Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Can’t Even Beat a Dog?

Mi Ling gestured for Mi Li to step back a bit. She extended her palm, and a highly concentrated flame appeared, resembling a flamethrower. She aimed it at the locked part of the door and began melting it away.

Within moments, the door had a nearly circular hole, about 30 centimeters in diameter. The metal part of the lock showed signs of melting, but before it could completely dissolve, the lock fell off.

With ease, Mi Ling opened the door and swiftly dealt a blow to the zombie’s head with an iron rod. Mi Ling now had all the equipment that was originally intended for Mi Li.

On the way back home, Mi Ling understood the importance of conserving her powers. While her abilities were useful, she had limited energy represented by the blue bar (probably means magic).

If she could defeat zombies using external force, it was best not to rely on her abilities. Mi Ling began rummaging through cabinets and found a thirty-pound bag of rice. She also discovered several cans of beverages in the refrigerator.

Continuing her search, she found a box of milk, a dozen eggs that hadn’t spoiled yet, a pack of red dates, half a box of instant noodles, and a large container of purified water that was still mostly full.

Each household had some provisions, and with millions of residences in the city, the amount of supplies available was not significantly less than what could be found in supermarkets or shopping malls.

However, entering the residential area was not easy unless Chen Luo cleared out most of the zombies. Mi Ling couldn’t easily venture into the community without his assistance.

Mi Ling smiled and generously tossed a box of milk to Mi Li.

Mi Ling sneered inwardly, thinking that even if she starved to death, she wouldn’t eat his food.

Before leaving, Mi Ling extracted the crystal from the zombie’s forehead. Although she felt uneasy, it was already quite an accomplishment for a young girl in these circumstances.

Having just raided one house, it was already a great haul. Mi Ling planned to bring the supplies back home and show off a little to Chen Luo.

‘Do you think I would starve to death without you?’ she thought to herself.

As Mi Ling left with Mi Li, Chen Luo was lost in thought. He was contemplating whether his actions during lunch were too excessive.

It was understandable not to indulge Mi Ling when she didn’t obey him, but using a near-mocking and humiliating approach was uncalled for.

Would the future renowned female war goddess, the Blood-Red Rose Flame Princess, succumb to him just because of food temptations?

If he had taken a gentler and more benevolent approach, using Mi Li as an intermediary and using food to firmly capture Mi Ling’s heart, it would have been difficult for her to resist.

But he had resorted to a somewhat mocking method, a low-level tactic. Would Mi Ling still return to him willingly?

If that was enough to dissuade her, well, then Mi Ling was truly disappointing.

Chen Luo realized that he had underestimated the Blood-Red Rose Flame Princess.

He sighed, “Mi Ling, oh Mi Ling, why did you kick my butt in the previous life?”

Am I not concerned about my reputation?

In the previous life, Chen Luo was a loner and naturally not a match for Mi Ling and her group. With the support of Mi Li and friends, how could Chen Luo possibly compete against them alone?

At that time, Chen Luo was only at level ten and had not reached the King level yet. He hadn’t mastered the Dimensional Blade. Although the Void Sovereign was formidable, he couldn’t withstand a group attack and could only flee when discovered.

“Chen Luo, I beg you, please don’t steal my vegetables. Do you know how hard I work to grow them? How about this, I’ll give you a cabbage and two potatoes every day.”

Mi Ling, feeling helpless against Chen Luo, was on the verge of tears.

Chen Luo chuckled and said, “What do you mean stealing? I call it snatching. What you’re offering, is that supposed to be enough? Am I reduced to a beggar?”

Later, due to some inexplicable reasons, Chen Luo was caught by Mi Ling.

 With long-held grudges, Mi Ling gave Chen Luo a hard kick on the butt.

If it weren’t for that incident, Chen Luo wouldn’t have played with Mi Ling during lunchtime.

They couldn’t afford to continue like this. By humiliating Mi Ling at noon, given her temperament, she wouldn’t genuinely submit to Chen Luo without a change.

There wasn’t much time to waste. Wouldn’t it be better to make progress with Mi Ling sooner?

Coincidentally, the door opened, and Mi Ling and Mi Li returned in less than ten minutes. Mi Ling proudly displayed the supplies in her hands and exclaimed, “Tonight, I’m having braised beef noodles with two eggs. It may not compare to someone’s lavish feast, but I am satisfied.”

Chen Luo scoffed inwardly, thinking, “People who don’t know any better would actually think there’s real beef in your braised beef noodles.”

“I was planning to have barbecue tonight, but fine, let’s have beef noodles too. I’ll show you what real beef noodles are like.”

Chen Luo stood up and said with a serious expression, “Mi Ling, let’s have a chat.”

Mi Ling sneered, “Sure, let’s see what you have to say.”

Setting down her things, Mi Ling sat across from Chen Luo, with Mi Li following closely behind. Of course, Mi Li wanted Mi Ling and Chen Luo to bond sooner.

Chen Luo sincerely said, “First of all, I admit that what I did at noon was indeed excessive. I shouldn’t have treated you like that. So, here, I apologize to you.”

Mi Ling was momentarily taken aback, then chuckled, “Are you trying to trick me? Apologizing now after teasing me and promising a feast at night? Is there something interesting going on?”

Chen Luo waved his hand and said, “You’re overthinking. To be honest, until you sincerely acknowledge me as the team leader, I won’t share my resources with you.”

“I shouldn’t have acted that way at noon.”

Seeing Chen Luo’s relatively sincere expression, Mi Ling’s face eased slightly.

Did I not want to enjoy a feast? I was practically drooling at the table, and then you told me there’s no portion for me, that I had to call you ‘brother’? I finally let my guard down, and you made me lose completely.

Chen Luo said, “Being a team leader requires both strength and strategy. I will prove to you that in any aspect, I will completely outshine you.”

“First, it’s about strength. We’ll have a match in three days, and if I lose, I’ll listen to you from now on,” Chen Luo proposed.

Mi Ling’s eyes brightened, and she couldn’t help but stand up. “Why wait for three days? We can do it today, no, right now. Let’s have a match.”

Mi Ling had been holding back her frustration since noon, with nowhere to vent it.

Chen Luo chuckled lightly. “The current you, let alone fighting against me, you can’t even defeat my dog. Moreover, my current control is not precise enough, and I’m afraid of accidentally causing you serious injury. But in three days, I will have the power to completely overwhelm you.”

 Chen Luo had a premonition that in another two or three days, after using the crystals of the Rat King and the Devourer, he would be able to break through to Level 4. Not only would he be able to use Void Walk with some effort, but his overall physical abilities would also take a significant leap.

At the moment, relying solely on his physical strength without using his abilities, would Mi Ling be willing to accept the challenge?

And if he were to use his abilities, as long as he only inflicted minor injuries on Mi Ling, she would never admit defeat. But causing serious harm? He couldn’t bear to do that. Even if Mi Li had mastered healing magic, it would be difficult to heal Mi Ling quickly at this stage.

Moreover, if Mi Ling were to be left with any scars, wouldn’t it be a disadvantage for him in the end?

Upon hearing Chen Luo’s words, Mi Ling stood up abruptly, her face turning red.

“You’re talking nonsense! Are you saying that I can’t even defeat a dog?” she exclaimed.

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