Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Brother Feng

Mu Tiange walked up to the third floor and knocked on the door of apartment 301. She was looking for someone, but she wasn’t sure if they were home or not. Just knocking on the door might not elicit a response from the person inside, so Mu Tiange proactively called out.

“Brother Feng, are you there?”

The door swiftly opened, revealing a slightly disheveled and chubby young man inside. This young man, known as Brother Feng, lit up upon seeing Mu Tiange.

Brother Feng nodded and respectfully said, “It’s General Mu. I wouldn’t dare call myself Brother Feng in front of you. You can call me Xiao Feng or just Fengzi.”

Mu Tiange maintained a poker face, but inside, she sneered. If it weren’t for Mi Ling, I wouldn’t bother with someone like you. Brother Feng wasn’t really a brother, just like how Feng Jie wasn’t really a sister. His real name was Jiang Feng.

Before the apocalypse, he worked as a delivery driver and often delivered food to Mu Tiange’s company, where he became familiar with some of the girls there. He certainly knew Mu Tiange, but they never had a chance to talk.

When Mu Tiange was previously in this neighborhood, she encountered Jiang Feng, who shamelessly tried to join her. Was that even possible? He was harshly rejected without mercy.

Now, in dealing with Chen Luo, Mu Tiange thought of him. Jiang Feng wasn’t particularly strong and lacked direct combat abilities, but he awakened the power of wind, a unique ability.

Even if they have the same ability, the level of comprehension and the specific skills developed can vary. Jiang Feng’s skill, known as “Lingbo Weibu,” allowed him to run extremely fast. Currently, it would be difficult for zombies to catch up to him.

Mu Tiange planned to have Jiang Feng attract some zombies to Chen Luo’s villa, exposing Chen Luo’s true nature, and then she would arrive at the critical moment to save Mi Ling. There were two reasons for choosing Jiang Feng: firstly, he was well-suited for this task and it was relatively safe for him, and secondly, Jiang Feng was not affiliated with Mu Tiange, and Chen Luo didn’t know him.

Mu Tiange explained the plan to Jiang Feng. His smile froze, and he hesitantly said, “If it helps you, of course, I’m willing to assist. But isn’t this harming people?”

Mu Tiange clarified, “After you lure the zombies over, I will appear and take care of them. This is about punishing a scumbag. So, are you going to help a scumbag?”

“Are you also a scumbag?”

Jiang Feng immediately shook his head, saying, “I’m definitely not a scumbag. I despise scumbags the most. But this favor…”

Jiang Feng looked at Mu Tiange, who remained silent. “I can’t help for nothing, right? You have to meet my requirements.”

Mu Tiange sneered inwardly, “After the task is done, I can let you join us.”

Jiang Feng was overjoyed. “Thank you, Mu CEO. I will definitely perform well.”

He was like a lapdog.

Mu Tiange and Jiang Feng agreed on the number of zombies to attract and the time to lure them away. Afterward, Mu Tiange left.

As Mu Tiange descended the stairs, she felt disdain in her heart. She had heard that this person not only liked to refer to himself as ‘You Feng Ge’ (Brother Wind), but his online ID was also something like ‘Blowing Sky Gang – You Feng Ge.’

The girls carried down one gas cylinder after another, muttering to themselves. They wished there were men to lend a hand at a time like this. Men could take care of the physical work while the girls could handle cooking and laundry. Wasn’t that a perfect match?

Some girls’ hands trembled incessantly, not from exhaustion but from an innate fear of gas cylinders. They were afraid that it might suddenly explode.

Only twenty gas cylinders were loaded onto the two buses before they decided not to take any more. The space inside the buses was limited, and they couldn’t accommodate many.

Mu Tiange called out to everyone and they left.

Checking the time, Jiang Feng also began his mission.

Humming a tune, Jiang Feng descended the stairs. This task was quite easy. It was also a way to punish scumbags and expose their true colors.

“Actually, I also want to be a scumbag, but my abilities don’t allow it,” Jiang Feng muttered to himself.

“Xiao Ling, soon you’ll be able to be with me all day long, hehe.”

Before the apocalypse, Jiang Feng had taken a liking to a gentle and petite girl in Mu Tiange’s company. However, there was quite a gap between them. One was a delivery driver while the other was a professional career woman.

Mu Tiange had no interest in him and was aware of his presence. She couldn’t handle him and didn’t like him either. He could sense Mu Tiange’s disgust towards him.

But for the sake of Xiao Ling, he was willing to endure being looked down upon by others.

Jiang Feng muttered, “My brother, Su Dazhu, works as a security guard in that villa area. We couldn’t find anything last time, but let’s give it another try.”

Jiang Feng changed into a short-sleeved T-shirt in a shade of green and held a wooden longsword in his hand.

“Hasa Gei.”

[1]Note: Hasa Gei is commonly associated with the Chinese Christian community and has gained popularity as a catchphrase or exclamation. It is a transliteration of the English phrase … Continue reading

Jiang Feng swung his longsword, feeling somewhat disappointed that he couldn’t generate a tornado. He knew he needed more practice. Someday, he would become a man as swift as the wind.

Descending the stairs, Jiang Feng easily evaded the few remaining zombies in the neighborhood. As he reached the road, he focused his energy on his legs, propelling himself forward like a rocket.

With his current second-tier strength, he could achieve an astonishing speed of 24-25 meters per second. Mastering the usage of his wind-based abilities allowed him to reach this velocity. Compared to other wind-based ability users, Jiang Feng’s speed was exceptional.

Even Chen Luo, a fourth-tier ability user, couldn’t catch up to Jiang Feng’s speed unless he utilized Void Walk. The short burst of speed from the  Thunderbolt King could barely rival Jiang Feng’s.

Of course, using this ability would consume Jiang Feng’s energy. When there were only a few zombies around, he relied on his physical agility instead.

Jiang Feng used to be an amateur parkour athlete before the apocalypse. As he looked at the group of zombies he had left behind, he burst into laughter.

“You can’t catch up to me, hahaha!”

Although he could outrun the zombies, Jiang Feng couldn’t effectively kill them unless he found isolated ones. He quickly and safely arrived near Chen Luo’s villa area, using his speed to attract the zombies.

He controlled the distance, giving the zombies the illusion that they could catch up to him. Mu Tiange had advised him to attract around thirty to forty zombies, preferably not exceeding fifty, as it would be troublesome for her to deal with them.

It would be a problem if things got out of control. Jiang Feng exerted a lot of effort to lure over thirty zombies.

Following the villa number provided by Mu Tiange, Jiang Feng easily found Chen Luo’s location. Before the apocalypse, he used to come here often to deliver food.

Jiang Feng arrived at the entrance of Chen Luo’s villa before anyone else and opened the iron gate in the yard. The iron gate was not locked during the day for easy access. It would only be locked at night, but whether it was locked or not made no difference. Zombies wouldn’t open the gate, and as an ability user, Jiang Feng could simply jump over it.

Even if the gate was locked, it wouldn’t be a problem for Jiang Feng. An ability user who couldn’t open a locked gate wouldn’t make a good delivery person.

Jiang Feng was about to lure the zombies into the villa when he suddenly saw two people and a dog inside: Su Dazhu, Chen Luo, and the Thunderbolt King.

Jiang Feng was surprised and exclaimed, “Dazhu, what are you doing here?”

The Thunderbolt King was about to attack Jiang Feng, but Chen Luo stopped him.

Su Dazhu was delighted and said, “Brother Feng, it’s you?”

The zombies were right behind him, and Jiang Feng couldn’t afford to waste time talking. Originally, he planned to lure the zombies into the yard, but with Su Dazhu inside, he couldn’t proceed with that plan.

Damn it, Mu Tiange didn’t mention that my friend was inside.

I can’t harm my friend just to join you, right?

Chen Luo sneered and thought, “Isn’t this Dazhu’s Brother Feng? In the previous life, he died miserably.”


1 Note: Hasa Gei is commonly associated with the Chinese Christian community and has gained popularity as a catchphrase or exclamation. It is a transliteration of the English phrase “Hallelujah” and is often used to express excitement, joy, or praise. It can be loosely translated as “Praise the Lord” or “Hallelujah” in English.

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