching carefully in the neighborhood, she couldn’t forcefully refuse Mi Li’s company.

At the same time, she felt relieved. Mi Li hadn’t betrayed her. She still cared a lot about her older sister.

Mi Li  took out the  blast-resistant helmet, a thick leather jacket, and the two electric batons Chen Luo had given her. She gave the helmet and jacket to Mi Ling, because she only needed to follow behind her sister.

Seeing the two of them, along with the cat and the dog, walk out, Chen Luo stayed behind and didn’t follow.

It’s not possible for Chen Luo to always follow the two of them, and he doesn’t want anyone else to stick close to him for protection. After all, Mi Ling is not someone who can be easily subdued.

“Okay, let’s have a match and see who can overpower the other.” Chen Luo thought to himself.

Mi Ling didn’t even leave the building; she went straight up the stairs to the ninth floor. She lightly knocked on the door, if no one responded, she would leave it be. But if there was a zombie locked inside, she would break the door down and enter.

With no response, it’s possible that no one was home or they were too scared to answer or open the door. Mi Ling wasn’t sure about the situation and didn’t want to force a response or open the door out of fear. She didn’t want to jeopardize anyone’s safety.

The first house yielded no response, but in the second house, as soon as Mi Ling knocked on the door, she heard the fierce growling of a zombie from inside. It lunged towards the door, continuously pounding on it.

Rather than being alarmed, Mi Ling smiled. She didn’t have a key or any lock-picking skills, so she decided to forcefully break down the door.

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