Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Mi Li – “Now the two of you are ganging up on me”

Su Dazhu nodded and grabbed his iron rod, ready to go out.

Without Chen Luo’s instructions, King followed Su Dazhu closely.

Mi Li said, “I’ll give Big Zhu a buff.”

Mi Li released two beams of golden light consecutively into Su Dazhu’s body.

One beam enhanced his strength, while the other increased his defense.

Thanks to Chen Luo’s training, Mi Li had long reached Level 2 and gained a new BUFF ability that enhanced defense.

Moreover, the amplification effect was much greater than before.

When Mi Li was at Level 1, the strength boost was 10, but now it was at least 30. As Mi Li’s level increased, this strength amplification would become even more formidable.

Mi Li had better talent than Su Dazhu, but she started absorbing crystals a few days later and still needed about a week to fully absorb them.

Mi Ling also wanted to see if this duo of a person and a dog was truly formidable.

Chen Luo observed from the window, and a faint ray of sunlight spilled onto his face through the gap in the curtains.

To her surprise, Mi Ling noticed, “Oh, this guy is quite handsome.”

Mi Ling walked to the other side of the window, maintaining a distance of half a meter from Chen Luo, and observed the scene downstairs.

Zhang Qin and the other five were getting closer to the corridor of the unit when suddenly, a black dog rushed out. Its fur was glossy, and it had a robust and well-fed body.

The six individuals’ eyes lit up, and their initial reaction was that they had dog meat to eat.

The King barked at them furiously.

The six individuals exchanged glances and were about to approach and kill the Thunderbolt King when, from a blind spot they couldn’t see, Su Dazhu suddenly rushed out like a ghost, startling them.

Su Dazhu raised his iron rod first and aimed it at the bald man wielding the large iron hammer. With a fierce swing, he struck the bald man’s head like a shattered watermelon.

Su Dazhu had considerable strength himself, and with Mi Li’s enhancement, the bald man’s head was crushed.

The bald man’s eyes widened as he fell to the ground, dead and unable to close his eyes.

The remaining five individuals, although they had awakened their abilities, were horrified at the gruesome scene unfolding before them, happening to their own comrade. Their hearts trembled with fear.

However, Su Dazhu didn’t stand idle. He swung his rod at Zhang Qin.

The remaining four individuals tremblingly struck Su Dazhu with their chairs and iron rods.

Their strength was insignificant against Su Dazhu.

One of them trembled as he tried to conjure an ice arrow.

However, he had just awakened his ability and was completely unfamiliar with it. He couldn’t perform it instantly. Using a spell would take at least five seconds.

Did he have that much time?

What really caught them off guard was the Thunderbolt King. Initially their attention was focused on the Thunderbolt King, but Su Dazhu came and somewhat diverted their attention.

Although their attention wasn’t really fully diverted, they still met the same fate.

The Thunderbolt King unleashed a lightning bolt, instantly killing three of them.

While the remaining one was also killed by Su Dazhu.

From the moment the battle started to its end, the entire process didn’t exceed five seconds, clean and efficient.

Mi Ling wasn’t surprised. On her way back, she single-handedly took on five people, but those five were ordinary individuals who hadn’t awakened their abilities.

The Thunderbolt King and Su Dazhu were a bit shady, but Mi Ling didn’t despise them. Killing is killing, so why insist on being righteous?

Chen Luo, however, was somewhat surprised. The Thunderbolt King took the lead in attracting attention, but he didn’t teach it that.


Whether it was the Thunderbolt King or Su Dazhu, they both had the ability to take on five people individually. Chen Luo was just being cautious for assurance.

He glanced back at Mi Lì, silently thinking, Mi Ling just gave you a lesson, and now it’s my turn.

“Mi Lì, go and extract the crystals from the foreheads of those six individuals,” Chen Luo commanded.

Mi Lì pointed at herself in astonishment, “Me?”

Chen Luo nodded, “Yes, although you’re a support role and can stay in the background, there are certain experiences you need to go through firsthand to avoid feeling uncomfortable at critical moments and affecting the battle.”

Mi Lì had seen Chen Luo extracting crystals, but she always turned her head away, unable to bear watching it. ‘Now you want me to do it myself?’

Mi Lì looked pleadingly at Mi Ling, hoping she would say something on her behalf.

To her surprise, Mi Ling also nodded slowly, “Mi Lì, this is something you will have to face sooner or later. Take this opportunity while it’s safe to familiarize yourself with it.”

Mi Ling swore by her conscience, ‘I swear, I really wasn’t trying to retaliate against you for not speaking up for me at noon.’

Taking the dagger handed to her by Chen Luo, Mi Lì’s face turned pale as she descended the stairs.

Su Dazhu dragged the bodies of the six individuals to the roadside. Just as he was about to extract the crystals, he received a signal from Chen Luo and shrugged his shoulders, stepping aside to let Mi Lì take over.

With a teary voice, Mi Lì said, “King, please help me.”

Upon hearing this, King decisively shook his head. This was not a task for a dog to do.

At the first incision, Mi Lì vomited, her hands trembling. It took her three minutes to locate the crystals.

Mi Lì vomited again, feeling like she had regurgitated her lunch. With the first time done, she became more proficient the second time around.

Mi Lì felt remorseful inside. At noon, I joined Chen Luo to confront my sister. Now, both her sister and Chen Luo are giving her a hard time.

After more than ten minutes, with a pale face and trembling hands, Mi Lì handed the neatly packaged crystals to Chen Luo.

Chen Luo smiled and said, “You’ll get used to it after all the vomiting. Even Dazhu went through the same thing.”

Chen Luo rinsed the crystals and made an unexpected discovery—a light green crystal among them.

It was a natural element crystal.

Natural element abilities were also considered rare, although not as exaggerated as spatial abilities. Perhaps two or three out of a hundred people could possess natural element abilities.

In the future, the assistance of natural element ability users would be necessary for successful cultivation of vegetables and rice. Without them, having seeds and water would not be enough.

This is because it seems that the earth itself has been contaminated.

Natural element ability users don’t have much combat power in the early stages. It is only in the later stages, after at least six months of leveling up their abilities, that they can succeed in cultivation.

Mi Lì let out a light snort and started cooking noodles. To her, it seemed extravagant to use a pack of instant noodles, paired with two eggs.

Chen Luo’s spirits lifted. “Sister Yu, let’s have noodles too, beef noodles.”

Ma Yu nodded and began simmering the beef to create a rich broth.

Ma Yu and Mi Lì cooked simultaneously.

Looking at the moist and vibrant pieces of beef, it seemed like there was a large amount, probably half a pot or around five to six kilograms of beef. Mi Ling was stunned.

“Are you guys having beef or beef noodles?”

Does anyone really eat beef noodles like this?

Mi Ling searched in her own pot and found two tiny pieces of beef, about the size of rice grains.

Mi Ling didn’t realize that Chen Luo was playing a trick on her because she thought that Chen Luo would eat whatever was available and wouldn’t have so many things for him to choose from.

Mi Ling finished cooking first and immediately felt that her beef noodles didn’t taste as good. Comparing the aroma of the beef coming from the kitchen, her noodles indeed seemed less appetizing.

Chen Luo said, “Serve a bowl for Mi Li first.”

Mi Li had no appetite and whispered, “I can’t eat.”

Mi Ling clenched her fist, realizing that she couldn’t eat either.

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