Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Reaping What Was Sown

In the previous life, Chen Jing, a treacherous person, took all of Chen Luo and Su Dazhu’s supplies and conveniently both of them were injured.

At that time, all the zombies had evolved to level 1, and some were even starting to evolve to level 2. The easily obtainable supplies had been mostly depleted.

Chen Luo and Su Dazhu had suffered greatly.

But now, a formidable man had appeared—Brother Feng, Jiang Feng.

Su Dazhu and Jiang Feng had a good relationship. They often played games together after Su Dazhu finished work. Jiang Feng would also encounter Su Dazhu frequently while delivering takeout.

Jiang Feng was a good person, loyal and righteous, he also included Chen Luo in their circle.

Jiang Feng, relying on his speed, was responsible for attracting the zombies, while Chen Luo and Su Dazhu took charge of collecting supplies.

Jiang Feng took half, while Chen Luo and Su Dazhu split the other half. Chen Luo had no objections since Jiang Feng was taking the biggest risk.

However, it didn’t take long before Jiang Feng met his demise. His method of luring the zombies with his speed was like dancing on the edge of a knife.

Any slight mistake could lead to an attack from the zombies, resulting in severe injuries that were often beyond recovery.

At the time, Chen Luo didn’t know how Jiang Feng fell to the ground. All he heard was a horrifying scream, followed by Jiang Feng being surrounded by a horde of zombies.

Chen Luo gritted his teeth, preparing to try and distract the zombies to help Jiang Feng, but it was too late. Jiang Feng had already breathed his last breath.

His death was gruesome, torn apart and devoured by the zombies.

Chen Luo hadn’t expected to encounter Jiang Feng at this moment. If they weren’t acquaintances, Chen Luo wouldn’t have stopped the Thunderbolt King and would have let him bite Jiang Feng to death.

He couldn’t fathom why Jiang Feng, who had no grudges against him, brought the zombies to his villa. This needed clarification.

As soon as Jiang Feng saw Su Dazhu, he exclaimed, “Dazhu, you’re here. I’ll lead the zombies away right away.”

Instead of entering the courtyard as planned, Jiang Feng immediately ran with the zombies towards a more distant location.

Chen Luo contemplated the situation. Jiang Feng’s original intention was clear: to drive the zombies towards his direction. But upon seeing Chen Luo and Su Dazhu, he redirected the zombies.

There was no enmity between Chen Luo and Jiang Feng, and Su Dazhu was his friend. There was no way Jiang Feng would act this way without reason.

The only explanation was that someone had instructed him.

Who had Chen Luo recently offended?

There were quite a few people that Chen Luo had offended, but the only one still alive was Mu Tiange. As this thought crossed his mind, Chen Luo’s expression darkened.

“Heaven has a path you don’t take, yet you insist on entering hell.”

This is something else. She acted before me. If I were an ordinary person and you led so many zombies here, I might have ended up dead.

First, I need to confirm with Jiang Feng.

Before long, Jiang Feng, who had shaken off the zombies, came running over, laughing. “Dazhu, you’re here. Sorry about bringing so many zombies. It might have startled you.”

Su Dazhu also laughed and said, “That’s right, Bro Feng. I knew you wouldn’t bring zombies to harm me.”

However, Chen Luo said, “It was Mu Tiange who told you to bring the zombies here, right?”

Jiang Feng was astonished. “How did you know?”

The only people present at the time were him and Mu Tiange. Could it be that Chen Luo is the scumbag mentioned? Or could it be that you betrayed Mu Tiange and she sought revenge by bringing them here?

Unbelievable, even Master Miejue couldn’t handle it.

Chen Luo let out a disdainful snort. It was indeed the doing of Mu Tiange. Damn it, she can’t be left alive. Even if it means forcefully killing her, who knows what other tricks she might have up her sleeve.

While he himself might not be afraid, those around him could still be affected.

Chen Luo asked again, “Did anyone else know that Mu Tiange asked you to lure the zombies here?”

Jiang Feng smiled bitterly, “No, it was just the two of us at the time. She said she would appear at a critical moment to punish the scumbag.”

Before Chen Luo could say anything else, they heard a cry that seemed to be mixed with pain.

The sound came from the direction of the entrance to the residential area. Jiang Feng and Su Dazhu looked puzzled, unsure of what it represented.

Chen Luo, on the other hand, had a slight change in expression. It seemed that a zombie had mutated into a level four or five mutant.

Coincidentally, two buses were approaching the residential area from that direction. They were the same white buses belonging to Mu Tiange.

 A group of zombies blocked the entrance to the residential area, the very zombies that Jiang Feng had lured and brought to the entrance.

Upon seeing this, Mu Tiange remained calm and said, “Accelerate and crash into them, kill them.” She was worried that if she arrived even a bit later, Mi Ling might be eaten by the zombies. Time was not on their side.

So they returned a little earlier than planned. The girl driving the bus nodded and accelerated, heading towards the zombies.

The zombies hadn’t evolved to level one yet and lacked intelligence, so they stood dumbly in front of the vehicle.

Several zombies were sent flying upon impact, but one zombie managed to dodge to the side and coldly stared at them.

 It then gathered its hands, forming a fireball about the size of a basketball, and threw it towards the bus.

With a loud “bang,” the rear window of the bus shattered, and the fireball exploded in the back seat. Screams filled the air.

Fortunately, there were no casualties as the back of the bus, where the explosion occurred, was empty. The bus was carrying gas canisters that Mu Tiange and her group had brought along.

The flames clung to the gas canister and began to burn violently. No one knew if the canister would explode in the next second.

Mu Tiange’s face turned pale, and she shouted, “Stop the bus and get off!” The group of people panicked and hurriedly disembarked.

The zombies had already prepared another fireball and threw it towards the crowd. Two girls were instantly killed in the explosion. Mu Tiange’s face turned even paler. How could there be such twisted zombies?

Mu Tiange trembled and said, “Sisters, focus your attacks on it.”

All the girls with long-range attacks trembled as they concentrated their own abilities and launched attacks against the zombie. However, this wasn’t an ordinary zombie that would just stand still and let you attack.

Mu Tiange was the quickest to act. She used her psychic power to control a fruit knife she happened to have with her. The knife floated magically in the air and swiftly stabbed towards the zombie’s neck.

Facing the fruit knife, the zombie’s hands suddenly burst into flames, and it caught the flying knife barehanded. Although the zombie’s hand was slightly injured, it was not significant.

Before the attacks from the others could reach, the zombie charged towards Mu Tiange. On one hand, she was the first to attack it, and on the other hand, the zombie seemed to vaguely understand the concept of capturing the leader first.

Before the attacks from the others could reach, the zombie charged towards Mu Tiange. On one hand, she was the first to attack it, and on the other hand, the zombie seemed to vaguely understand the concept of capturing the leader first.

Mu Tiange’s mind went blank. Why was it coming straight for her?

The girls finally threw their spells at the zombie, but the agile zombie managed to dodge most of them. Even when it couldn’t dodge, it didn’t seem to mind much because it didn’t pose a threat to it in the short term.

The level difference was quite significant.

This zombie wasn’t particularly terrifying, only at level five. However, for the survivors in this time period, its appearance was somewhat frightening.

Mu Tiange panicked as she watched the zombie approaching her. Instinctively, she pushed someone next to her away.

Just because she was willing to die for Mi Ling in her past life didn’t mean she was willing to die for others.

As for Chen Luo, she had only heard about him and hadn’t seen him personally, so she couldn’t be certain about the specifics.

Chen Luo, who had arrived at the scene, clicked his tongue and said, “It’s reaping what was sown.”

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