Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 47

Chapter 47: A Kick for the Loser

Early the next morning, a discontented Mi Ling complained, “Did you let your dog wake me up in the middle of the night, disturbing my rest just to win the duel?”

The Thunderbolt King glanced at Chen Luo with a resentful look, still scared by the previous night’s incident. Chen Luo smiled and said, “You’re overestimating yourself. Let’s have breakfast first, and once we’re done, we can have a little match.”

Mi Ling’s eyes lit up. No need to wait until tomorrow? Breakfast? What kind of breakfast? What you guys call breakfast is a feast for me. This morning, Ma Yu prepared char siu buns, egg tarts, fried eggs, and spicy soup. Oh, my, I never eat this well on a regular day.

As long as she defeats Chen Luo, he’ll have to listen to her.

Mi Ling confirmed, “If I win, you’ll listen to me, right?”

Chen Luo nodded, “Of course. You seem quite confident. How about we make it more interesting?”

Mi Ling immediately became cautious. Although Chen Luo hadn’t made a move yet, everyone seemed to regard him as formidable. She wasn’t very confident in defeating him.

But she had no other choice but to challenge Chen Luo.

Mi Ling decisively shook her head.

Then Chen Luo said, “Three seconds. I’ll make you surrender within three seconds. If I can’t do it, it will be considered your win”

Defeat me in three seconds?

Mi Ling became angry, ‘Even if you’re really powerful, you expect me to be defeated in just three seconds? We start with a distance of at least three meters, right?’

‘As long as I don’t choose to confront you head-on and evade a bit, those three seconds will pass in an instant.’

Su Dazhu looked at Chen Luo in surprise. ‘Brother, are you planning to go all out? One strike, and Mi Ling would be dead. But that’s impossible, right?’

Mi Ling asked, “What’s the distance between the two sides in the challenge?”

Chen Luo replied, “Let’s make it 20 meters.”

The greater the distance, the easier it would be for Mi Ling to take the bait.

Mi Ling sneered, ‘At the beginning of the challenge, I’ll just retreat. I really don’t believe it.’

“What’s the bet for the challenge?” she asked.

Chen Luo smirked, “It’s simple. Just raise your butt and let me kick it.”

Mi Li: “…”

‘Why would you want to kick my sister’s butt?’

Mi Ling paused for a moment and asked, “If I win, can I kick you too?”

Chen Luo waved his hand, “You can kick me to death if you want. Kick me as many times as you like, or if you have any other requests, I’ll fulfill them.”

On the surface, it seemed like Chen Luo was at a great disadvantage, as it was an unequal challenge. However, Chen Luo had full confidence.

He had advanced to the fourth level yesterday and had the skills from his previous life to assist him. How could he possibly lose to Mi Ling?

It’s completely impossible.

Mi Ling hesitated. This situation was just too bizarre.

Was Chen Luo really this arrogant? But if she lost, she would only have to let him kick her once. It was a bit embarrassing, but the risks were high and the benefits were great. She could ask for any condition she wanted.

Mi Ling nodded, “Alright, I agree.”

Chen Luo felt a surge of excitement.

He finally had the opportunity to take revenge openly and without reservation.

 Otherwise, once he took Mi Ling as his servant, when would he have another chance to kick her butt?

Chen Luo said, “Dazhu, Mi Li, you guys are witnesses. Whoever cheats will be a dog.”

The Thunderbolt King thought, ‘If it weren’t for the fact that you’re my master, I would bite you. Why does it have to be a dog that cheats? Can’t it be a cat’

Mi Ling strongly insisted on having the challenge right away so that she could have breakfast afterwards.

Can Chen Luo refuse?

The two of them went straight to the rooftop, which was quite spacious, about the size of a basketball court.

Chen Luo and Mi Ling were 20 meters apart.

Mi Ling thought to herself, “I won’t confront him head-on. I’ll just drag it out for three seconds and consider it a win. It may not be fair, but he asked for it, so it’s his own fault.”

“I can’t possibly bend over and let him kick me, right?”

“It’s too embarrassing.”

But there was no other way. She had to be a little shameless.

With Mi Li acting as the referee, she signaled with her hand: three, two, one.


Mi Ling’s eyes were locked onto Chen Luo, ready to dodge any movement he made.

But in the next second, Mi Ling’s pupils contracted as Chen Luo disappeared from sight?

How was that possible? She had been staring at him intently.

Was he invisible?

Mi Li and Su Dazhu’s expressions were as if they had seen a ghost, their mouths hanging open.

Rice, feeling triumphant as Chen Luo’s confidant who was the first to know.

Because Chen Luo had suddenly appeared behind Mi Ling, who was completely unaware.

Mi Ling stood there in disbelief as Chen Luo gently grabbed her snow-white neck with one hand.

Mi Ling, realizing what was happening, instinctively tried to perform a shoulder throw on Chen Luo, but it was futile.

Her strength was no match for Chen Luo; he didn’t even flinch.

At the same time, Chen Luo leaned closer to Mi Ling and lightly blew into her ear.

“Mi Ling, you’ve lost.”

If Chen Luo had used a sharp dagger instead of his hand and traced it across Mi Ling’s throat, she would have perished on the spot.

Mi Ling’s face turned grim. Distance was clearly not a restriction. What kind of ability was this?

Instant teleportation within the spatial realm?

Could a human truly possess such power?

Being able to produce flames, ice, and lightning falls within the realm of understanding.

But suddenly breaking through the limitations of space and moving, that is somewhat unimaginable.

It’s like resurrection magic; even Chen Luo finds it hard to believe.

Mi Ling reluctantly suppressed her astonishment and felt a sense of defeat in her heart. “I’ve lost.”

Although Chen Luo didn’t harm her in the slightest and she hadn’t lost her ability to fight, claiming that she hadn’t lost would be dishonest.

Having to present her rear end for him to kick?

The thought made Mi Ling’s cheeks flush with embarrassment.

Chen Luo chuckled, “Let’s go downstairs and have breakfast first, including you, Mi Ling.”

“What happened the other day was my fault, but from now on, we’re comrades, so let’s integrate sooner rather than later.”

No surprises, Mi Ling would also become Chen Luo’s follower today.

When Ma Yu placed a tray of char siu in front of Mi Ling.

Declining would be too pretentious.

Internally, she didn’t want to refuse either.

Chen Luo ate his own food without teasing her further.

Mi Ling reluctantly finished the char siu and a bowl of spicy soup.

After finishing their meal, Chen Luo wiped his mouth with a tissue and spoke earnestly.

“Everyone, gather in the living room. Let’s discuss what our next steps should be.”

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