Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 52

Chapter 52: This Person is Truly Pitiful

In the afternoon, Chen Luo gathered together with Fang Yu, Yang Xuan, Su Dazhu, Mi Ling, Mi Li, and the others at the entrance of the villa.

“Let’s split into two groups and try to clear all the 100 villas in the community this afternoon. If there are people inside, don’t disturb them for now.”

There were definitely still survivors in the community, and Chen Luo didn’t intend to drive them away at the moment.

Firstly, it was unnecessary for now, and it would be extremely unethical to force them out, almost equivalent to killing them.

Chen Luo hadn’t stooped to that level yet, to harm people who had no grudges against him.

Secondly, how would the people around him view him? Being so cold and heartless, anyone with a sense of morality would be chilled by such actions.

Without Chen Luo driving them away, they would come out to search for supplies once their resources were depleted. They would either die at the hands of zombies or survive reasonably well.

The ones who survive well indicate their good abilities, and if they are suitable, Chen Luo doesn’t mind taking them in.

Suddenly, Chen Luo, with his keen hearing, heard the sound of a vehicle driving. Someone was entering the villa area in a car.

The size of the vehicle was not small.

Chen Luo took a few steps and looked towards the direction where the sound came from. He saw two white buses entering the community.

A group of people got off the buses.

Seeing the figure at the front, Chen Luo muttered to himself, “Oh my goodness, how did I forget about this big bootlicker of hers?”

Chen Luo had struggled in the apocalypse for 12 years in his previous life, equivalent to a normal person recalling events that happened when they were 9 years old. He remembered important things and people.

But there are some things that can only be remembered when encountered.

The leader of this group is a woman named Mu Tiange. She does look quite beautiful, but Chen Luo feels nothing towards her because she is psychologically disturbed.

Mu Tiange had a certain reputation in the capital city. She was the CEO and chief designer of a clothing design company.

The company wasn’t large in scale, and her fame wasn’t based on her looks.

It was because her company only hired women, and specifically those without boyfriends. Married women were not even considered.

Everyone speculated that she had a psychological obsession with cleanliness and disliked men.

After the apocalypse, Mu Tiange established a gathering place for female survivors with her employees. Although there were later changes made to the group.

Why is she considered psychologically disturbed?

Even in the midst of the apocalypse, she absolutely forbids any romantic relationships among her employees. If anyone is caught, they are severely punished.

Who doesn’t have desires and emotions? Even animals have their mating seasons.

Her most important role is being Mi Ling’s number one follower.

You didn’t expect that, did you?

Due to Mi Ling’s persuasion and the strong dissatisfaction of her team, Mu Tiange reluctantly allowed a small number of male survivors to join.

There are many followers of Mi Ling, but Mu Tiange is the most devoted. It is said that she died later while saving Mi Ling, and Mi Ling took over her position.

Even if someone is a “follower,” it’s rare for anyone to be willing to sacrifice their life for the other person. The title of “number one follower” is well-deserved.

It’s precisely because of Mu Tiange that Mi Ling, no matter how talented and powerful she is, would have a hard time surviving in the apocalypse with Mi Li.

Recalling the past, Mu Tiange should have come with her team to gather supplies and even found Chen Luo’s house. However, upon seeing people, they gave up.

Well, to be honest, when Chen Luo saw a gathering of so many girls, can you blame him for wanting to join?

At that time, Mu Tiange didn’t accept men at all and ruthlessly rejected Chen Luo.

Chen Luo rubbed his chin. With me around, I wonder if Mi Ling will meet Mu Tiange a bit earlier?

I should hide Mi Ling and not let Mu Tiange see her, right?

Wait, this is a “follower” we’re talking about. Being a follower is good.

Mi Ling is perfectly normal.

Didn’t he also have followers?

Although this group of girls may not be strong in terms of physical abilities, I, who am lacking followers, don’t mind.

Chen Luo remembers that besides Mu Tiange, there was another powerful ability user in this team.

If they didn’t meet their end early on, this person should have become one of the later top-tier powerhouses.

It would be necessary to make contact with them.

Mu Tiange and her group searched each villa for supplies, but it seemed that the villas had already been searched by someone else.

Soon, Mu Tiange and the others approached Chen Luo’s direction.

Chen Luo didn’t look at Mu Tiange, although she was indeed quite beautiful with her slender figure and outstanding temperament.

But Chen Luo truly had no interest in her.

Instead, Chen Luo’s gaze fell on a woman in the crowd who wasn’t particularly beautiful but exuded a strong and heroic aura. She appeared to be in her early twenties.

After Mi Ling joined Mu Tiange, there was another woman whose strength was only second to Mi Ling’s, a powerful ice-based ability user.

Her name seemed to be Shu Yun, but unfortunately, she died early on.

Mu Tiange and her group also noticed Chen Luo and seemed to have spotted Mi Ling, so they walked straight over.

The people on Chen Luo’s side were also very curious as they watched this group of over twenty women.

When Mu Tiange saw Mi Ling, she trembled and a strange emotion rose within her.

Well, how should I put it, it might be similar to how a man would feel when seeing a fairy.

Mu Tiange approached, completely ignoring Chen Luo, and walked up to Mi Ling.

Mu Tiange smiled and said, “Hello, I’m Mu Tiange.”

Mi Ling was a bit confused about the situation. She had heard of Mu Tiange before, and the other party was polite, so Mi Ling also replied politely, “I’m Mi Ling.”

Mu Tiange gestured to the team behind her and smiled, “We are all women in this group. How about joining us?”

Chen Luo cursed inwardly, feeling that she didn’t regard him highly at all. She was openly trying to win over Mi Ling right in front of him?

Mi Ling, however, didn’t disappoint Chen Luo.

Would she have refused Mu Tiange if she hadn’t joined Chen Luo?

There was really no reason to refuse. They were all girls, so at least she didn’t have to be on guard against them making advances on her.

At least that’s how she would perceive it as someone who didn’t know the whole story.

Compared to teaming up with men, it was certainly Mu Tiange who made her feel more at ease.

But Mi Ling already had a team now, so she declined Mu Tiange without hesitation, “Sorry, I already have a team.”

Aside from being demanding in terms of their emotions, Mu Tiange treats her team members well in other aspects.

One of the girls spotted the Thunderbolt King and her eyes lit up, “Hey, there’s a dog here, it looks pretty fierce.”

Chen Luo provided the Thunderbolt King with good food and drinks, and the Thunderbolt King had also advanced three levels. Could it not look fierce?

The Thunderbolt King couldn’t be bothered with her. In the Thunderbolt King’s eyes, humans didn’t make a distinction between genders. Whether you were a girl or a guy, it didn’t matter.

As long as the owner gave the command, regardless of gender, if he said to bite, the Thunderbolt King would bite.

This girl probably liked dogs. She took out a sausage from her pocket and wanted to feed it to the Thunderbolt King.

But then she hesitated. She couldn’t bear to do it. With resources being so scarce now, she hadn’t received much food herself.

After biting her lip, she ended up eating most of the sausage on the spot, intending to feed the remaining bit to the Thunderbolt King.

But she didn’t expect that the Thunderbolt King would instead look at her with a kind of pity in its eyes.

The sausage smelled bad already, even dogs wouldn’t eat it.

To think that something even dogs wouldn’t eat, was being handled so delicately, with an appearance of reluctance.

Ah, this person is truly pitiful.

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