Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Dogs Have Something to Eat, But Not Me?

Li Ming and Li Hui ventured outside the residential area in search of zombies.

If they were afraid of zombies, they wouldn’t have had the courage to travel from the city to Chen Luo’s location.

They had already killed numerous zombies, as evidenced by the blood on Li Ming’s fire axe.

At the beginning of the apocalypse, they were too scared to confront zombies directly, but circumstances forced them to face their fears.

Soon enough, they encountered two zombies in their path.

Surprisingly, it was Li Hui who took the initiative. She summoned a dark energy in her hand and waited for the zombies to approach before throwing it at them, ensuring a precise strike.

Facing the approaching zombie, Li Hui remained relatively calm despite feeling a bit nervous.

The dark energy hit the zombie accurately, and although there were no visible injuries on its exterior, its speed became abnormally sluggish.

It moved as slow as a turtle, as if the footage had been slowed down.

Dark curses had the effect of slowing down the actions of their targets.

It was surprising that Li Hui, a young girl, possessed the ability of a dark supernatural. The likelihood of awakening such a power was similar to that of light supernatural.

The originally synchronized movement of the zombies now became staggered, with one lagging behind the other. This meant that Li Ming and Li Hui only had to deal with one zombie at a time.

Li Ming skillfully swung his fire axe at the zombie’s head, using the back of the axe instead of the blade to avoid getting it stuck.

Li Ming, being a physical-based supernatural ability user, had good strength, and he easily took down the zombie with two swings of his axe.

Dealing with the remaining zombie became even easier. It took a full three seconds for the zombie to go from swinging its claws to striking Li Ming’s body, assuming it was able to land an attack at all.

If Li Hui were to use her slow action ability twice, they could kill the zombie even more safely.

It wasn’t that they couldn’t do it, but rather that it wasn’t necessary.

When they encountered isolated zombies, Li Hui refrained from taking action and let Li Ming handle it instead.

However, if they encountered a group of four or five zombies, which they would normally avoid, Li Hui continuously used her slowing buff ability in order to quickly complete Chen Luo’s task.

Li Hui sighed and said, “Brother, it seems that the existence of these crystals is not much of a secret. I thought we were the only ones who knew about them.”

Li Ming chuckled and said, “There are plenty of smart people out there. If that person asked us to kill ten, then we’ll kill twenty to prove ourselves.”

Soon enough, the two of them had exceeded Chen Luo’s task by completing it with more kills.

However, Chen Luo encountered a bit of trouble.

Wang Guofu, a homeowner in the villa area where Chen Luo resided, was involved in real estate before the apocalypse, and he had a considerable business. That’s how he could afford a villa in this area—he had money.

Wang Guofu had a telescope at home and would often use it to observe the entrance of the community, checking for any rescue teams.

Due to the angle, he couldn’t see Chen Luo’s location. However, today he had an impulse and climbed up to the roof, wanting to have a better view.

By chance, Wang Guofu caught sight of Chen Luo’s location.

A group of girls and a few guys, one of whom Wang Guofu found somewhat familiar. A couple of days ago, they almost entered his house, but upon seeing someone, they gave up.

Wang Guofu’s telescope was top-notch, worth a hundred thousand, with excellent clarity.

He noticed the braised pork on the table, and it made him salivate.

Normally accustomed to lavish meals of fish and meat, with delicacies from land and sea, he had to endure eating junk food while trapped in the community because there was no other choice.

But seeing the braised pork, he couldn’t resist it. His mind was consumed by a single thought—he wanted to eat meat.

Wang Guofu returned to his house, opened the safe, and after some thought, took out a hundred thousand yuan in cash and two gold bars.

What couldn’t money accomplish? Spending ten thousand yuan to buy a bowl of braised pork should be more than enough, right?

Wang Guofu hesitated for a moment, then put the items under his pillow, and a dark object was tucked into his waist. It was a handgun.

He had a shady background, having made his fortune in grey areas, and had a slight fascination with firearms. He had secretly kept a handgun for self-defense.

Wang Guofu muttered to himself, “I’m definitely going to have that braised pork.”

“Sadly, when a tiger falls, even I, Wang Guofu, have to ask for help for at least two bowls of braised pork.”

Soon, he arrived near Chen Luo with a smile on his face and said, “Hello, everyone. Since we’re neighbors and all in this predicament together, could you spare me a bowl of meat? I’m really starving.”

The corner of Wang Guofu’s eye caught sight of something on the ground, and he immediately froze. A black dog was devouring the meat.

It’s only eating meat and not vegetables.

Wang Guofu cursed inwardly, “What kind of days are these? They’re even feeding the dog, why not just kill it and eat the meat?”

At the same time, Wang Guofu felt relieved. If even a dog could have meat, it meant that this group of people had plenty of it.

If a dog can have it, why can’t I?

Are humans inferior to dogs?

A group of young people, probably easy to talk to, especially the girls.

Chen Luo didn’t say anything, as he couldn’t handle every little thing himself.

Chen Luo gave Fang Yu a signal, and Fang Yu understood. He stood up and said, “Sorry, we don’t have enough to eat either.”

Indeed, they rarely had the opportunity to eat meat.

Wang Guofu became angry in his heart. “Are you fucking kidding me? What is this dog eating? Do you think I’m blind?”

Despite his anger, Wang Guofu continued to smile and said, “I won’t eat for free. I’ll pay for it. How about spending 10,000 yuan for a catty of well-cooked braised pork?”

“I have 100,000 yuan here, enough to buy ten catties.”

This was an astronomical price. Even in the most difficult times, a catty of pork wouldn’t sell for 10,000 yuan, and even the most high-end restaurants wouldn’t dare to charge that much.

Fang Yu chuckled, “Not for sale.”

Wang Guofu raised the price, “How about 51,000 yuan per catty? Isn’t that generous enough? Young people shouldn’t be too greedy. I have 100,000 yuan and two gold bars here. It’s not unreasonable to exchange them for five catties of meat, right?”

Fang Yu still shook his head.

Wang Guofu, accustomed to being domineering and arrogant before the apocalypse, would have already ordered his subordinates to take action in normal times. But now, he was on the verge of losing control in his anger.

Shu Yun’s words broke through Wang Guofu’s defenses directly.

Shu Yun stood up and said, “If you’re hungry, I have two packs of instant noodles. But if you want something in exchange, if you don’t have anything, you can kill zombies and exchange the crystals from their heads.”

Chen Luo had no intention of trading the secret of the crystals with those ignorant people because they were all poor and had never absorbed any crystals. Their strength was weak, so what could they offer?

Wang Guofu was completely enraged. “You guys eat meat, and I eat instant noodles? And you still want something in exchange? If a tiger doesn’t show its might, you think I have no temper?”

Wang Guofu drew his handgun from his waist and pointed it at everyone, shouting angrily, “All of you, get down, cover your heads! Damn it, you have no shame!”

Wang Guofu kept pointing his gun at each person present, except for Chen Luo. A slight panic could be seen on the faces of everyone except Chen Luo.

The power of firearms left a deep impression in the hearts of everyone present, even if they had become supernaturals, they would subconsciously feel fear.

However, Chen Luo was disdainful. “With just this small handgun, even if the bullets are all used up, it can’t kill me. No matter where it hits, it’s impossible to cause serious injuries. The spells of supernaturals, even at the first level, can heavily injure zombies. Can a handgun do that?”

Even a first-level spell, when used against Chen Luo, a fourth-level ability user, would only cause minor injuries, let alone a handgun.

Otherwise, why didn’t Mu Tiange and the others concentrate their attacks and instantly kill that level five fire-type zombie that day? At most, they would have suffered minor injuries.

Chen Luo may be slightly inferior, but not to the extent that it matters.

Wang Guofu shouted, “You’ve gone too far, giving meat to the dog but not even giving me a share!”

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