Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Getting Along

Chen Luo joined the group for lunch, eating rice and shredded potatoes with everyone else. Instead of indulging in lavish meals every day, they opted for a simple vegetarian dish to change things up.

Only Rice, being a true carnivore, had the privilege of enjoying the chicken breast specially cooked by Ma Yu. This is its favorite treat, and no one can deny Rice its rightful indulgence.

 Although the meal was simple, no one complained. It was better than usual, and having something to eat was already a luxury.

After finishing their meal, Chen Luo instructed Shu Yun, “Compile a list of everyone’s names, abilities, and the number of days since their awakening after the Apocalypse. Show it to me.”

Hmph, I, Chen Luo, only look at your abilities, not your appearance or age.

Chen Luo provided paper and pen, and soon, Shu Yun handed the registered information to him.

Currently, Shu Yun’s group consists of 20 people, not counting the three who died before, including Mu Tiange.

Let’s look at their abilities first. There are six individuals with physical abilities, four with fire abilities, two with lightning abilities, four with ice abilities, two with earth abilities, one with nature abilities, and one with light abilities.

Chen Luo was pleasantly surprised. There is someone with a light ability?

This is a very rare ability, not as common as the spatial ability, and it’s something that only appears in around five or six hundred individuals among the survivors.

Considering the scarcity of survivors, this proportion is quite low.

The light ability not only has healing capabilities but also provides supportive buffs. Moreover, some individuals with light abilities have formidable combat skills as well.

Mi Li is an extreme case. She seems to have exceptional aptitude for supportive light magic, but her combat abilities are basically lacking.

The person with the light ability is named Wang Ling, the girl whom Jiang Feng has his eyes on. She awakened on the third day, which is decent.

Those who can awaken on the first day are the best candidates, as they have the potential to reach the King level. Those like the Thunderbolt King are at the top.

Everyone says it’s a dog, but no one can compare to it.

The other girls have average talent, and some even awakened on the 13th day.

They won’t have much merit in the future unless they find a powerful support. They can only handle logistics work.

The treatment for logistics personnel can be easily imagined. Apart from Ma Yu, who is a dedicated member, the frontline combatants receive better benefits.

To be a bit cruel, they are cannon fodder.

Chen Luo contemplated that in another two or three days, there would be more Level 1 zombies. He needed to train these girls during these two days.

He also planned to scavenge for supplies and, if they came across something good, reward everyone in a justified manner.

At 2:30 p.m., Chen Luo gathered everyone, including Ma Yu.

Ma Yu hadn’t experienced much combat yet, and Chen Luo didn’t expect her to be a skilled fighter. He just wanted her to adapt to the battlefield.

Ma Yu was indeed fortunate. Although her culinary skills were good, she couldn’t be considered the best in the country. She just happened to meet Chen Luo at the right time.

Chen Luo was troubled about whether to assign someone to guard their base.

While there wasn’t anything valuable to lose, some of the supplies Chen Luo displayed on the surface were another matter.

It was always unsettling to have someone invade their personal space, especially in one’s own bedroom, which was meant to be private.

As more neighboring bases emerged, there would be an increase in opportunistic thieves.

After some consideration, Chen Luo decided to leave Fang Yu and Xu Lan, the two men, behind.

Chen Luo instructed them, “If there are only a few people, issue a warning. If they don’t listen, then resort to force. If there are many people, just pretend you didn’t see anything and wait for me to handle it when I return.”

The two men nodded in agreement.

Everyone started to set off, dividing into three vehicles.

The first vehicle was Chen Luo’s heavy truck, driven by Yang Xuan. It was used to transport supplies and clear the way.

The second vehicle was a bus, which used to be the company’s shuttle bus. It was now used to transport the girls.

Originally, there were two vehicles, but one of them had a gas explosion and was no longer operational.

The third vehicle was a black Audi driven by Chen Luo. Mi Ling sat in the passenger seat, while Mi Li, Ma Yu, and Rice sat in the back. Su Dazhu sat in the heavy truck.

King, insisted on riding the Audi but ended up riding  the bus.

Inside the driver’s cabin of the heavy truck, four men were boasting.

Suddenly, Jiang Feng said, “Look at that zombie. Even after turning into a zombie, she still looks pretty. She must have been a beauty when she was alive.”

Yang Xuan, who was driving, exaggeratedly said, “You can tell that just by looking? Should we knock her out and bring her back?”

Su Dazhu jokingly added, “Brother Feng once said, once the lights are off, it doesn’t matter what they look like.”

With a loud crash, the heavy truck rammed into a white van blocking the road, clearing the way.

Their destination this time was a nearby wholesale clothing market.

The girls didn’t have much change of clothes, and Su Dazhu was still wearing Chen Luo’s clothes. While clothing wasn’t as important as food, it was still good to have some.

They also took the opportunity to let everyone experience combat and hone their cooperation skills.

Chen Luo wanted to see if there were any shortcomings among the group. With the heavy truck leading the way, the journey was not too difficult.

Chen Luo glanced at the zombies in the wholesale clothing market and the surrounding area, estimating that there were about three to four hundred of them.

He decided to let the girls handle it themselves first until they were exhausted, and then he and the Thunderbolt King would intervene.

Chen Luo shouted, “Get into formation!” The formation was, of course, the tank, mage, and priest formation, even though they only had two priests.

“Jiang Feng, control the number of zombies. If the number exceeds thirty at any given time, lure some of them away,” Chen Luo instructed.

The tankers, with their physical abilities, would clear out the zombies that got too close, ensuring that the elemental ability users could output their abilities safely.

Mature mages are capable of kiting the zombies on their own, but they couldn’t rely on the girls to do that at the moment.

The main group systematically cleared out the zombies one by one, while Jiang Feng was responsible for luring away the incoming zombies.

Otherwise, the number of zombies would exceed the capacity of the main group to handle.

Facing the zombies, everyone remained calm. However, Chen Luo shook his head as he noticed that the spells had a low hit rate. Only when the number of zombies was relatively small could they manage to hit them accurately.

Chen Luo clearly saw an ice arrow that was aimed at a young male zombie, but it ended up hitting an old lady instead. Multiple spells overlapping on one zombie resulted in excess damage.

At the initial stage of awakening, depending on each person’s circumstances, they could use spells two or three times, which could heavily injure the zombies but not instantly kill them.

When they reach the peak of the first level, they can cast spells about six or seven times.

The casting time of spells also becomes slower, taking around one or two seconds for each spell, instead of the current five or six seconds.

However, there are those with talent, like Mi Ling, who can throw small fireballs quickly and accurately, and even unleash continuous flames to barbecue the zombies.

If her level were higher, she would likely be able to grasp area-of-effect spells quickly.

If it were only Shu Yun and the others here, they would probably be wiped out if they dared to come.

Chen Luo and the Thunderbolt King didn’t even have to take action; they simply stood on the side, ready to assist if anyone was in danger, but it wasn’t necessary so far.

Jiang Feng has exerted a lot of effort; without him, they would have had to face hundreds of zombies rushing at them simultaneously.

With the zombies mostly cleared out, the group began selecting suitable clothes and loading them onto the heavy truck.

There was no distinction between men and women; everyone had to pitch in. In the pre-apocalyptic world, it might have been the men doing the work while the women stood by and chatted.

Seeing that no one was paying attention, Chen Luo stealthily stuffed some black stockings into his space, acting like a thief.

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