Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Rice: ?

If you don’t want others to know, don’t do it yourself. Can thieves really avoid getting caught? Chen Luo thought no one saw him, unaware that Mi Ling, who was also busy with clothes, noticed his actions. Mi Ling’s peripheral vision unintentionally caught a glimpse. What is that??? Mi Ling: Are you wearing that? I didn’t expect you to have such a taste. It’s so terrifying! No, he can’t be that twisted, right? Who is it for? Mi Li? A strange thought rose in Mi Ling’s mind, as if it didn’t match my sister’s style, and the color was off. More than twenty people were busy putting clothes into the heavy truck, and Jiang Feng and others deliberately acted. Soon, the truck was filled with clothes. They were all youth clothing, as most of the clothes being sold during this season were for summer. Shirts, shorts, denim, T-shirts, and everything else you could think of. Everyone wiped the sweat off their foreheads, and one girl looked at Mi Ling with envy. “Mi Ling, you are naturally beautiful. After all this time, your skin is still so fair and delicate, and your complexion is very good.” Although Shu Yun and others were a group of stunning girls, after these many days of hardships, worrying, poor food and drink, and lack of sleep, everyone looked somewhat exhausted and had poor complexion. Beauty points: -20. If it weren’t for becoming supernatural abilities and greatly enhancing their physical fitness, some people probably wouldn’t have been able to withstand it. When this girl spoke, others echoed her sentiments. Mi Ling smiled bitterly. Naturally beautiful? Not at all. Just think about when she returned from school, covered in dust and dirt. Before taking a shower and looking in the mirror, she looked like a mess, even worse than Shu Yun and the others. It was pretty tragic. Chen Luo had delicious meals prepared by Ma Yu, with a variety of dishes and soups. How could his complexion be bad? If it weren’t for Chen Luo, who even knows who Ma Yu would be serving? Who would be taking care of her? With Chen Luo protecting her, she could sleep peacefully every night. If it weren’t for Chen Luo, she would probably be wandering around with Mi Li, searching for supplies, constantly worried about threats from zombies and other survivors. Eating well? That would definitely be out of the question. Sleeping peacefully? Not a chance. It was like being on constant alert, even at home, and she often had nightmares. That feeling is really exhausting. Shu Yun, at least, is surrounded by over twenty people who take care of each other. Without Chen Luo, Mi Ling’s complexion and spirits would definitely not be as good as Shu Yun and the others. There is a supermarket inside the market, not very big, but it hasn’t been searched by anyone yet because there are quite a few zombies inside. One of the girls rushed in excitedly, ready to empty out the supermarket. In the summer, the supermarket is mostly stocked with water. The weather is hot, and everyone has been working hard, so they are all very thirsty. One of the girls was about to open a bottle of mineral water and take a big gulp, but Shu Yun stopped her and turned to ask Chen Luo, “Captain, can you distribute a bottle of water to each of us first?” Chen Luo smiled and said, “Two bottles per person.” With Chen Luo’s approval, everyone couldn’t help but open the bottles of mineral water. In the apocalypse, drinking tap water can cause severe stomach pain. Some of these girls have experienced this kind of pain and know the value of water. They were very thirsty, but they couldn’t bear to drink it all at once. Some people only drank half and carefully saved the rest of the water. Some even only drank one-third of the bottle. Mi Ling watched, feeling uneasy. What kind of world is this, where even a sip of water has to be cherished like this? It seemed like her journey home was the same, and it was only after returning home that things completely changed. Mi Ling sighed and exchanged a glance with Mi Li. Mi Li also felt complex emotions. Ever since Brother Chen Luo arrived, she had never felt hungry or thirsty again. Her thoughts at this moment were similar to Mi Ling’s. Mi Li made up her mind to have a serious talk with Brother Chen Luo tonight. The heavy truck was already packed, and there was nothing else to stay for. The group’s supernatural powers were also running low. Chen Luo said, “Let’s head back.” But Jiang Feng shouted, “Just now, when I lured the zombies, I saw a pastry shop at the entrance. There are still many pastries inside.” Chen Luo remained unfazed, but the girls were delighted. They arrived at the pastry shop, where the display cases were already in disarray, and many pastries had fallen to the ground. Some of the pastries seemed to have been taken by someone. Shu Yun took a few steps forward, picked up a piece of bread, and tore off a piece to taste it. Shu Yun exclaimed with joy, “Although the texture is a bit off, it hasn’t expired yet. We can eat it.” “Then let’s have this for dinner tonight. Let’s finish it early so it doesn’t go bad.” Everyone took out their bags and started packing the pastries. If the pastries had fallen on the ground but didn’t have any blood stains, they were taken without much hesitation. The group was happy and smiling, but Mi Ling and Mi Li felt even more uncomfortable. Chen Luo sighed and thought to himself, “They are such considerate girls. Tomorrow at noon, I’ll bring out some cured meat or canned meat for an extra meal for them.” And an apple too. After extracting the crystals from the zombies, the group returned to the city. They safely arrived back home, and Chen Luo asked the person on guard, Fang Yu. It was confirmed that someone had attempted to break into the villa, but Fang Yu had scared them off. Chen Luo instructed Ma Yu, “Prepare some food, I’m feeling hungry.” They had only eaten a small amount of shredded potatoes for lunch, which wouldn’t sustain them for long. This afternoon, Chen Luo was pleased with Shu Yun and the others’ attitude. Although their combat skills were lacking, they showed improvement. There was no screaming or fleeing during the battle. Chen Luo decided to reward them. Shu Yun and the others were divided into two separate villas. Chen Luo took out two walkie-talkies and taught them how to use them, so they could contact him if needed. Chen Luo also took out two fully charged mobile phones and power banks, giving one to each of them. They could watch movies to pass the time when they had nothing to do in the evening. Naturally, this brought forth a burst of cheers. At night, Chen Luo was in his room playing computer games when he heard a knock on the door. His eyes lit up—it was Mi Li. Was there a chance to do something mischievous? Mi Li sat next to Chen Luo and whispered, “This afternoon, when I watched Shu Yun and the others, I truly realized how lucky it is to have you, Chen Luo, by our side.” Mi Li lowered her head, blushing, and said, “Chen Luo, would you like me to be your girlfriend?” For someone like Mi Li, it took a lot of courage to say such words. Chen Luo responded to Mi Li’s question with actions. Three minutes later. Mi Li let out a soft exclamation, “I… I’m not ready yet.” Chen Luo, straightforwardly, said, “Mi Li, what time is it now? In this world, no one knows how long they can survive.” “We might not have tomorrow. By the time you’re ready, I, your brother Chen Luo, might already be gone.” “Wouldn’t that be regretful?” Upon hearing those words, Mi Li felt that they were absolutely right. Unexpectedly, Mi Li took the initiative and hugged Chen Luo. There are flowers to be picked, so pick them; don’t wait until there are no flowers and only branches left. Chen Luo hadn’t expected this happiness to come so suddenly; he thought he would have to wait for some time. For some reason, Chen Luo felt like there were eyes staring at him. Cold sweat ran down Chen Luo’s back. Rice was still there. Chen Luo quickly threw Rice, who was curiously watching him, out of the room. Rice: ??? TN: We will be unlocking one or two free Chapters a day 🙂

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