Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Giving Cucumbers

Mu Tiange is a rare psychic ability user who can use psychic attacks and manipulate objects, such as iron needles and daggers. However, as a second-level ability user, she is not yet capable of using psychic attacks, but she can still manipulate objects and even fetch them from mid-air.

But she was thinking too much. Would the Thunderbolt King  be interested in her abilities?

“Woof woof woof woof!”

The Thunderbolt King barked wildly, as if saying, “In front of me, you’re not even as enticing as a braised pork belly. Don’t try to use seduction tactics.”

It was almost mealtime, and Chen Luo heard the commotion and came downstairs to see what was happening.

Mu Tiange smiled and said, “Open the door. I’m bringing some food for Mǐ Líng.”

Chen Luo chuckled, “Wow, you truly live up to being a lapdog.”

But hey, we shouldn’t discourage someone’s ambition, right?

Chen Luo smiled and said, “Give it to me, I’ll take it up.”

Mu Tiange shook her head. “No, I have to personally deliver it to her.”

What if this guy secretly takes the roasted duck I’m giving to Mi Ling and keeps it for himself?

The Thunderbolt King shook its head too. Even the dog disagrees with you. You’re overthinking.

Chen Luo couldn’t let Mu Tiange enter his villa. ‘What if she sees what they were eating? How would she handle the blow to her mentality?

Wait a minute. Mu Tiange had a thought. If Chen Luo selfishly devours this roasted duck, I can just ask Mi Ling about it tomorrow. That way, Chen Luo’s selfish and greedy nature will be exposed, right?

With that in mind, Mu Tiange endured the pain in her heart and handed the roasted duck to Chen Luo.

This was saved from the mouths of her other sisters, after all.

If Mi Ling likes it, I’ll give her the remaining duck too.

Mu Tiange walked into her room with a satisfied smile on her face.

Imagining the joyful scene when Mi Ling eats the roasted duck, Mu Tiange felt as happy as if she had eaten candy.

Chen Luo shook his head, feeling sorry for the lapdog.

As Chen Luo was about to go upstairs, he coincidentally ran into Mi Ling coming downstairs.

Mi Ling looked surprised at the roasted duck. “Where did this come from?”

Chen Luo shrugged. “Mu Tiange brought it.”

Mi Ling was puzzled. “We’re not even that close. Why would she bring this?”

Who would eat this roasted duck now that it’s in Chen Luo’s possession?

But it would be different in the hands of someone else.

Mi Ling couldn’t understand it. She and Mu Tiange weren’t even friends, so why would she be so generous?

Chen Luo sneered, “If she wants to give, let her give.”

With that, Chen Luo casually threw the roasted duck that Mu Tiange had reluctantly given into the trash bin without any hesitation.

He didn’t dare to keep something from a stranger.

Mi Ling looked at it with a hint of regret, but only regret for the wasted food.

Mi Ling instinctively glanced at the Thunderbolt King. Don’t let it go to waste, right?

The Thunderbolt King wagged its tail and walked away. This Dogs can’t eat that.

Mu Tiange thought about it when she returned. The roasted duck is greasy. What if Mi Ling gets thirsty after eating it and they don’t have much water left?

‘Even if I don’t drink, I can’t let Mi Ling go thirsty.’

Mu Tiange happily brought two bottles of mineral water, bouncing around.

Mi Ling couldn’t understand. Is it the case of “no good deed goes unpunished”? Could there be something toxic in the food and water?

Mi Ling thought for a moment and decided not to drink it, throwing it into the trash bin.

If Mu Tiange found out about this, she would definitely explode on the spot.

Chen Luo took out a real roasted duck for an extra meal.

After buying it, Chen Luo almost forgot about it because there were just too many delicious foods around.

The roasted duck was sliced and served with sweet bean sauce, shredded scallions, and cucumber.

It still emitted heat. How could it compare to Mu Tiange’s preserved roasted duck with preservatives?

Mi Li asked, “Chen Luo, do you prefer the duck skin or the duck meat?”

Chen Luo smiled and said, “I like them both.”

Mi Li carefully selected the golden and crispy duck skin from the roasted duck, spread some sweet bean sauce on it, and added some shredded scallions.

She didn’t eat it herself but handed it to Chen Luo first.

Chen Luo was deeply moved. If his hands weren’t oily, he would have wanted to pat Mi Li’s little head.

It wasn’t in vain to care for you.

Mi Ling looked at them suspiciously. Wasn’t it for me?

Could it be that this little girl…?

Perhaps that’s the case. Just when she needed protection the most, Chen Luo appeared and treated her so well.

The age difference between them was only three years.

Whether from the present or the future, no one was more suitable for Mi Li than Chen Luo. Mi Ling could feel at ease when looking at them.

If it was entrusted to someone else, Mi Ling wouldn’t feel at ease at all.

But why do I feel a bit sour?

Suddenly, the dishes on the table didn’t taste as good anymore.

The next day, Mu Tiange seized an opportunity and asked Mi Ling, “Was the roasted duck delicious?”

Mi Ling smiled awkwardly and said, “Yes, it was delicious.”

Mi Ling finally experienced it.

When she had just returned home with two classmates, they took out wrinkled bread and asked, “Mi Li, why aren’t you eating?”

Although there was a big difference between bread and roasted duck, they were the same in Chen Luo’s eyes. Even the dog wouldn’t eat them.

Mu Tiange smiled and said, “As long as you enjoy eating it.”

Mi Ling asked the question that had been on her mind, “Why did you give me the roasted duck?”

Mu Tiange laughed and replied, “I just feel that we have a strong connection. When I saw you, I naturally felt a sense of closeness.”

If a guy said this, Mi Ling would immediately conclude that he had ulterior motives and tell him to get lost.

But this was a girl, and Mi Ling didn’t know much about Mu Tiange at this point.

That evening, despite the strong objections from her sisters, Mu Tiange fearlessly delivered the last roasted duck and two bottles of mineral water once again.

Another roasted duck appeared in the trash bin.

Chen Luo thought for a moment. I can’t not show some appreciation. I need to deepen my good impression with the girls on the other side.

But what should I give them?

No need to overthink it, just grab some hearty vegetables. Their good impression will skyrocket, right?

But I’m not a lapdog, why should I?

A mischievous smile appeared on Chen Luo’s face as he thought of something.

In the vegetable section, Chen Luo found dozens of tons of cucumbers and specifically selected some with less appealing appearance but large in size.

“I’m giving you cucumbers! Cucumbers are great for beauty when consumed,” Chen Luo exclaimed.

In total, Chen Luo took thirty cucumbers. He didn’t know exactly how many people were on the other side, but one cucumber per person should be enough.

Everyone gets one.

“Open the door, I’m giving cucumbers!” Chen Luo called out.

Shu Yun, the ice-based esper who would later become second only to Mi Ling, opened the door. With a hint of vigilance, she asked, “What’s the matter?”

Chen Luo raised the packaged cucumbers and said, “You all sent roasted ducks, so I brought some cucumbers for you.”

When Shu Yun handed out the cucumbers to everyone, all the girls became excited.

“Cucumbers! It’s cucumbers!”

“I want to eat cucumbers.”

“Don’t wash them. Water is scarce. Let’s eat them raw.”

“I won’t eat. I can’t bear to eat them.”

A few girls immediately smirked and looked at the girl who said she wouldn’t eat.

Mu Tiange’s expression turned unpleasant. If it weren’t for her intention to get closer to Mi Ling, she wouldn’t even give Chen Luo a second glance.

She would never eat something sent by a man.

Mu Tiange thought to herself, she has already gained a favorable impression from Mi Ling, after all, she ate my roasted duck.

It’s time to move on to the next step and make the foul man reveal his true colors.

Create a crisis and make Chen Luo show his ugly side of being greedy and cowardly in the face of life and death.

Once she sees him for who he really is, won’t Mi Ling come to me willingly?

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