Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Plans for the Next Step

With a serious expression, Chen Luo led everyone to the living room.

Ma Yu, who was about to tidy up the dining table, was also called over by Chen Luo. Rice and the Thunderbolt King found seats as well. After days of idleness and uncertainty, everyone felt a sense of confusion.

Chen Luo tapped on the glass coffee table and spoke, “Mi Ling, as I’ve said before, I’m not only stronger than you in terms of power, but I also have a better grasp of the big picture.”

Well, to be honest, Chen Luo might not be stronger than Mi Ling, but he had the advantage of his experiences from his past life. Even the most brilliant strategist couldn’t compare to Chen Luo.

Chen Luo continued, “Mi Ling, if you were the team leader, how would you lead us in the next step?”

Mi Ling was taken aback. What should be the next step? At the beginning of the apocalypse, when she was still in school, her only thought was to return home and ensure the safety of Mi Li.

That thought had been her sole conviction, guiding her all the way back home.

 Although she unexpectedly met Chen Luo after returning home, Mi Li was unharmed.

 At that moment, she felt incredibly grateful, despite Chen Luo’s teasing and antics.

 But now, when it came to the next step, the world suddenly seemed unfamiliar, and she felt lost, unsure of what to do next.

The only clear thing was the need to continuously strengthen her own power and resist the dangers they encountered. Mi Ling spoke honestly, shaking her head, “I don’t know.”

Chen Luo looked at the others, and they shook their heads as well. They had enough food and drink, and their strength was constantly growing, but they had no idea what specific actions to take.

Chen Luo understood Mi Ling’s dilemma. After all, he had been in the same position in his previous life. He didn’t mock their lack of understanding.

Chen Luo spoke slowly, “Previously, I and Dazhu encountered a powerful Rat King that almost killed us. Mi Li and I also encountered an obese zombie that was far stronger than ordinary ones.”

He continued, “I have a feeling that the strength of the zombies will continue to increase. Even if it’s just a hunch, facing the difficulty of acquiring resources and trying to snatch them from the mouths of numerous zombies alone is extremely perilous.”

“Mi Ling, let me ask you this: Do you dare to snatch resources from more than twenty zombies by yourself? It’s incredibly difficult, right? But if we form a small team, do you still think it’s as challenging?”

“Regardless of human nature or the unity within our makeshift team, a team is still stronger than an individual.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. Chen Luo continued speaking.

Chen Luo continued his speech, emphasizing the importance of unity and teamwork.

“Survivors are gathering in teams and bases for their survival. No matter how strong an individual is, when faced with a team of hundreds or thousands, they would be overwhelmed and forced to flee.”

“Our small team may be powerful, but let’s be frank, if we were to encounter a team of over a hundred people, even if we emerged victorious, there would be casualties. It could be the loss of Rice or even Dazhu.”

“That is something we cannot accept.”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “We have two options: either create our own team or join an existing one. Only by doing so can we ensure our safety and well-being.”

“In my previous life, Dazhu and I joined a base because we had no choice. If we didn’t join, we would have been at the mercy of others.”

The others listened attentively, nodding in agreement with Chen Luo’s words.

In this life, Chen Luo doesn’t need to join any team. He can live well on his own with the stored resources that could last a hundred lifetimes. When faced with danger, he can simply escape using his Void Walk ability.

But what about the others? They can’t run alongside Chen Luo.

Unless Chen Luo chooses to repeat his previous life, enduring loneliness and outliving everyone else, what’s the point of my damn rebirth?

Mi Ling strongly agrees. If she doesn’t join a team, she will be subjected to the mistreatment of others. On her way back, she often encounters covetous glances from multiple people. If she weren’t strong enough or the opposing group wasn’t small in number, she would have no chance of returning alive.

“To join a team, to be frank, I’m not willing to be subservient to others. Why should I bow to someone else’s whims?”

“Furthermore, Mi Ling and Mi Li, you two sisters are so beautiful. If you join a team, what if others demand that you sleep with them? Don’t you think that you would become targets at that time?”

In a state of collapsed order, with human desires unleashed, one can only imagine the encounters that two beautiful women would face.

Mi Ling’s expression turned fierce. “Anyone who dares to have such intentions towards me and my sister, I’ll castrate him.”

Chen Luo’s face awkwardly twitched. “So, it’s impossible for us to join someone else’s team, and we don’t want to be bullied either.”

“Our next step, then, is to create our own team, a slightly larger one, but not just anyone will be accepted.”

After Chen Luo’s explanation, everyone suddenly understood. Indeed, they needed to form a slightly larger team.

Chen Luo continued, “If we consider that the strength of the zombies is increasing, and there are too many zombies near the city center, any sane person would choose to run to the outskirts.”

“If my judgment is correct, soon many people will be running towards the outskirts, forming various bases.”

In his previous life, when the zombies evolved to level one, they gained some intelligence and became more challenging to kill. Their strength also increased. It would be suicidal to establish a base in the city center.

People with abilities and good luck had no choice but to flee to remote areas.

There is one thing that Chen Luo didn’t mention: the apocalypse is not just about zombies. Many animals, insects, and plants have undergone mutations. Marine creatures have also mutated, and some powerful sea creatures can survive on land and have reached the surface.

Although their numbers are not large, they possess formidable individual combat abilities.

As a result, survivors from coastal cities were forced to seek refuge in the capital city.

What’s even more terrifying is… humanity has suffered near-total devastation.

Chen Luo survived not through direct confrontation, but by relying on his unparalleled ability to endure and survive.

With humanity nearly wiped out, Chen Luo found life meaningless and chose to bury himself.

Mi Ling smiled bitterly, “I indeed didn’t think as far as you did. I think what you said makes a lot of sense.”

Chen Luo chuckled lightly, “Why don’t you start calling me “brother.””

This request might be a bit difficult for Mi Ling to express.

But you won’t go back on your promise from earlier, will you?

Chen Luo couldn’t contain his excitement.

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