Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 65

Chapter 65: How about using a healing spell?

Although the people felt a subconscious fear, they remained calm.

Chen Luo was about to take action, but unexpectedly, Fang Yu stepped in front of him, using his body to protect Chen Luo.

Yang Xuan and Xu Lan quickly followed suit, protecting Chen Luo and the others sitting together.

This was a great opportunity to demonstrate loyalty.

Thanks to the opportunity provided by Wang Guofu.

Fang Yu and the others had worked for a professional security company before the apocalypse and had military experience. They knew that Wang Guofu’s gun was not fake, but it had at most six bullets.

On their side, there were so many supernatural beings that just one of them could easily deal with Wang Guofu. It would be fortunate if Wang Guofu even managed to fire one bullet.

Chen Luo smiled. Although it wasn’t necessary, he was satisfied with this attitude.

Fang Yu said in a deep voice, “Buddy, your gun can kill at most one person. We have so many people here. If you dare to make a move, you’ll undoubtedly die.”

“Listen to my advice, put the gun down, and we can pretend like nothing happened.”

Chen Luo glanced sideways, you can pretend like nothing happened, but the others present can’t.

Wang Guofu sneered, “Indeed, I can’t kill all of you, but whoever dares to make a move, I’ll shoot them. If anyone has the guts, they can trade their life for mine.”

When Wang Guofu was still a small thug, he had experienced many situations like this. As long as he was ruthless, what use was it for others to outnumber him?

Wang Guofu pointed at Mi Li and said, “Yeah, you! Bring me two bowls of braised pork. If you dare not do it, I’ll kill you.”

Ah, using a gun and taking a hostage just for a bowl of meat.

Chen Luo stood up, ready to end this farce.

But it was the Thunderbolt King who acted first. Wang Guofu had just insulted it.

The Thunderbolt King was very unhappy. Was it me who didn’t give you food? I was just minding my own business and still got dragged into this?

Did I provoke you?

The Thunderbolt King trotted towards Wang Guofu, who immediately became wary.

However, Wang Guofu was taken aback when he saw the Thunderbolt King’s face full of flattery.

Although it was strange, a dog’s smile was so obsequious.

The Thunderbolt King thought to itself, it seems like everyone is afraid of that gun, so I should play it safe too.

The Thunderbolt King lay down on the ground, rolling around and exposing its belly, continuously approaching Wang Guofu.

Wang Guofu burst into laughter, “This dog, it’s all show and no substance. When it sees people, it’s the first one to surrender. What’s the use of keeping it?”

“This dog isn’t even worthy of eating shit.”

Everyone was somewhat incredulous. The Thunderbolt King had always been aloof in front of them.

Even Fang Yu and the others knew how formidable the Thunderbolt King was. What was it playing at?

Only Chen Luo’s mouth twitched. Thunderbolt King, you’ve gone too far with this act, haven’t you?

Who would have a strong sense of vigilance towards a dog?

Especially a silly dog.

Wang Guofu, letting go of his guard, shouted angrily, “Hurry up, or don’t blame me for shooting.”


Suddenly, the Thunderbolt King let out a deafening roar, much louder than usual.

This sudden roar shook Wang Guofu’s mind, and the hand holding the gun trembled.

Wang Guofu looked towards the Thunderbolt King and was horrified to see a sphere of green lightning heading towards him.

In the next second, Wang Guofu was blasted away by the power of the lightning, and the explosion instantly killed him.

Everyone watched in awe and disbelief. This was just too incredible.

Feigning weakness and then launching a surprise attack?

People using such tactics wouldn’t surprise them, but this was a dog!

Who taught it?

Chen Luo shouted in his mind, “It wasn’t me! The Thunderbolt King was a  very smart dog even in its previous life; otherwise, it wouldn’t be so difficult to deal with.”

The Thunderbolt King was even capable of playing dead, having deceived numerous supernaturals.

With disdain, the Thunderbolt King looked at Wang Guofu’s lifeless body, as if to say, “Dare to underestimate dogs now?”

As for the “admiring” gazes from the others, the Thunderbolt King paid no mind to it.

‘Don’t admire me, I’m just a dog,’ the Thunderbolt King thought.

Chen Luo said, “Forget about it, let’s continue eating. Thunderbolt King, pick up that gun.”

Having killed quite a number of zombies, they were no longer afraid of seeing corpses.

The Thunderbolt King picked up the gun and handed it to Chen Luo, who then gave it to Mi Li. Though it might not be very useful, having some defense in critical moments was better than nothing.

At that moment, Li Ming and Li Hui, the siblings, also returned.

Li Ming handed twenty crystals to Chen Luo, who was somewhat surprised. “I said ten in total would be enough. Well, not bad, you’ve got guts.” 

“Alright, you’ve passed the test and can join us,” Chen Luo said. “Fang Yu, explain our rules to them.”

“By the way, what abilities do you have and when did it awaken?” Chen Luo asked.

Li Ming and Li Hui exchanged a glance, and Li Ming replied, “My physical strength has increased, so I guess I’m a warrior. My sister, um, she’s a sorceress.”

“I awakened on the third day, and my sister awakened on the second day.”

Chen Luo asked for more details and his eyes lit up. He didn’t expect Li Hui to have dark elemental abilities. Her talent was quite good. If her level increased, it would be somewhat helpful to him.

Fang Yu took the two aside and explained the rules that Chen Luo, Shu Yun, and others had established.

The earlier rules were fine, but as he continued, Chen Luo’s face darkened.

The third rule was unnecessary to mention. After all, Li Hui seemed to be only sixteen or seventeen years old.

Li Ming’s expression became strange upon hearing it, but he didn’t reject it and agreed to abide by the rules.

Chen Luo asked Wang Ling to make a separate dish of braised potatoes for Li Ming and Li Hui, trying to win their favor.

Today was a joyous occasion, and everyone deserved a share. In the afternoon, they continued their training. Although survivors occasionally entered the community, none of them requested to join.

In the evening, Li Ming moved into the villa with Fang Yu and the others, while his sister, Li Hui, stayed with Shu Yun and the rest.

Li Ming, who was still unfamiliar with the situation, felt that they wouldn’t stand a chance against any ill intentions from Chen Luo’s side, so he agreed to separate from his sister.

As a newcomer, Li Hui was met with goodwill from everyone. Strangers were treated with coldness, while their own people were greeted with smiles.

There wasn’t much entertainment in the evening, so they brought out a cellphone and placed it in the center, gathering around to watch a movie. Li Hui, being young, found herself surrounded by everyone. They laughed and chatted, making it a much better experience compared to their usual lonely and boring life in the darkness. Li Hui could feel the care and concern from everyone.

Li Hui thought to herself that joining this place seemed like the right choice.

In Chen Luo’s room, he calculated the time and figured that Mi Li should have finished absorbing the crystals by now.

It was a passionate and fiery period, and they didn’t want to be separated.

However, there was a third wheel who refused to leave the room.

Chen Luo tried to persuade Rice with kind words, but Rice said, “I’ve been quiet and well-behaved.”

Chen Luo gave a glare and said, “Fine, if you’re not leaving, then I will.”

Rice couldn’t understand why she was no longer wanted at night.

Chen Luo entered Mi Li’s room, and of course, they were affectionate with each other. Mi Li shyly said, “Don’t be too eager, it still hurts.”

Chen Luo responded with an “oh” and thought that there would be plenty of opportunities in the future, no rush.

As they were about to cuddle and fall asleep, Chen Luo remembered something and said, “How about you try using a healing spell on yourself?”

Mi Li: “…” responded with silence.


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