Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Mi Ling Educates Mi Li

“Is King’s title of  being the Thunderbolt  King just an empty reputation?

He truly sanctioned wave after wave of people who wanted to eat dog meat.

Did the  King and Mi Ling ever fight in Chen Luo’s life? Who was more formidable? Chen Luo really isn’t sure.

Mi Ling died, the entire base was destroyed, but the Thunderbolt King remained  alive and well.

If Chen Luo manages to survive until the end, the Thunderbolt King should be the second to last one to fall.

Hmm, according to Chen Luo’s words.

Mi Ling and the King’s strengths should be about the same.

But that was in the past, the current King has been nurtured by Chen Luo at an astonishing speed, absorbing unlimited crystals every day.”

What about Mi Ling? Was she immediately able to absorb them to the fullest every day?

The Thunderbolt King’s breakthrough to Tier 3 is a matter of these two days, either tonight or tomorrow night.

Mi Ling, huh? Without rules, she would definitely be killed by the Thunderbolt King.

Mi Ling was furious. “This Chen Luo, he humiliated me again, comparing me to a dog.”

Seeing Mi Ling in this state, Chen Luo wavered. “Alright, alright, you’re more formidable than the Thunderbolt King, okay?”

Merely stating who is more formidable verbally is utterly meaningless.

The Thunderbolt King is also displeased. Is it embarrassing to be weaker than me?

Chen Luo said, “It’s meaningless to say anything. We’ll know after three days of fighting.”

Mi Ling was about to say something when King, who was lying on the ground, suddenly stood up, showing a vigilant expression.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

A door was lightly tapped.

A woman’s voice echoed, “Mi Ling, Mi Li, are you home?”

Mi Ling fell silent. Was she spotted by someone while she was returning home at noon?

The voice sounded somewhat familiar to her, but she couldn’t recall who it was, probably some woman from the neighborhood.

The woman’s pleading voice continued, “Mi Ling, I saw you come back. Please, give me something to eat. I haven’t eaten for two days. Please, give me something to eat.”

If they didn’t respond, this woman would probably keep knocking. While it wouldn’t pose any threat, it would become bothersome, and Chen Luo and the others couldn’t make any noise either.

With a very bad mood, Mi Ling walked up to the door and said expressionlessly, “You haven’t eaten for two days? So, does that mean you ate something two days ago?”

Chen Luo: “…”

Your response is unexpectedly refreshing.

The woman outside the door, Zhang Qin: ???

Is that even speaking human language?

Mi Ling coldly said, “I don’t have any food either. Go away.”

Mi Ling’s heartless words seemed to make Zhang Qin retreat.

Seeing Mi Li looking at her with curiosity, Mi Ling sighed and began to give Mi Li a lesson.

“Mi Li, logically speaking, we do have food, so we should give this person a little bit. After all, she looks pitiful, having gone two days without food.”

“But no matter how much we give her, she will eventually finish eating it. What will happen when she comes to us again after that?”

“To give or not to give? If we continue giving, she will keep coming back, and the things we gave earlier would go to waste. Not only would she not appreciate it, but she might also develop resentment towards us.”

“The more we give, the greater her resentment becomes.”

“We already struggle to survive ourselves, so how can we keep giving to her? It’s better to refuse her from the beginning.”

“Survival of the fittest. If she can’t find food and dies, it’s her own weakness to blame.”

“Therefore, in the future, don’t easily pity others, and don’t casually do good deeds.”

Mi Li nodded, “I understand. Rise in fortunes and grudges over rice.”

Chen Luo smiled upon hearing that. “Mi Ling, you have a high level of awareness.”

No wonder Mi Ling was able to survive with Mi Li in her past life. This level of awareness is truly extraordinary.

Mi Ling snorted coldly. “I’ll see in three days where your confidence comes from.”

Chen Luo chuckled lightly. “If it wasn’t for wanting to shake your soul and show you the art of traversing the void, I would’ve spanked your butt by now, but I don’t want to hurt you.”

At that moment, Rice said to Chen Luo, “Chen Luo, I felt malice from that person just now.”

Chen Luo nodded. Regardless of the reason behind the malice, if they dare to come, they shouldn’t expect to leave.

Chen Luo gently patted Rice. ” Rice, you’re truly amazing. With you around, we can discern between friend and foe.”

Zhang Qin left Mi Ling’s house grumbling in her heart. She couldn’t believe Mi Ling, that little bitch, had such a cruel nature.

Both you and your sister will pay for it later.

Zhang Qin arrived downstairs and went to the left side of the building, where there were five men ranging from their twenties to their forties.

As soon as these five men who was squatting down, saw Zhang Qin, they immediately stood up, their eyes gleaming.

“Have you confirmed it? Is Mi Ling also at home?”

Zhang Qin nodded, “She’s at home. She just spoke to me a moment ago.”

Zhang Qin couldn’t help but recount her conversation with Mi Ling to them.

One of the men smirked, “Mi Li is also at home. I saw her entering and leaving the neighborhood with two men.”

The others couldn’t help but engage in discussions as well.

“That’s great! Both Mi Ling and Mi Li are alive. Otherwise, it would have been a waste.”

” I can only lift my head every time I take my medicine, but hey, as soon as I see Mi Ling, I can lift my head without taking any medicine.”

“Damn, that figure, that appearance, truly captivating, it’s worth it  even if it means dying under the peony.”

“Yeah, had a taste once, even if I die afterward, it’s worth it.”

“Damn, hurry up and go. Don’t let those two men have the upper hand. I don’t even know who those two men are. Haven’t seen Mi Ling and Mi Li bring men back before.”

Zhang Qin said fiercely, “Later, you all torture them ruthlessly. I’ve long been displeased with them.”

These people were the former residents of Mi Li’s neighborhood and were well aware of the two sisters who had been living here for many years.

Who wouldn’t be envious?

However, before the apocalypse, they were restrained by societal order, and while they may have had thieving intentions, they lacked the courage to act on them.

Daring to make advances on Mi Ling would be a grave mistake, as her self-defense skills were formidable.

As for Zhang Qin, she didn’t know if her husband had survived or not. Before the apocalypse, he would often leer at Mi Ling and Mi Li, which led to countless arguments between Zhang Qin and her husband. She had long held a grudge against Mi Ling and Mi Li.

Furthermore, Zhang Qin was extremely jealous of their appearance, which is why she willingly acted as a scout for these five men and even suggested the idea herself.

Mi Ling and Mi Li’s house currently had two men and two women, but here, there have five men. Why should they be afraid?

Especially since they were armed, wielding either steel rods or chairs. They had also awakened their abilities making them full of confidence.

In particular, there was a bald, muscular man holding a large hammer, ready to break down the door with it.

Su Dazhu, who was standing by the window observing the situation outside, said, “Bro, someone is coming with weapons, and they don’t seem friendly.”

Chen Luo, nonchalantly, replied, “Hmm, go down and deal with them. Don’t let them die in the hallway, or we’ll have to clean up afterwards.”

If they died in the hallway, they would have to carry their bodies out of the hallway. Otherwise, they would be stepping over their decomposing corpses whenever they entered or exited.

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