Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Advancing to Level Four

In the evening, Rice once again lay next to Chen Luo.

By all accounts, Rice should have spent the night with Mi Li, but it was driven away by Mi Ling.

It was because Rice had offended Mi Ling earlier in the day hence the harsh consequences.

Rice really showed potential for becoming a sharp-tongued individual.

Chen Luo absorbed the crystals silently, averaging one crystal per minute.

After absorbing eighty crystals, more than an hour had passed, he took a moment to feel the power within his body.

Chen Luo estimated that if everything went smoothly, he would be able to break through to the fourth level by tomorrow night, using the level-one crystals of the Rat King, Devourer, and some surviving zombies.

Reaching the fourth level would bring about a significant qualitative change compared to before.

At that time, the crystals from the current zombies would be of no use to Chen Luo; he would have to wait for the zombies to evolve to the first level.

While Chen Luo was cultivating, Rice could only roll around on the bed out of boredom.

Chen Luo smiled and said, “My dear Rice, let’s go to sleep. From now on, you’ll sleep with me.”

The next morning, Ma Yu made scallion pancakes paired with soy milk.

Mi Ling was lying on the bed, feeling hopeless, rolling around just like Rice. There was a kind of pain in watching others eat while being unable to partake.

It seemed that there was flour available to make scallion pancakes, but Mi Ling didn’t know how to make them and didn’t have any scallions either.

She also really wanted to drink soy milk.

Chen Luo had already said something hurtful to Mi Ling before, he didn’t want to provoke her again.

Mi Ling didn’t chase her away and even gave up her own room, showing a generous gesture. Chen Luo couldn’t act too immature.

At noon, Mi Ling was eating instant noodles in her room. Even though the door was closed, the enticing aroma couldn’t help but reach her nose.

This was becoming an unbearable life.

‘Eat, eat, eat! Let’s see what you’ll have for the next meal. Do you think I’m not aware of the size of our own refrigerator?  What, they were still going to have a feast tonight.’

Mi Ling realized something was off. Wait a minute, our refrigerator isn’t that big! With their eating habits, they would probably empty it in just two meals.

But when Mi Ling opened the refrigerator, she was surprised to find it fully stocked with vegetables and meat.

Unable to contain her curiosity, Mi Ling approached Chen Luo and asked incredulously, “How is the refrigerator full again?”

Initially, Mi Ling had hoped that Chen Luo would run out of supplies and they would have to resort to eating instant noodles like her.

If this refrigerator didn’t empty out, wouldn’t she become a laughingstock?

Mi Li tapped her head, realizing that she hadn’t informed her sister that Chen Luo was a space magic user.

Mi Li glanced at Chen Luo and, seeing no objection, timidly said, “Sister, Chen Luo is an ability user of the spatial element. He has stored some food inside that could last us for several years at least.”

Mi Ling: ???!!!

Why didn’t you say it earlier?

Do you know how I feel right now, Mi Li? I feel like a clown!!!

Mi Li dared not say much.

Mi Ling snorted coldly, “According to our agreement, we’ll have a fight in two days. If I lose, you better keep your promise and listen to me obediently.”

Chen Luo smiled and said, “Perhaps tomorrow will do. I’ll do my best to satisfy your desire to be tormented.”

To be honest, Mi Ling also felt that Chen Luo’s strength was not simple. At the very least, his dog’s strength was impressive, and Su Dazhu gave her a strong sense of unease.

But what could she do?

Just surrendering directly?

Both Mi Li and Rice have betrayed her, and now, defeating Chen Luo is the only way to regain the upper hand.

Chen Luo “kidnapped” Mi Li, leaving her with no way out. She couldn’t abandon Mi Li.

Mi Ling fantasized about defeating Chen Luo tomorrow or the day after. She imagined Chen Luo kneeling at her feet, calling her sister, and offering her a feast of delicious food.

What should they eat? Ah, she shouldn’t think about it. The more she thought, the hungrier she became.

The small biscuit in her hand suddenly lost its flavor.

In the evening, Chen Luo was already prepared and started absorbing the crystals.

The fourth level was crucial for Chen Luo. It would grant him the ability to traverse the void and bring a significant transformation in his power, especially in terms of survival capabilities.

Without void Walk, space ability users don’t really have much in terms of survival capabilities, right?

At first, Chen Luo absorbed the usual eighty crystals. Normally, at this point, he would no longer be able to continue absorbing crystals.

His body would reach a saturated state.

However, it was like the day when Mi Ling ate three bowls of rice. She felt full, but if you offered her a chicken leg, would she be able to resist it?

Once the chicken leg was finished, how about a pound of small lobsters?

After finishing the meal, let’s have some soup and then some fruit.

How much you can eat depends not only on your appetite but also on the quality of the food.

Low-level crystals are like rice, while high-level crystals are like abalone and lobster.

However, indulging excessively and continuously is not sustainable for the body and can also affect the appetite for the next meal.

Chen Luo first took out seven level one survivor crystals. After absorbing them, he used the Devourer’s crystal.

He was just a little bit away from reaching level four.

Chen Luo then took out the Rat King’s crystal.

This was a level four crystal that had some use even for a level seven ability user.

As soon as he absorbed this crystal, Chen Luo’s body felt invigorated and comfortable, as if jumping with joy.

Well, it’s probably equivalent to Mi Ling finally getting to eat the grapes she has been longing for.

Waves of energy flowed through Chen Luo’s palm and entered the crystals in his mind.

The crystals gradually increased in size, accumulating to a certain level, triggering a qualitative change.

Suddenly, Chen Luo’s head experienced a sharp pain, causing his face to twitch involuntarily.

But he endured it completely. In his previous life, he had broken through to level ten and surpassed the King level, and the pain was incomparable to what he felt now.

Some female survivors claimed that the pain during level seven was no less than giving birth.

Rice noticed Chen Luo’s condition but didn’t dare to move, anxiously watching him, afraid of disturbing him.

The crystals in his mind seemed to continuously secrete some mysterious energy, dispersing throughout Chen Luo’s body.

This was strengthening Chen Luo’s physique.

At the fourth level, seventh level, tenth level, and beyond, there are significant qualitative changes. The physical fitness of elemental and special ability users at the fourth level is comparable to that of third-level physical ability users.

The pain in his mind dissipated, and the crystals continued to emit energy, improving Chen Luo’s body.

It wasn’t until a minute later that Chen Luo took a deep breath and a smile appeared on his face.

More than half of the energy from the Rat King’s crystal remained unused.

The power of abilities at the fourth level only increased by about one-third compared to the peak of the third level, which wasn’t much. However, there were significant changes in terms of quality.

He could unleash more powerful spells using lesser amount of magic/mana.

Two peak third-level ability users were no match for a fourth-level ability user, of course, assuming their combat experience was equal.

Most importantly, Chen Luo could now use Void Walk.

Standing by the window, Chen Luo looked up at the starry sky, wondering if one day he could use Void Walk to directly reach the moon.

Finally being able to use Void Walk, Chen Luo couldn’t help but want to use it right away.

In Chen Luo’s previous life, using Void Walk was as natural as drinking water, but earlier his power was still insufficient to fully display his abilities.

With a flicker in his mind and a familiar sense of spatial power, Chen Luo disappeared instantly and appeared in the living room.

The Thunderbolt King, who was guarding Chen Luo’s door in the living room, was startled to see a sudden shadow in the room.

“Woof woof woof woof!”

The Thunderbolt King jumped in fright.

“I’m guarding the door for you, and you scare me like this?”

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