Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 58

Chapter 58: What’s Your Plan?

Chen Luo arrived with the main purpose of killing this mutated zombie.

From a level zero zombie to a level four or five, this zombie would live for at most one day.

Although it had gained intelligence, it was impossible for a zombie of this level to surpass human intelligence.

Chen Luo was confident in killing it, so why not take the opportunity?

While it was a disaster for others, it was a benefit for Chen Luo.

Although Chen Luo had only recently reached level four, he possessed the skills from his previous life, such as Void Walk and the Void Sword.

Chen Luo’s skills were sufficient to defeat zombies of higher levels, such as level five, six, and even some less agile level seven zombies.

However, level seven and above would be a different story.

In a state of panic, Mu Tiange pushed a girl in front of her, shielding herself, shocking everyone.

Was this the same Mu Tiange who led them to safety after the apocalypse?

Mu Tiange took the opportunity to retreat and noticed Chen Luo. A hint of ruthlessness flashed in her eyes, as if she could use this coward to intercept the zombie.

Chen Luo squinted his eyes. If these girls were involved in Mu Tiange’s actions, no matter how useful they were, he wouldn’t accept them.

However, Jiang Feng claimed that only Mu Tiange and he knew about this incident, and Chen Luo believed him.

There was no solid reason to accuse Mu Tiange, especially not for being interested in Mi Ling and wanting to eliminate Chen Luo, right?

Chen Luo didn’t care much about these girls, except for Shu Yun. She had great talent and a good personality.

Mu Tiange was definitely going to die; the difference was whether she would die by Chen Luo’s hand or by the zombies’.

Killing her directly would create some rift between him and the other girls whom he had been living with. Being a soft-hearted person, it wouldn’t sit well with him if he killed her himself.

The best outcome would be to let her die at the hands of the zombies.

Chen Luo sneered, “Mu Tiange, at this critical moment, using your own sisters as human shields, is that really the kind of person you are? Tsk tsk, I never expected this from you.”

With one swift and forceful slap, Chen Luo struck Mu Tiange’s face. Caught off guard, Mu Tiange was unable to react in time, and Chen Luo’s speed was too fast.

After that,  a slap landed harshly and accurately on Mu Tiange’s face.

Mu Tiange’s fair complexion on the right side immediately turned swollen and reddened, with a slight indentation.

What kind of strength did Chen Luo possess?

The force of the slap sent Mu Tiange flying four to five meters backward, in a disheveled and miserable state. She landed right under the feet of the zombie.

Did the zombie show her any mercy?

Its sharp and powerful hands plunged directly into Mu Tiange’s chest, piercing through her body.

This zombie restrained its own desires and knew that now was not the time to indulge in a meal. It could wait until it had killed everyone else.

Mu Tiange let out a tragic scream, her breath ceased, and her life hung in the balance.

At that moment, something unexpected happened, even for Chen Luo.

A girl emerged from the vehicle, holding a burning gas canister with a crazed expression on her face.

She cried out in despair, “Sisters, you go first, I’ll confront it!”

After speaking, she ran towards the zombie while hugging the gas canister.

This girl was none other than Shu Yun.

Previously, Shu Yun realized that their spells, even if they managed to hit the zombie, had little effect. She immediately realized that their group couldn’t handle this zombie.

Chen Luo felt fear just by looking at the situation, let alone expecting a woman to face it. It would require tremendous courage.

Shu Yun’s life was precious and couldn’t be let go easily.

The Void Sword had already condensed in Chen Luo’s hand and the zombie seemed to sense an unusual power.

But it didn’t expect that a figure suddenly appeared behind it and struck its neck in an instant.

Its last conscious thought was, “I’ve been ambushed.”

The zombie’s head separated from its body, killing it instantly.

Methods that can kill humans can also kill zombies. The only difference is that zombies can sense pain but it doesn’t affect their fighting abilities.

Usually, if a normal person’s arm is chopped off, they would likely fall to the ground in pain, but a zombie would continue to fight. If their head is severed, of course, they would die.

The biggest weakness of a zombie is its forehead, but that requires a frontal attack. How often can one successfully ambush them from behind?

Chen Luo was highly skilled in these movements, swiftly and cleanly beheading a level-five zombie with a single sword strike.

However, the cost was significant. It nearly depleted all of Chen Luo’s energy with one instance of Void Walk and the Void Sword.

The women present were all astonished, witnessing the situation being resolved like this?

Jiang Feng, who was watching from behind, also had his mouth wide open in disbelief.

Chen Luo didn’t have time to show off and quickly shouted to Shu Yun, who was still petrified and standing in place, “Quick, throw the gas canister and get ready for the explosion!”

Shu Yun, as if awakened from a dream, let out a scream, threw the gas canister, and ran far away. She collapsed to the ground, covering her face and sobbing.

Was she not afraid? Of course, she was terrified, but she didn’t have time to think about it at that moment.

After realizing what had happened, she felt icy and weak all over.

It’s okay for her to cry for a while. Let her vent and release her emotions.

No one dared to approach the gas canister. Half a minute later, it actually exploded.

Taking advantage of the smoke and the unsettled state of everyone, the Thunderbolt King slowly approached Mu Tiange.

Whether Mu Tiange was dead or not, no one knew.

When the master is unable to handle things, it falls to me.

Not dead? No problem, I’ll finish the job for you.

The Thunderbolt King walked up to Mu Tiange without leaving a trace and delivered a blow to its face.

GG, it’s truly dead now.

The Thunderbolt King thought, the power of this gas canister is really impressive, it blew up this woman’s face.

Chen Luo glanced at the Thunderbolt King and thought, “You’re becoming more and more despicable.”

Although the zombie was dead, there was no joyous expression on everyone’s faces.

Because three sisters had died, and the key figure, Mu Tiange, had also perished.

Mu Tiange’s final act left them even more disheartened.

At this moment, they were not only grieving but also lost, unsure of what their next steps should be and who they should listen to.

Who would lead them now?

Chen Luo first retrieved the red crystal from the zombie’s head, a smile appearing on his face. This thing would be quite helpful to him.

Afterward, Chen Luo walked up to Shu Yun’s side and extended his hand, whispering, “Let me help you up.”

Shu Yun glanced at Chen Luo and then reached out her hand.

Chen Luo said, “Take care of your sisters, even the ones who have passed away deserve a proper burial.”

Chen Luo called over Fang Yu and the others, instructing them to take the bodies to the mountain behind and find a place to bury them.

Shu Yun whispered, “Thank you.”

Chen Luo pretended to ask, “What are your plans from now on?”

Shu Yun was taken aback, plans?

Yes, the living must continue to live.

Shu Yun couldn’t help but look at Chen Luo.

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