Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 4.2

Chapter 4: Su Dazhu 4.2

Chen Luo chuckled and asked, “What else did your mother say?”

Su Dazhu grinned wider and replied, “My mother also said, ‘If someone is too kind to you for no reason, they either want to cheat or steal from you.'”

Chen Luo was speechless.

As Chen Luo and the Thunderbolt King entered the house, they were greeted by a spacious garden and an exquisite villa.

The unfamiliar scene made the Thunderbolt King feel a little timid.

Chen Luo didn’t care whether the Thunderbolt King understood him or not, and he smiled and said, “Thunderbolt King, from now on, this will be your home. Come on, let me show you to the bathroom for a bath first.”

The Thunderbolt King was surprisingly obedient, although he was a little afraid of water, he let Chen Luo fuss over him without any resistance.

As Chen Luo helped him bathe, he couldn’t help but think about what else he needed to stock up on.

If it was just for himself and his brothers, Chen Luo had already stocked up enough food on his space ability to last him a lifetime. He could never finish all the food he had accumulated.

But in this second life, Chen Luo didn’t want to live like he did in his previous life.

If he was the only human left in the world, surrounded by monsters, the kind of loneliness that would feel in his heart would be unbearable.

Chen Luo wanted more people to accompany him, so he decided to establish a gathering place of his own.

In the apocalypse, danger not only came from the scarcity of food, but also from the monsters and other survivors.

Although Chen Luo was gifted, he wasn’t good at direct combat. To put it simply, if he faced several hundred high-level ability users at once, he would have to run away.

So why not recruit some followers to fight against others in groups?

It would be better to fight against groups with groups.

Chen Luo had a rough idea of which powerful ability users would emerge in the future. By recruiting them early on, he would have a strong team to lead. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

With his ability to store things in a spatial dimension and his Knowledge about the future, becoming the first powerful force in the apocalypse should be an achievable goal.

But now, with only some meat stored up, would that be enough?

Of course not, Chen Luo hadn’t even started storing up staple foods, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and so on.

Moreover, water was even more critical. After the apocalypse, water sources were also contaminated.

In the early days of the apocalypse, survivors mostly relied on bottled or canned purified water to survive, but the quantity was limited, and obtaining it wasn’t easy.

After the apocalypse, the happiest days for people would be rainy days.

After the clean water runs out, survivors have no choice but to turn their attention to water that has been contaminated by viruses and the corpses of the dead.

This water wouldn’t kill the physically strong surbivors, but it would suppress the development of the abilities of the superpowered ones.

This was only discovered much later in the apocalypse, and in the early days, even Chen Luo, who didn’t have the ability to create a space for himself, had to drink a lot of virus-contaminated water out of necessity.

Water is the source of life, it’s of utmost importance.

Chen Luo realized this as he contemplated his next steps. He finished giving the Thunderbolt King his bath, and after the bath, the Thunderbolt King looked much cleaner and slightly more handsome

The pitiful-looking Thunderbolt King stared at Chen Luo, who patted his head and laughed before realizing that he hadn’t given him any food yet.

Chen Luo then took out a serving of sweet and sour spare ribs directly from his dimensional space and prepared a bowl for Thunderbolt King to eat.

Seeing the famished Thunderbolt King wolfing down the food, Chen Luo didn’t say a word and just watched him eat.

Although Chen Luo had eaten a lot at lunchtime, he had been holding back for a long time and his mouth began to water.
He took out another portion of sweet and sour pork ribs from his spatial ability and started to eat it himself.

As Chen Luo was eating and spitting out the bones, the pitiful looking Thunderbolt King imitated him.

Chen Luo found it amusing and said, “Ha, even a dog knows how to spit out bones.” With that, Chen Luo spit out a piece of bone that he had just finished eating.

Suddenly realizing something, his face turned dark as he scolded himself, “What the heck, I’m scolding myself.”

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