Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 55

Chapter 55: The Dog Assassin

Mu Tiange approached Chen Luo.

“I want to propose a collaboration with you,” she said.

Chen Luo smiled and asked, “Tell me about it?”

Mu Tiange explained, “There’s a large Supermarket three miles to the east. It has a lot of supplies, but I suspect there are also many zombies there. I’m not confident that I can successfully retrieve the goods alone, and you have about eight or nine people here.”

“So, I want to collaborate with you. If we can secure the supplies there, we’ll have enough food for at least a year, and essential household items that could last for decades.”

“After we succeed, we split the rewards with a ratio of three to seven. After all, there are more people on our side, so it’s only fair.”

Chen Luo was taken aback. That supermarket Mu Tiange mentioned was the same large one he and Mi Ling had visited before. It was the only major supermarket in the vicinity.

Most of the supplies inside have already been taken by me. Why would I go there? To watch the zombies dance?

Chen Luo decisively shook his head, “No, no. I’m a coward. There are at least a few hundred zombies inside, and I dare not go.”

Mu Tiange was truly speechless. It’s one thing to be cowardly, but he didn’t even try to hide it. He was just a useless person.

Why did Mi Ling and her gang take a liking to him?

Indeed, I didn’t make a mistake. This person is afraid of death and values his own life above all else.

Mu Tiange tried to persuade him, “If we don’t seize the opportunity to take the supplies from there now, you won’t have a chance when you do gather the courage to go later.”

Chen Luo chuckled. “You’ve already missed your chance.” He rejected her once again.

Mu Tiange gritted her teeth and said, “Fifty-fifty. We split the rewards equally after we succeed.”

Chen Luo suddenly became suspicious. What kind of idea was she playing at?

If Mu Tiange knew Chen Luo’s true abilities, a 9:1 split wouldn’t be unreasonable, but she didn’t know. Moreover, considering Mu Tiange’s dislike for men, it’s hard to believe that she would be so generous with a 50:50 split.

What is she really up to?

Chen Luo called out, “Rice.”

Rice, who was licking its fur on the sofa, heard the call and ran over, looking at Chen Luo with confusion. Even after its intelligence greatly increased, Rice, the cat, still hadn’t changed its habit of licking fur. At most, it stopped licking its own paws.

After pretending to think for a while, Chen Luo once again refused and went back inside the house.

Chen Luo asked Rice, “Do you think she has some ulterior motive?”

Rice nodded curiously, “Yeah, why? Did you do something to provoke her?”

Chen Luo roughly petted Rice and said, “If you’re asking me, who should I ask?”

However, you’ve picked the wrong target and hit a wall.

Mu Tiange left with resentment. This man was too cowardly, too timid.

Originally, she wanted to pull some tricks at the mall, putting Chen Luo and Mi Ling in a dangerous situation, exposing Chen Luo’s ugly and selfish side, and then becoming the “hero” to save Mi Ling when she was most desperate.

But she didn’t expect this guy to be so spineless.

Even when it was clearly a situation where he could benefit greatly, he refused to take action.

What do you do when the fish doesn’t bite?

A man’s figure flashed through Mu Tiange’s mind. She would seek his help.

Chen Luo squinted as he watched Mu Tiange leave. To work with her and her side, to unite yin and yang, would be the best outcome.

When Men and women is working together the work becomes less tiring.

In the previous life, Mi Ling’s development couldn’t have happened without the contribution of the sisters.

There were just too many simps around.

Among the female survivors, at least half of those with strength joined Mi Ling.

With more girls, there were more simps vying to come in.

After the apocalypse, there were hardly any entertainment options left. It seemed that the most exciting thing was procreation.

If the base was filled with only a bunch of men, well, trouble would surely arise sooner or later.

Women also need some form of support, to protect themselves or to have mutual communication.

(The term “simps” is slang and refers to individuals, typically men, who are excessively submissive, obedient, or accommodating towards someone they are attracted to, often in a way that is perceived as desperate or lacking self-respect. In the context of the passage, it suggests that there were many men who were overly eager to please and gain the attention or favor of the girls in the group.)

Mutual benefit.

However, the problem is that Mu Tiange doesn’t engage with men, refusing the inclusion of any male and especially not listening to someone like Chen Luo.

This is challenging because in the past, it was only due to Mi Ling’s strong demand, the development of the base, and the strong dissatisfaction of the girls that Mu Tiange compromised.

At the current moment, it’s difficult.

The best and fastest solution would actually be to remove Mu Tiange as an obstacle. With that gone, Chen Luo can demonstrate his abilities and offer dozens or even hundreds of tons of rice.

The leader is powerful, food is guaranteed, and Chen Luo is not a despicable old man who would have ill intentions towards them.

There is no reason to refuse.

On Chen Luo’s side, what is the best way for Mu Tiange to persuade Mi Ling to join?

It is also to remove Chen Luo as the stumbling block.

Chen Luo didn’t propose an alliance because he knew it was impossible. Mu Tiange didn’t propose it either because she didn’t want to accept men from Chen Luo’s side.

Chen Luo watched Mu Tiange’s figure and his expression turned cold.

Originally, I didn’t intend to harm you, but it seems like you were the first to have ill intentions towards me. Don’t blame me then.

As long as you don’t pose a threat to me, everything is fine. But if you pose a threat, then you can’t be left alive.

It’s better to act first and not wait for the other party to make a move.

But I need to choose the right time to assassinate Mu Tiange.

Damn it, this woman! Could it be that she wants to eliminate me, her love rival, just to be with Mi Ling? I never saw this side of Mu Tiange in the previous life, she can be so ruthless.

Who should I send to assassinate her?

Su Dazhu is not suitable. Aside from the difficulty of succeeding, he might end up being killed instead. Mu Tiange is extremely cautious when it comes to men.

Chen Luo can’t let Su Dazhu take such a risk.

As for Fang Yu and the other three, even if they have enough strength, it’s clear that they won’t succeed.

So, Chen Luo shifted his gaze from Rice to… the King.

Who would be wary of a dog?

It’s perfect. If it’s exposed, I can simply say that Thunderbolt King got sick, I will blame everything on him.

When the opportunity arises, the Thunderbolt King can easily take her down with a couple of bites and attract a horde of zombies.

Chen Luo patted King’s head and said, “Do you understand what I mean? I’m entrusting this to you.”

The Thunderbolt King nodded. I am the Dog Assassin.

However, Chen Luo miscalculated. Mu Tiange didn’t give Chen Luo that opportunity.

After Mu Tiange left, she returned to her villa and gathered everyone together.

“We’re going outside to search for supplies.”

Of course, Mu Tiange didn’t mention her intention to embarrass Chen Luo. Her image in front of everyone wasn’t like that.

Two buses drove out of the residential area.

The Thunderbolt King wagged his tail, knowing that they would find another opportunity when they returned. His owner said there was no rush.

I am an assassin. I have no emotions and no money.

The Thunderbolt King could never have imagined that one day it would become an assassin.

Once the first time happens, there will be countless more to come.

The life of a dog is filled with exhaustion.

Mu Tiange took command and arrived at a nearby old residential area, which was very small.

Shu Yun asked in confusion, “Sis, why are we here? We’ve searched this place before.”

Mu Tiange smiled and explained, “This residential area doesn’t have a natural gas pipeline installed. They still use coal gas. Last time, we didn’t take away any of that gas.”

Everyone suddenly understood.

Mu Tiange walked alone towards a specific unit in the building. There was someone living there.

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