Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Recruitment

In the evening, during the process of absorbing crystals, the Thunderbolt King suddenly howled.

Chen Luo was not surprised but delighted because this meant that the Thunderbolt King had reached the third level. With each promotion, the strength almost doubled.

The Thunderbolt King was probably the second person in the world, after Chen Luo, to reach the third level.

With the Thunderbolt King’s agility and speed, it would be no problem for him to single-handedly take on dozens of first-level ability users.

It would take at least another week for Mi Li and Su Dazhu to reach the third level.

The next day…

Having to leave their home where they had lived for over a decade, both Mi Ling and Mi Li felt reluctant.

However, Chen Luo made the decision that this place was not suitable, and they had no choice but to move out.

Chen Luo chose a new location, which was the former villa area of his own house. There were no high-rise buildings nearby, providing a wide and unobstructed view.

The entire villa area could serve as a residence for their newly established force.

At the southern end of the community, there was a connecting mountain.

If a tide of corpses were to approach, they could retreat to the mountain. It was a good location, and as more survivors sought refuge in the future, it was inevitable that they would covet this place.

But was Chen Luo afraid?

If anyone dared to come, it would be like delivering crystals to him. In the early stages, there might be some small groups, around a dozen people at most, causing trouble. However, Chen Luo could easily handle even a group of dozens of people.

After some time of development, Chen Luo’s knowledge and resources would far surpass others in strength.

To Chen Luo’s slight surprise, his heavy-duty truck was still there, but the annoying part was that someone had stolen all the fuel.

 Fortunately, Chen Luo had some spare gasoline in his space. He didn’t stockpile much gasoline since it was easily collectible and became less useful in the later stages. Having enough was sufficient.

The driver’s cabin of the heavy-duty truck had been untouched for several days, and one of the windows had been broken, accumulating some dust.

After a quick clean-up, everyone got on the truck. Soon, the only purpose of this truck would be for transportation.

Using the truck to ram into survivors was out of the question; no one would be foolish enough to let themselves be hit.

When encountering zombies on the road, if the truck could hit them, it would. If there were obstacles or the truck couldn’t pick up speed, Chen Luo would have Su Dazhu, Mi Ling, and others get off the truck to kill the zombies and collect crystals.

The lowest-grade crystals were no longer useful to Chen Luo, but they still served a purpose for Su Dazhu and the others until the zombies evolved to the first level.

Chen Luo didn’t intervene and let Mi Ling and the others get more practice.

During a turn, a sorrowful cry suddenly reached Chen Luo’s ears.

“Brother Fang, please, don’t worry about us. Just run!”

“Stop your damn nonsense. If we’re going to die, let’s die together.”

After reaching the fourth level, Chen Luo’s vision far surpassed that of an ordinary person.

Looking over, Chen Luo saw three young men with darkened faces, moving slowly, trying to avoid the pursuit of five or six zombies.

Chen Luo was taken aback. Were they under attack by poison-type zombies?

If so, they were likely only facing level one poison-type zombies, otherwise these three young men would have been paralyzed long ago.

There were four young men in total, and one of them was vigorously wielding a rubber stick, fighting desperately without retreating.

From his appearance, he had also been affected by the poison, but he should be a physical ability user with some immunity to level one poisons.

If he left his three companions as bait for the zombies, he could escape.

Coincidentally, this person known as “Brother Fang” spotted Chen Luo passing by, and a sense of relief and hope appeared on his despairing face.

He shouted desperately, “Big brother, if you can save us, I, Fang Yu, will surely repay this great kindness.”

Chen Luo calmly replied, “Okay.”

Chen Luo opened the car door and released the Thunderbolt King.

Normally, it had nothing to do with Chen Luo and he wouldn’t bother doing anything, but he admired Fang Yu’s spirit of loyalty and righteousness. Fang Yu could have run away, but he chose not to.

This reminded Chen Luo of the scene in his previous life when Su Dazhu sacrificed himself for him.

And clearly, Su Dazhu also admired Fang Yu and voluntarily got off the car to help.

But before Su Dazhu could do anything, the Thunderbolt King who got off the car swiftly dealt with the five zombies, leaving Fang Yu and the others dumbfounded.

It seemed that the low-level poison-type zombie, which only sprayed poison at close range, had been taken care of by Fang Yu and the others.

Su Dazhu helped Fang Yu support his injured friend.

Fang Yu approached the window of the heavy truck and deeply bowed to Chen Luo, choked up as he said, “Thank you, thank you for saving us. I’m not good with words, but if there’s anything I can do to repay you, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

Curious, Chen Luo asked, “How many of you are there? What happened?”

Fang Yu, of course, didn’t conceal anything and replied, “There are four of us from the same security company, comrades for many years.

Today, we went out to scavenge for supplies, thinking it would be an easy thing. But unexpectedly, we encountered a zombie that could spray poison. We almost lost our lives.”

Many of Fang Yu’s comrades had joined the same security company after leaving the military, but after the apocalypse arrived, only the four of them remained.

The precious bond of comradeship became even more cherished in such times.

Chen Luo turned to Mi Li and said, “Mi Li, go down and help them with their injuries.”

Originally, these three poisoned individuals would have needed at least ten days to half a month of rest to recover.

But under Mi Li’s treatment, although they were still somewhat weak, they had recovered significantly.

Fang Yu was even more grateful and astonished. He couldn’t help but be amazed by the remarkable strength of this group of people. The dog that got off the truck seemed capable of easily wiping out their entire team. Was it really just a dog?

With a few lightning bolts, the dog effortlessly eliminated several zombies.

And this young girl, she was a priest?

Especially Chen Luo, although his face was young and he had a faint smile, he was the leader of this group, giving Fang Yu a profound and unfathomable feeling.

Chen Luo chuckled and said, “Strength lies in numbers, so how about forming a team? Of course, I’ll be the captain.”

Chen Luo was currently in need of more manpower, and these four individuals seemed quite impressive. Why not recruit them?

Fang Yu had just witnessed the strength of Chen Luo’s group firsthand. When he compared his own group to Chen Luo’s, they were simply not on the same level.

This was a golden opportunity.

Regardless of the fact that Chen Luo had saved their lives, even without that, joining a team with such individuals would provide them with great safety and security.

Fang Yu couldn’t think of any reason to refuse. He turned to look at his three companions, and none of them opposed the idea.

He immediately clasped his fists and said to Chen Luo, “We are grateful for your trust and for saving our lives. If we were to refuse, it would be ungrateful of us.”

Chen Luo smiled and said, “Come to the back compartment then. Did you leave anything important at your previous base? If not, it’s better not to go back for it. There are plenty of supplies on the streets and in the shopping malls.”

Although Chen Luo found these individuals appealing, he wouldn’t disclose information about his space to non-core members. Fang Yu shook his head in response.

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