Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 62

Chapter 62: A Small Dried Fish won’t work

Rice was being held by Chen Luo in one hand, while Chen Luo used his other hand to open the door and casually threw Rice to the ground, at a height of over one meter. It can be said that it was a rather rough treatment.

Ahem, this could also demonstrate Chen Luo’s impatience.

For a cat, such a height meant nothing, but Rice was utterly bewildered. Rice felt quite wronged, thinking, “Chen Luo, you weren’t like this before.”

With a loud sound, the door was immediately locked, leaving Rice unable to enter. The smug-looking Thunderbolt King, who was lying on the ground, seemed to be mocking Rice, suggesting, “Just sleep outside with me obediently.”

At that moment, Mi Ling opened the door. Since her room didn’t have a bathroom, she remembered the separate bathroom on the third floor. When she saw Rice, she mockingly said, “Isn’t this Chen Luo’s little kitty? Why aren’t you sleeping with him and instead running into the living room?”

Rice snorted, saying, “Chen Luo is bullying Mi Li in the room. I saw how uncomfortable Mi Li looked. He must be afraid that I would help Mi Li, so he chased me out.”

Rice also wanted to save face, you know.

Upon hearing Rice’s words, Mi Ling was taken aback.


How could Chen Luo be bullying Mi Li?

Mi Ling was not as clueless as Rice. She understood things.

Mi Ling’s expression kept changing, and she instinctively wanted to rush into the room to help Mi Li.

But the Thunderbolt King blocked her way.

Without the owner’s consent, no one can enter.

You have to follow the proper procedure and knock on the door.

Otherwise, don’t blame me for being unfriendly.

Mi Ling, who was about to knock on the door, suddenly gave up.

If Mi Li herself is willing, what’s the point of her rushing in?

Mi Ling clenched her fists in frustration. How infuriating! Mi Li has just come of age.

If it were someone else, Mi Ling could slap them to death with a single blow.

But this person is Chen Luo.

Mi Ling let out a sigh. Her own cabbage has been taken by the pig.

Well, isn’t this something that was bound to happen sooner or later?

Mi Ling returned to her room with mixed feelings, Rice wanted to follow her.

Rice was used to having someone accompany it while sleeping. But now, only Mi Ling could pamper her.

However, Mi Ling slammed the door shut with a snap.

Rice’s big blue eyes glistened with hints of water ripples.

Sob, no one wants me Rice.

Mi Ling felt inexplicably annoyed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep for almost the entire night.

The next morning at 7 o’clock.

At the dining table, there was small millet porridge and shaomai for breakfast.

Chen Luo said, “Sister Yu, fry two sunny-side-up eggs later.”

Ma Yu nodded, slightly puzzled, and said, “What about Mi Li? Is she still sleeping? She doesn’t usually sleep in.”

Mi Ling sneered, “Why do you think? She’s been tormented by someone.”

Chen Luo felt awkward, how did his sister-in-law know? Well, Mi Li didn’t return to her room.

Ma Yu quickly understood the situation. So that’s what happened.

Mi Li has liked Chen Luo for a long time, and Ma Yu had already noticed it. She felt a bit sorry for her, because Chen Luo took so long to realize Mi Li’s feelings for him.

She had initially thought that Chen Luo would be eager and couldn’t wait to reciprocate her feelings. However, it’s not easy in this current world to have the luxury of slowly pursuing a romantic relationship.

Ma Yu casually glanced at Mi Ling, wondering how Chen Luo would handle Mi Li’s elder sister. The Thunderbolt King was nearby, happily devouring the breakfast prepared for it, while Rice, on the other hand, remained aloof, lounging on the sofa.

Feeling guilty, Chen Luo approached Rice and said, “Rice, why aren’t you eating? It’s not good to go hungry.”

Rice let out a light snort and replied, “Rice is angry, and the consequences are severe.”

Chen Luo awkwardly asked, “How severe are the consequences?”

Realizing that he had thrown Rice out in his haste the previous night, it was understandable that Rice was upset.

Rice  raised its head proudly and said, “How severe? It’s the kind that can’t be resolved with just one small dried fish.”

Chen Luo chuckled and said, “How about ten of them then?”

“Not enough, it has to be 20.”

“Alright, deal.”

“Well then, since you’re sincere, I’ll forgive you. Come here for a hug.”

Chen Luo’s heart melted, finding Rice incredibly adorable. However…

Gently stroking Rice, Chen Luo said, ” Rice, I can hug you during the day, but at night, you’ll have to sleep like a cat. You’re already a mature little kitty now.”

He needed to cultivate Rice’s independence as soon as possible.

 Chen Luo didn’t want to sleep with it or with Mi Li.

He brought breakfast into the room for Mi Li. It was after 8 o’clock when Mi Li timidly emerged from the room, avoiding eye contact with anyone.

Chen Luo didn’t get caught up in tenderness and proceeded with yesterday’s plan. He gathered everyone together and began training them.

The main focus was on practicing the application of spells because what good is a spell if it can’t hit the target? For all the elemental users, he provided them with a fixed target to practice aiming with minimal force.

Mi Ling had already become quite accurate, so she was tasked with targeting Jiang Feng. Jiang Feng would soon be facing a large number of level-one zombies, which were not the typical close-combat type but rather had the ability to use spells.

If they were hit by the spells, even minor injuries could become serious.

Dodging spells was indeed necessary, and Mi Ling was conveniently used to train Jiang Feng.

As for individuals like Su Dazhu who focused on physical strength, they would assist from the sidelines.

At ten o’clock, Chen Luo checked the time and instructed Ma Yu to start cooking.

Originally, Chen Luo had prepared extra meals for everyone, such as preserved meat or canned luncheon meat.

However, after last night’s celebration, he was in a good mood and decided to prepare a grand feast.

Chen Luo intentionally revealed a generator in his garage to justify having meat in the refrigerator.

He took out around twenty kilograms of pork and asked Ma Yu to make braised pork with potatoes.

Although it might be a bit more challenging for Ma Yu to cook for so many people alone, it was still manageable. But Chen Luo couldn’t let her do it alone all the time.

As the team grew larger, it became impractical to rely solely on Ma Yu. Chen Luo assigned her an assistant, Jiang Ling, the girl who awakened the ability of the Light element. She didn’t require much training and could provide support from the back.

While Jiang Ling’s cooking skills couldn’t compare to Ma Yu’s, she still did a decent job. The meat Chen Luo took out was from the cold storage, so it was comparable to what came from the refrigerator.

When Jiang Ling saw the pork, her eyes widened, and she unconsciously swallowed her saliva. “Pork?”

Ma Yu smiled and said, “Chen Luo thought that you all haven’t had a proper meal in days, so he specially prepared an extra meal for you.”

Ma Yu couldn’t just say, “Hey, this is a wedding feast.”

Jiang Ling was responsible for peeling and cutting the potatoes, while Ma Yu rinsed the rice and started cooking. Ma Yu began cutting the meat and cooking the dishes.

It wasn’t until the meal was ready that everyone realized they would be having braised pork with potatoes. Their stomachs immediately started grumbling, craving for some oiliness.

Since there was no living room large enough to accommodate nearly thirty people, Chen Luo decided to move the dining table to the courtyard. Everyone gathered together, enjoying themselves.

The fragrant braised pork and rice tempted everyone’s taste buds. Chen Luo understood their anticipation and didn’t waste any words, simply saying, “Let’s eat.”

Each person was also given a bottle of cola to go along with the meal. With the twenty kilograms of pork that Chen Luo had prepared, each of the thirty people could have around seven ounces, combined with the potatoes, it was enough to satisfy everyone’s appetite.

Everyone couldn’t help but feel grateful and fortunate to be in Chen Luo’s company. As they were enjoying the meal, some of the girls couldn’t hold back their tears, overcome with excitement.

The aroma of the braised pork seemed to have traveled far, attracting an old, rundown car. A weary-looking brother and sister stepped out of the car, appearing somewhat exhausted.

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