Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Loyalty Pays Off

Mi Ling said, “These four individuals are indeed impressive. Not only do they have the courage to fight against zombies, but they also never abandon their teammates in life-or-death situations.”

Chen Luo nodded and replied, “Their strength may be lower, but their character is the key. What’s the use of having high strength if they run away when faced with danger?”

Rice also didn’t notice anything unusual about the four individuals.

Upon arriving at Chen Luo’s villa in the residential area, he parked the car in the usual spot.

The zombies that were previously eliminated by Chen Luo in the villa area had been replaced, and there were now a few more.

The zombies continued to roam around incessantly.

Upon reaching the entrance of his own villa, Chen Luo pointed to a neighboring villa and said to Fang Yu and his group, “There should be no one in that house. Clean up there for now, and I’ll come find you later.”

Chen Luo couldn’t possibly live together with Fang Yu and his group. First, they hadn’t reached a level of trust, and second, it would be inconvenient.

Fang Yu and his group nodded in agreement.

As soon as they entered the house, Chen Luo’s face darkened.

The windows in the living room, which were originally closed, had been smashed, and shattered glass shards covered the floor. There were signs of someone rummaging through cabinets and drawers in the house.

With a slight thought, Chen Luo knew that someone had come in to search for supplies. Most likely, it was one of the survivors in the villa area.

Shaking his head, Chen Luo didn’t bother to investigate who did it. If they dare to come when I’m home, they shouldn’t blame me for not being polite.

Chen Luo said, “Mi Ling, Mi Li, you two can choose a room on the third floor. Dazhu, Sister Yu, you can continue staying on the second floor. Let’s all do some cleaning.”

Chen Luo himself resided on the third floor, as it was a well-known fact. His bedroom was in the center, Mi Ling and Mi Li chose the remaining rooms, one on the left and one on the right.


Chen Luo took out Mi Ling and Mi Li’s belongings from his space and asked them to tidy up. Afterwards, he went downstairs to the first floor.

After some thought, Chen Luo took out some rice, potatoes, cooking oil, salt, MSG, and other seasonings from the space and placed them in the on the first floor.

He then called out to Su Dazhu, carrying a bag of rice and potatoes, and went to where Fang Yu and the others were.

Chen Luo’s hearing had also become very keen. Even before entering the villa, he could already hear Fang Yu and his group talking.

“I swear, Brother Fang, that dog is amazing.”

“I can’t believe it, a dog with that kind of power.”

“It feels like the four of us combined wouldn’t be a match for it.”

“Be confident, let’s remove the ‘seems’ from that statement.”

Chen Luo listened and chuckled. They were talking about the Thunderbolt King who received my training.

The door wasn’t closed, so Chen Luo coughed lightly, Fang Yu and the others quickly greeted him.

Chen Luo smiled and said, “Hold on for a moment, let’s introduce ourselves first. I’m Chen Luo, and this is Su Dazhu. Could you please share your awakened abilities and the number of days it took for you to awaken after the apocalypse?”

The four of them began to take turns introducing themselves.

“I’m Fang Yu, the oldest among the four of us. I awakened on the third day. My ability is to increase my strength and enhance my physique.”

Similar to Su Dazhu.

“I’m Yang Xuan. I have the ice ability. I awakened on the fifth day. If you need anything frozen, I can help with that.”

“I’m Xu Lan. I have the earth ability. I awakened on the seventh day. I can manipulate sand and rocks, but it doesn’t seem to be very useful.”

Earth-based abilities are still good. Whether in the early or later stages, its defense is the highest among elemental abilities.

They can construct tall and sturdy earthen walls to withstand the zombies. If they grow stronger and reach the King level, they will possess powerful skills such as earthquakes and summoning meteorites.

The last person is named Li Fei, who felt a bit embarrassed. “I’m Li Fei. I have the lightning ability, also awakened on the fifth day. Comparing myself to the dog you keep, um, there’s really no comparison.”

Chen Luo thought that while Fang Yu’s talent was impressive, the others had above-average abilities as well. In Chen Luo’s previous life, he had never met any of these individuals. He realized that without his help, they would have likely fallen prey to the zombies.

Chen Luo wasn’t disappointed. Having people to assist him with tasks was a good thing, especially considering that these individuals were not lacking in ability.

Chen Luo pointed to the rice and potatoes he had brought along. “Can you cook? You can use these for now.”

Fang Yu was taken aback and said, “Chen Luo, you saved our lives, and we haven’t had a chance to repay you. We can’t take your things. We’ll find something ourselves later.”

Chen Luo smiled faintly and said, “Don’t be so formal. We are a team now, and you guys are sticking with me. Giving you some food is nothing. After eating, take a rest, and in the afternoon, we’ll organize the supplies in the villa area and have them centralized under my management.”

If Fang Yu and the others showed outstanding performance, Chen Luo believed that they were truly reliable and would consider them as core members.

At that time, he would reveal some secrets about the space ability and occasionally treat them to some good food.

But for now, giving them the same treatment as himself, feasting on luxurious meals every day, that would be utterly brainless.

‘I can’t finish all the food by myself, but you haven’t shown enough loyalty, so don’t even think about it,’ Chen Luo thought to himself.

As for Su Dazhu, he was a brother who sacrificed himself to save Chen Luo in his previous life. Therefore, Chen Luo was willing to let Su Dazhu enjoy the good things in life. He would never deprive him of his share.

As for Mi Ling and Mi Li, they were the future… Those who understand, understand.

Ma Yu can be considered a master chef; someone Chen Luo has cultivated as a trusted ally. They rely on her for cooking.

Fang Yu didn’t waste any more time and nodded, saying, “Okay, we’ll show you our performance in the future.”

Chen Luo then took out a walkie-talkie and handed it to Fang Yu, saying, “Use this for communication when needed. It’s more convenient.”

This walkie-talkie doesn’t require a signal and has a maximum communication range of up to two kilometers. It’s very handy when phones can’t be used.

Back at home, Ma Yu helplessly said, “Chen Luo, the natural gas here is cut off. Shall we use an induction cooker for cooking?”

Chen Luo was prepared for this and took out two gas canisters from the space, he also sent one to Fang Yu and the others.

Survivors don’t have much need for natural gas. Once a base is established, if they really need a fire, there are flame-type supernatural beings/ability users who can provide it. Besides, they don’t have many dishes to stir-fry; at most, they cook some rice.

After finishing their meal, at two o’clock in the afternoon, Chen Luo gathered Fang Yu and the others.

“We will settle here for the long term. First, let’s survey the entire villa area. If there are people in a villa, leave it for now. If it’s unoccupied, search for supplies inside. Also, collect any car keys available as having a vehicle will be convenient.”

Regarding other survivors, Chen Luo wouldn’t trouble them without reason. He would let them fend for themselves for now. When they had more manpower, if someone seemed suitable, they could join the group. If not, they would be given some food and sent away.

This was already a relatively lenient approach. When dealing with unreasonable individuals, if they refused to leave, there wouldn’t be any hesitation in making them leave forcibly.

The protagonist’s abilities are intentionally not strong in the early stages. This is to ensure that they are invincible when facing individual survivors, but not when facing a group.

Otherwise, if the protagonist becomes capable of taking on thousands of enemies, it wouldn’t make sense to hoard so many supplies, which would also go against the book’s title.

In the early stages, the story focuses on creating exciting moments using the stockpiled supplies, while in the middle and later stages, it relies on the protagonist’s personal strength.

To be conservative, there will be rice to eat within a maximum of 200,000 words.

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