Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 49

Chapter 49: I Told You to Kick, Not to Hit

As soon as Chen Luo’s words fell, a sudden commotion and sounds of fighting could be heard from outside the living room.

Chen Luo’s heart skipped a beat, and he quickly led everyone rushing out of the living room. Finally, the time for revenge had come.

“Hehe, Mi Ling, you promised, you were willing to gamble and accept the consequences,” Chen Luo thought to himself. It would be even better if she tried to cheat. Then, it wouldn’t just be a single kick, and she wouldn’t be able to resist.

Suppressing his excitement, Chen Luo cleared his throat and said, “Alright, let’s stop here. Expanding the team is not an urgent matter for now.”

“Mi Ling, come with me to the room. There’s something I need to talk to you about.”

Well, it wouldn’t be appropriate to kick Mi Ling in front of everyone, right? Of course, they should go to the room to fulfill their promise in private.

Mi Li, innocent and clueless, thought that Chen Luo had something important to discuss with her. Ma Yu glanced at them with an amused expression before tidying up the dining table and leaving.

Mi Ling was initially taken aback, but soon a blush appeared on her snow-white neck. Was Chen Luo really going to kick her?

But she had agreed to it, hadn’t she?

Sigh, I’m still too young. I fell for Chen Luo’s trick. Without absolute certainty, how could he add such a condition?

After gritting her teeth, Mi Ling stood up. It was just a kick, what’s the big deal?

Chen Luo entered Mi Ling’s room first, and Mi Ling followed reluctantly.

Curious as ever, Rice also wanted to follow. It seemed reasonable for a cat to listen in, right?

However, Mi Ling pulled Rice aside. In the past, it didn’t matter because  Rice couldn’t talk, but what if it started blabbering about this incident all over the place in the future or used it against her at a critical moment?

Rice looked at the closed door with a sense of grievance. Chen Luo was indeed better.

After closing the door, Mi Ling couldn’t conceal the rosy color on her face.

With her back turned to Chen Luo, Mi Ling spoke in a seemingly indifferent tone, “Alright, if you’re going to kick, just do it.”

Chen Luo looked at Mi Ling in confusion, “Do you have some misunderstanding about sticking out your butt? Or is your language learning not good?”

Mi Ling straightened her body, realizing that she wasn’t sticking out her butt at all.

Her already rosy cheeks instantly turned as red as an apple.

This was too embarrassing.

Was it really necessary to take it so seriously?

Mi Ling said angrily, “No, I don’t understand. Why did you add the punishment of kicking me? It was clearly you who teased me earlier, not the other way around. Did I offend you?”

“How about you choose a different punishment, as long as it’s not too excessive.”

Yeah, when a normal person makes a bet with a girl, the worst punishment would be a kiss. Who would kick someone’s butt?

Chen Luo couldn’t mention the grudges from our past lives, right? I still remember them, don’t I?

Chen Luo shook his head like a rattle drum, “Don’t ask why. You agreed to the bet, so it’s up to you whether you do it or not.”

Mi Ling felt both embarrassed and annoyed in her heart. This Chen Luo…

After intense inner struggle, Mi Ling gritted her teeth and said, “Fine, I keep my word.”

Mi Ling leaned against the opposite door, her beautiful curves slightly bending on the wall at the right end of the bed.


There was a tremor in Mi Ling’s voice, and her body was trembling. She hadn’t even thought about doing something like this before.

It was truly embarrassing.

Chen Luo’s blood surged with excitement. It was too exhilarating.

I’m actually going to do this with the future female war god, Blood –Red Rose Flame Princess Mi  Ling.

This beautiful scene is just unbearable.

Suddenly, Chen Luo couldn’t bear to kick her.

Taking his time, Chen Luo took off his shoes.

Mi Ling, who stole a glance, breathed a sigh of relief. Without shoes, it would be less painful. Chen Luo wouldn’t kick me too hard, right?

‘Dare to use force, and I’ll cry to show you!’

In reality, Chen Luo was trying to buy some time.

After ten seconds passed, Mi Ling grew impatient. “I’ll count to ten. If you don’t kick me by then, don’t blame me for not keeping my promise. It’s your own decision to give up.”

“Ten, nine, eight…”

Chen Luo lifted his foot, hesitating.

While kicking would immediately redeem his previous humiliation, did he really need to take revenge like this on Mi Ling?

Was finding Mi Ling solely for the purpose of kicking her?

If he went through with the kick, he might end up being single forever, even though it would feel satisfying to do so.

“Four, three…”

As time was running out, Chen Luo panicked and slapped Mi Ling’s backside with his hand.


The sensation…

Mi Ling let out a small, high-pitched scream and turned around, her face red as if it were about to bleed, glaring at Chen Luo.

“I told you to kick, how could you use your hand to hit me?”

Chen Luo chuckled awkwardly. “I forgot. How about you let me make it up with a kick?”

Anyone would have a brain hemorrhage on the spot from that.

Mi Ling pounced on Chen Luo like a mother tiger. “I’ll strangle you!”

Mi Ling’s hands squeezed Chen Luo’s arms and waist with force.

Chen Luo resists, and amidst all the contact and rubbing, experiences both pain and pleasure.”

It wasn’t until they were both panting for breath that Mi Ling finally let go of Chen Luo.

Mi Ling said fiercely, “If you dare say anything about this, I’ll really strangle you.”

If Mi Li or Rice found out, she would lose all her dignity.

Chen Luo nodded repeatedly like a chick pecking at rice.

Mi Ling didn’t immediately leave the room. She needed to regain her composure.

Chen Luo said, “For lunch today, let’s have Ma Yu make some dishes you like. Consider it a celebration of your official joining our team.”

Mi Ling warned, “If you dare play tricks on me again, I’ll cut ties with you.”

Chen Luo smiled awkwardly and said, “If I play tricks on you again, I’m a dog.”

(King: Are you being polite?)

After Chen Luo left, Mi Ling lay on the bed and thought to herself, “Hmm, he didn’t even ask me what I like to eat. Could it be that Mi Li told him?”

Chen Luo had asked Ma Yu to prepare lunch early. Instead of the usual eight dishes, there were twelve, mostly dishes that Mi Ling liked and Chen Luo enjoyed as well.

Seeing the table full of food, Mi Ling felt excited. She knew that if it weren’t for Chen Luo, her post –apocalypse life wouldn’t have improved this easily, it would have been different.

 In this lifetime, she was afraid she would never get to eat any four dishes from this table.

When she returned home from school, her biggest worry was that her younger sister, Mi Li, wouldn’t have enough to eat, would go hungry, or be in danger. But hey, the days they were living now felt like heaven. Not only were they well-protected, but they also had plenty of delicious food every day.

With these thoughts in mind, Mi Ling raised her drink, stood up, and sincerely said, “Thank you so much, Chen Luo, for taking care of my sister.” Chen Luo smiled and replied, “It’s only natural.” Well, wasn’t it just natural for him to do so?

“Let’s eat,” Chen Luo exclaimed. Just like how he treated Mi Li, he indulged himself with large bites of meat.

 Mi Ling was infected by his enthusiasm and no longer held back.

She chewed on the spicy and flavorful meat, making sounds of enjoyment. This meat was simply too delicious. I’ve been tempted once again, but this time I didn’t lose!

After finishing their meal, Chen Luo took a sip of tea and spoke to a satisfied Mi Ling, “Mi Ling, Mi Li, this place isn’t suitable for long-term residence. Other survivors will come and scavenge at least eight times a day, and it can become bothersome.”

“In densely populated areas like this, everyone knows that there are abundant resources. Soon, there will be too many people coming to scavenge. Most importantly, the terrain is unfavorable, and the visibility is limited. If we have a choice, it’s better not to live in high-rise buildings. Let’s tidy up in the afternoon, but there’s no rush. Put anything you want in my space ability, and we’ll leave tomorrow.”

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