Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 4.1

Chapter 4: Su Dazhu 4.1

Chen Luo opened the car door and held it for the Thunderbolt King to get in. The Thunderbolt King hesitated for a moment before ultimately getting into the car.

Chen Luo gave a satisfied look, closed the car door, and said to Wang Ming, “The money have been transferred on the account number you have sent.”

Chen Luo had no intention of reneging on this transaction.

Wang Ming was overjoyed to receive the money. One million yuan was truly a large sum of money, and he wasn’t even a famous private detective. He couldn’t earn this amount in two years, but now he had earned it in just two days.

As the saying goes, it’s easier to make money from the wealthy.

After transferring the money, Chen Luo said, “Goodbye.”

Seeing the money arrive in his account, Wang Ming became excited and said, “Chen, if you ever need anything, just let me know. I will make sure to handle it perfectly for you.”

Chen Luo smiled and nodded his head, then drove off with the Thunderbolt King.

During a red light, Chen Luo looked at the Thunderbolt King and laughed, saying, “From now on, I’ll just call you King.”

The Thunderbolt King didn’t understand the meaning behind Chen Luo’s words, and only let out a soft bark.

Chen Luo didn’t mind, knowing that after awakening his special abilities in the apocalypse, the Thunderbolt King’s intelligence would be enhanced, and he would be no less than a human. Otherwise, Chen Luo wouldn’t have needed to make multiple surprise attacks to catch him.

Seeing that the Thunderbolt King’s body was dirty, Chen Luo went to a pet store and bought some bath products specifically for dogs.

As for dog food, Chen Luo didn’t buy any.

Was the Thunderbolt King an ordinary dog?

The Thunderbolt King deserved to be well taken care of. Whatever I eat, it will eat. If there’s enough for me, it won’t go hungry.

And if there’s nothing for me to eat, I don’t think the Thunderbolt King would let me starve either.

On the way back home, Chen Luo decided to use this time to cultivate a good relationship with the Thunderbolt King. They had traveled quite far to find him, so it took them over an hour to reach Chen Luo’s doorstep.

This was a villa district that could be considered a true mansion in the bustling city.

Every inch of land was worth over 300,000 RMB per square meter.

Chen Luo had bought the villa ten years ago, and at the time, it wasn’t as expensive. Over the years, its value had increased seven or eight times.

Now, Chen Luo’s villa was worth 350 million RMB on the market.

On the day of Chen Luo’s rebirth, he immediately mortgaged the villa and borrowed 300 million yuan with a high interest rate from a group of loan sharks who set off firecrackers.
One month later, he had to repay 330 million yuan. Hmph, in a month, your money will be mine, and my house will still be my house. If you have the guts, come and ask me for it.

Passing by the security booth at the entrance and seeing a tall security guard standing watch, although Chen Luo had seen him a few times after his rebirth, he still felt a twinge of emotion in his nose.

Note: “a group of loan sharks who set off firecrackers” refers to a common practice in China where loan sharks would make loud noises, such as setting off firecrackers, outside the debtor’s home or workplace to shame them into repaying their debts.

The security guard has thick eyebrows and big eyes, and his face looks simple and honest, perhaps a bit too much, making him appear somewhat foolish.

His name is Su Dazhu, and he is a good friend of Chen Luo after the apocalypse, with the ability of being a physically powerful supernatural being.

He is as strong as a diamond, almost invulnerable to any weapon, very sturdy.

However, due to the lack of resources, Chen Luo and Su Dazhu were trapped by someone. At that time, Chen Luo had not yet mastered the ability of void-walking, so Su Dazhu delayed the opponent.

Chen Luo managed to escape safely, but Su Dazhu was beaten to death by the attackers.

In Chen Luo’s ears, there seemed to be the lingering roar of Su Dazhu before he died.

Although Chen Luo later avenged Su Dazhu, Su Dazhu disappeared forever.

Chen Luo’s eyes became unnaturally red. “My good friend, in this life or the next, I will make sure you eat and drink well,” he said.

The two of them were good friends after the apocalypse, and now their relationship is merely familiar. Chen Luo is not in a hurry though. When the apocalypse happened, Su Dazhu was on duty, and when it happens again, they will once again become brothers.

Chen Luo stopped the car and joked, “Dazhu, after work tonight, do you want me to take you out to have some fun?”

Was he serious about taking him out to have some fun?

Su Dazhu grinned foolishly and replied, “No thanks, Brother Chen. My mother told me that a man should not learn to be bad.”

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