Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Chen Luo’s Principles

After tidying up, everyone went their separate ways.

Shu Yun gathered everyone together and asked, “Sisters, now that Mu Tiange is dead, what are your plans?”

Previously, they addressed each other as sisters, but now they referred to Mu Tiange directly by her name. It couldn’t be helped; her actions had deeply disappointed them.

Upon hearing the question, many people wore a perplexed expression on their faces.

While Mu Tiange was alive, they didn’t know what to do. They simply lived day by day, not thinking too far ahead. Now, with Mu Tian Ge’s death, they felt even more lost.

Someone spoke up, “Shu Yun, it should be you leading us. I used to doubt you, but just now, when you charged at the zombie with the gas cylinder to save us, I realized I couldn’t do that.” “We all agree.”

Everyone chimed in with their agreement. Shu Yun was much stronger than Mu Tiange in such critical moments. It was in times of crisis that one could truly see a person’s character.

Shu Yun replied, waving her hand, “There’s someone more suitable than me.”

Everyone looked around, unable to believe it. Who could it be?

Shu Yun said in a deep voice, “Chen Luo.”

As soon as she mentioned his name, the group of girls exploded with excitement.

“Just now, that man killed the zombie with a single sword strike. He was so cool!”

“That sword in his hand was truly amazing. It was glowing!”

“The crucial point is, I saw Chen Luo suddenly appear behind the zombie. Does he have superpowers?”

“If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.”

“This man is too strong. I feel much safer being by his side.”

One girl hesitated and asked, “What if he has ulterior motives towards us?”

“Haha, if he has any ulterior motives, it would be a good deal for you. Why would he ruin it? With just a glance from him, I’d warm his bed tonight.”

“No need to wait until tonight, I can do it now.”


Shu Yun smiled helplessly. Things were getting more and more twisted.

“Chen Luo also told me that he has 50 tons of rice. If we join him, I think we won’t have to worry about starving in the short term.”

One girl was shocked, “50 tons? Let’s calculate it right away.”

“We currently have 20 people. If each person consumes one pound of rice per day, with one ton equaling 2,000 pounds, one ton would last us a hundred days. So, 50 tons… um, 5,000 days, which is 15 years.”

Everyone’s hearts were immediately moved. Not only was he strong, but he was also handsome, and he had food.

Isn’t he a perfect catch?

“I agree.”

“I agree too.”

“Well, we want to, but does he want us?”

Shu Yun said, “I’ll go ask him. It should be possible.”

Shu Yun was confident. The matter of Chen Luo having food was something he voluntarily revealed, implying his willingness.

It’s better to have someone to rely on than to be like drifting duckweed, floating around aimlessly.

Chen Luo was in a stable position at home. Only someone with a strange mindset would refuse. These girls didn’t have any ambitions, so they wouldn’t run away.

Sure enough, Shu Yun arrived.

Chen Luo nodded and said, “As long as you can abide by the rules I set, you’re welcome to join.”

Chen Luo walked up to the group, cleared his throat, and saw twenty pairs of shining eyes staring at him.

By the way, not a single one of these girls is unattractive. Even the ones who are slightly below average are still passable.

Chen Luo spoke seriously, saying, “Of course, I’m willing for all of us to work together, but there are a few points I need to clarify upfront. If you can’t comply, then there’s no need to continue.”

Shu Yun nodded and said, “Please go ahead.”

Chen Luo continued, “First, no matter the circumstances, absolute obedience to orders is required. If you join and don’t follow commands, don’t blame me for not showing mercy.”

“Of course, it won’t involve anything kinky like you might be thinking.”

“If anyone is unwilling, I won’t force them.”

No one refused.

“The second point is that gender doesn’t matter to me. Do zombies differentiate between genders? During battles, everyone is equal. Don’t come to me later and say you’re afraid and can’t do it.”

Chen Luo’s expression turned cold. “If such a situation arises, the consequences will be severe.”

These girls were able to escape from the company building, which housed over a thousand people. Aside from luck, their personal mental resilience was also commendable.

They were all willing to fight. When dealing with zombies earlier, not a single one ran away.

However, it’s important to state this upfront to prevent such thoughts from arising.

“The third point, cough cough, don’t let others reap the benefits of our hard work. If you need to find a partner, try to look for one within our group.”

“My bottom line is that if you happen to meet someone you’re interested in outside, they must join us and become part of our group. If I think they’re suitable, I will allow them to join.”

Join us?

The girls were taken aback.

Chen Luo explained, “I’ve invested so much time and effort in training all of you. If someone takes you away, it’s a small matter. But if that person has malicious intentions and exposes our internal secrets to outsiders, it poses a threat to everyone.”

Chen Luo started planting poisonous chicken soup ideas. “If someone is unwilling to do this, why should they claim to love you? It’s better to let them go.”

“You’re not even willing to eat the poop of the person you love, so why claim to love them??!!!”  [1]I believe, the saying is an expression of disbelief/doubt or criticism towards someone who claims to love a person but demonstrates lack of commitment or willingness to go through challenging or … Continue reading

The girls whispered among themselves. Chen Luo’s words made sense, and besides, those scenarios were too far off. At the moment, their only thought was to survive.

Lastly, Chen Luo said, “As for me, I promise to do my best to protect your safety.”

Chen Luo didn’t rush and gave them a few minutes to think and discuss among themselves.

Before three minutes had passed, Shu Yun ran out and said, “Chen Luo, everyone agrees.”

Chen Luo smiled and said, “Thank you all for your trust. For now, Shu Yun will lead you. Shu Yun will be in charge of contacting me. It’s getting late, let’s start cooking. I’ll give you all a little surprise for lunch.”

Watching Shu Yun’s figure, Chen Luo pondered. Shu Yun was quite good and could be trained as a core member. But for now, he couldn’t give her too much favoritism.

Time is still short.

We’ll talk about it later.

What did they have for lunch?

There wasn’t much to eat, just cooked rice and stir-fried shredded potatoes.

Fang Yu arrived, but Chen Luo didn’t give them anything delicious. Now that this group of girls had joined, Chen Luo still didn’t provide anything special.

When everyone showed good performance, he would find an excuse to bring out some meat.

But for now, to celebrate their joining, Chen Luo brought out something.

It was Lao Gan Ma spicy sauce.

“Ah, it’s Lao Gan Ma!” [2]Lao Gan Ma is a brand of chili sauce originating from China. It is known for its distinctive combination of spicy, savory, and slightly sweet flavors.

Chen Luo chuckled, giving each person a bottle.

This one bottle would probably last them for several days. In the afternoon, he would have Ma Yu bring some steamed buns and pancakes. Just eating rice wasn’t enough.

Fang Yu and his three companions were also very happy. With a group of girls joining, they suddenly felt different.

Yang Xuan’s eyes would occasionally sneak glances.

“I feel like I’m not far from getting out of being single.”

“I feel the same way. There are only seven guys, but over twenty girls. Yin is thriving while Yang is declining.”

“I won’t eat this Lao Gan Ma sauce. I’ll save it to please the girls.”

Jiang Feng, with a timid face, approached Chen Luo. “Brother Chen, I also want to join you. Can you take me in?”

Chen Luo smiled and looked at him. In a certain sense, in their past lives, Jiang Feng had shown him kindness. He was also capable, and Chen Luo had some understanding of his character.

He wasn’t like Mu Tiange, so why not take him in?


1 I believe, the saying is an expression of disbelief/doubt or criticism towards someone who claims to love a person but demonstrates lack of commitment or willingness to go through challenging or unpleasant experiences for that person. It suggests that true love involves being willing to do anything, even undesirable tasks or actions, for the sake of the loved one. In this case, the phrase implies that if someone is not willing to do something as extreme as eating the excrement of their loved one, their claim of love may be called into question. It’s important to note that this expression is figurative and not meant to be taken literally.
2 Lao Gan Ma is a brand of chili sauce originating from China. It is known for its distinctive combination of spicy, savory, and slightly sweet flavors.
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    Or it’s a quote/reference to night shift nurses, an old hentai


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