Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Dare to Rob, I’ll Strike Hard

The Thunderbolt King, regardless of its appearance and smell, did not like the sausage at all.

Even if it did, it would never eat something from a stranger. The girl who offered the sausage to the Thunderbolt King looked disappointed.

“It is fine if doesn’t want to eat it, but why do I feel like it’s looking at me with a pitiful expression?” she wondered.

Others laughed and said, “You’re overthinking it. How can you see pity in a dog’s eyes?”

“It’s probably because it doesn’t eat food from strangers.”

“People find it hard to get good food, so there’s no way a dog can have it. It’s impressive that it can resist the temptation.”

The Thunderbolt King rolled its eyes. If the owner had given the order, I would have bitten.

Mi Ling’s response surprised Mu Tiange, not because of the answer itself, but because of her unwavering attitude.

“It’s obvious that our team is safer and more suitable, and you rejected without hesitation?” Mu Tiange scanned the positioning and expressions of the people on Chen Luo’s side, which made it clear that Chen Luo was the decision-maker. She casually asked, “Is this your boyfriend?”

Mi Ling blushed slightly, about to deny it, but Chen Luo bluntly replied, “What’s it to you?”

Do you think I’m a pushover, trying to steal my spotlight right in front of me?

Chen Luo no longer paid attention to Mu Tiange and called out, “Let’s get moving and clean up.”

As she watched Chen Luo and the others walk away, Mu Tiange narrowed her eyes and coldly smirked. Men are naturally selfish and lustful creatures.

With a little trickery, I can make Mi Ling see his true colors and join my side. The more I get close to her, the more likely it will happen.

After a moment of contemplation, Mu Tiange turned and said, “Let’s continue searching, and we’ll temporarily settle here.”

Inside the bus were the supplies and daily necessities that Mu Tiange had gathered, ready for them to settle down at any time.

Originally, she didn’t want to reside in this villa area, not because the conditions were poor, but because they were too good, which would undoubtedly attract more people.

Stability and development were the top priority.

However, upon second thought, other residential areas might not be safe either. They would definitely be searched by large groups of people. Most importantly, Mi Ling was living here.

Mu Tiange directly chose the villa next to Chen Luo’s house, occupying two villas with over twenty people.

Both groups searched for supplies simultaneously. Chen Luo didn’t care much because she didn’t expect there to be much. He was completely uninterested.

Fang Yu, Su Dazhu, and others entered the house to search while Chen Luo guarded the entrance, ready to respond to any suspicious activity at a moment’s notice.

Both of them were contemplating how to deal with each other. The best way would be to expose Mu Tiange’s true nature, but it seemed difficult.

Meanwhile, Mu Tiange was also thinking about how to make Mi Ling see through the true face of men and join her side. Both had their own hidden intentions.

With Mu Tiange competing, Chen Luo’s group cleared the residential area within two hours. They obtained over 300 kilograms of rice and some high-end snacks, all obtained from the villas with zombies.

The villas without zombies had almost no supplies, as others had gotten there first.

They also cleared the zombie crystals and were given to Fang Yu and the others.

Fang Yu and the others were still unaware of the secret of the crystals, which required some imagination. It wasn’t until three months later that the existence of the crystals ceased to be a secret.

The crystals were of no use to Chen Luo but were sufficient for the others. Acquiring them was also relatively easy, so Chen Luo didn’t hesitate to give them to Fang Yu.

 Mu Tiange, who was observing Chen Luo’s actions, narrowed her eyes.

Did this guy also know the secret of the crystals?

It must have been Mi Ling’s idea.

The supplies that were found were given to Fang Yu and the others. Ma Yu started cooking, keeping the kitchen window tightly closed.

The range hood in Chen Luo’s house was powerful, ensuring that no cooking fumes escaped.

However, Mu Tiange did the opposite. She opened the window and didn’t even use a range hood. She prepared to stir-fry some wilted cabbage and potatoes.

 If they didn’t eat them quickly, they would truly go bad. Although it was a pity to eat them, it was still better than letting them rot.

Mu Tiange urged one of the girls cooking with her, “Xiao Ling, try to make it more flavorful.”

Xiao Ling forced a smile and replied, “Sis, we don’t have natural gas, so it’s impossible to cook.”

Mu Tiange frowned. She had four sisters with fire-based abilities, but their powers were still weak.

Not only were they unable to sustain the strength needed to cook a meal, but they also couldn’t control their powers properly and might accidentally burn the pot.

What should they do?

It’s dark outside now, and it’s somewhat dangerous to go out and search for a gas canister. They’ll consider it tomorrow; for today, they’ll make do with what they have.

Snacks are nice, but eating them for every meal can quickly become monotonous. They haven’t found any machines that can be powered, so they can’t even cook rice.

Mu Tiange ate a tasteless egg custard pie and took a sip of water. She reluctantly drank it because one of her sisters had almost gotten a stomachache from drinking untreated water.

Water wasn’t easy to come by either.

Mu Tiange’s eyes lit up as she thought of something. Isn’t this an excellent way to gain goodwill?

Mu Tiange gritted her teeth and took out a pack of roasted duck from the living room supplies. It was the type of roasted duck packed in a bag with a large amount of preservatives added.

They called it roasted duck, but anyone who has tasted it knows it’s disgusting. Even dogs won’t eat it.

This kind of thing is rare and usually only found in large supermarkets. Small supermarkets don’t sell such items.

Obtaining it was difficult, and Mu Tiange found it in a resident’s home. There were a total of five bags, and they divided them among the group, leaving two bags remaining.

Among the girls, some looked pleased, while others advised, “Sis, let’s save it for later. It’s not easy to come by, and we might crave it again.”

Do you really think she’s giving it to you to eat?

Mu Tiange found a plate and placed the 500-gram roasted duck on it. Despite the added food coloring, it still looked decent.

They tore open the packaging, and the girls gathered around. Although there were many people and the roasted duck was small, they could still divide it and each get a piece.

In the end, Mu Tiange walked out with the plate in her hands.

Shu Yun was puzzled and asked, “Sis, where are you going?”

Mu Tiange replied, “I’m going to give it to Mi Ling.”

Everyone was stunned, and one of the girls couldn’t help but exclaim, “Sister, we risked our lives to snatch it from the hands of zombies, and you’re giving it to an outsider to eat?”

Anyone in their shoes would feel unhappy about it.

Mu Tiange reassured them, saying, “I can sense that Mi Ling is a good person. If I can gain a sister by exchanging a roasted duck, isn’t it worth it?”

The sycophant always finds excuses.

Mu Tiange’s preferences hadn’t been revealed yet.

Although the others were unhappy, they couldn’t influence Mu Tiange’s decision.

Mu Tiange carried the roasted duck and arrived at Chen Luo’s house. The door was closed, and she couldn’t enter nor use force.

Suddenly, a dog appeared—it was the Thunderbolt King. It looked at her to see who had come.

Mu Tiange showed a vigilant expression. Would this dog pounce on me and snatch my roasted duck?

If you dare to rob it, don’t blame me for taking drastic measures.

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