Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 5.1

Chapter 5: Hoarding Goods on a Large Scale 5.1

After finishing the meal, King truly acted like a dog father, and Chen Luo had to wash the dishes for him.

 After washing the dishes, Chen Luo picked up his phone and prepared to go out again.

Although there was still plenty of time, being prepared early would bring peace of mind.

Chen Luo was preparing to order a large amount of vegetables and fruits again, which would require a large warehouse as a temporary storage location.

To rely on the truck to collect goods wave after wave? While others load the goods onto the truck? Don’t be ridiculous.

Before leaving, Chen Luo deliberately tested King’s reaction.

As Chen Luo was about to leave, King couldn’t help but feel anxious.

This master had been really kind to him, even giving him pork ribs to eat, which was the best thing he had ever tasted in his life.

“Is he going to abandon me?”  King thought to himself.

“Am I going to be a stray dog again?”

 King whimpered and gently rubbed Chen Luo’s feet with his head.

Chen Luo smiled and petted the dog’s head, bringing him into the car.

It was important to continue building a bond with The Thunderbolt King during this time.

Once in the car, the King, who followed Chen Luo, became quiet again.

 In the following days, Chen Luo was busy searching for a warehouse, contacting suppliers, and even making time to stock up on some gourmet food.

He was constantly busy and working non-stop.

The amount of money in Chen Luo’s account was rapidly decreasing, but he was still satisfied. To him, money spent was the only real money, otherwise it was just a worthless piece of paper.

He had mortgaged his house for 3 hundred million Yuan and sold his shares for 1 billion Yuan. The majority of the expenses went towards meat, costing five billion. Originally, it was supposed to be seven billion, but the remaining two billion would be paid after the apocalypse.

Meat is the biggest expense, costing 500 million yuan. Originally, it was 700 million yuan, but the remaining 200 million yuan will be paid after the apocalypse.

Then that means no need to give.

The vegetables cost three billion, mainly consisting of potatoes, cabbage, and corn. They were purchased from various suppliers, who didn’t offer credit.

It’s possible to delay, but not for ten days or half a month. Unless Chen Luo stuck up in the few days before the apocalypse, but at that time it might not be possible to stockpile.

As for water, Chen Luo stocked up 100 million worth of water.

The water is purified and clean, but the containers that hold them are valuable. Water itself is not expensive.

 The cost of a bottle of mineral water is actually just over 20 cents, excluding labor, factory equipment, and the value of the bottle itself.

Chen Luo also stockpiled 200-million-yuan worth of fruits, mainly apples which are nutritious, affordable and available in large quantities.

He also stockpiled some of other kinds of fruits, but not a lot.

“Various snacks, such as chocolates, candies, potato chips, as well as salt, seeds, and other miscellaneous items also cost Chen Luo half a Billion, with salt accounting for almost half of it.

Everything cost a total of 1.2 Billion and Chen Luo also spent a considerable amount on renting warehouses, cold storage, and ready-to-eat foods.”

Currently, there is only 50 million left in Chen Luo’s account. Chen Luo took a deep breath, realizing that hoarding resources is not an easy task. At least it is finally over for now.

The only thing that Chen Luo hasn’t hoarded yet is the staple food, rice and flour, he doesn’t have any at all.

One reason is that he doesn’t have enough funds, but the other reason is that he has a better strategy.

Who has the most food reserves?

Local grain reserves, especially in big cities like the capital, should have stored A lot of food.

After the apocalypse, Chen Luo is afraid that his space ability may not be enough if he has to make a trip to the reserves.

Chen Luo regrets not opening up more spaceability in his previous life.

Not only food, but other supplies such as vegetables and meat could also be stockpiled. Large supermarkets stockpile a considerable amount of supplies.

Others may not be able to take much, but Chen Luo has the space ability to store more.

To facilitate his actions after the apocalypse, Chen Luo ordered a batch of high-voltage electric batons.

Chen Luo went all out to purchase a total of 50 high-voltage electric batons.

 Although they might not be useful in the post-apocalyptic world, they would be very helpful in the early stages.

Even zombies are afraid of electricity, so the electric batons are a good choice.

 Chen Luo also acquired two sets of high-tech alloy armor, one tailored to his own body and the other tailored to Su Dazhu’s body.

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    Also the black Market to buy weapons like guns and heavy armed vehicles or army vehicles

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  3. Rashely Victoriano has spoken 8 months ago

    I’m waiting for him to reinforce his house and by clothes for winter and summer that are easy to move through and also install a electric generator and Medicine, medical equipment and devices so much more then just food

    • Qert has spoken 3 months ago

      Those don’t go bad. He can always loot those things after the apocalypse. I think he’s focusing on stuff he wasn’t able to get after it started.


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